Wolverines in the NFL Hall of Fame

Submitted by Elno Lewis on April 25th, 2009 at 11:37 AM

At work the other day I started wondering which U of M player might be the next inductee to the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Tom Brady is a lock, of course, but who else could possibly climb that mountain?

I went to the Pro Football HOF site


to do a little research. Here is Michigan’s current member list:

George Allen: Class of 2002
(Alma College, Marquette, Michigan, Eastern Michigan)
1966-1970 Los Angeles Rams, 1971-1977 Washington Redskins

Dan Dierdorf: Class of 1996
Tackle >>> 6-3, 275
1971-1983 St. Louis Cardinals

Len Ford: Class of 1976
Defensive End >>> 6-4, 245
(Morgan State, Michigan)
1948-1949 Los Angeles Dons (AAFC), 1950-1957 Cleveland Browns, 1958 Green Bay Packers

Bennie Friedman: Class of 2005
Quarterback >>> 5-10, 183
1927 Cleveland Bulldogs, 1928 Detroit Wolverines, 1929-1931 New York Giants, 1932-1934 Brooklyn Dodgers

Bill Hewitt: Class of 1971
End >>> 5-9, 190
1932-1936 Chicago Bears, 1937-1939 Philadelphia Eagles, 1943 Phil-Pitt

Elroy Crazylegs Hirsch: Class of 1968
Halfback, End >>> 6-2, 190
(Wisconsin, Michigan)
1946-1948 Chicago Rockets (AAFC), 1949-1957 Los Angeles Rams

Tom Mack: Thomas Lee Mack Class of 1999
Guard >>> 6-3, 250
1966-1978 Los Angeles Rams ***They have Dierdorf’s photo on Mack’s page or these guys are twins!

Ralph Wilson, Jr.: Class of 2009
(Virginia, Michigan)

In case you are wondering, this is how the Top Ten HOF Contributing schools work out:

Southern California (11)
Notre Dame (10)
Michigan (8)
Alabama (7)
Illinois (6)
Minnesota (6)
Ohio State (6)
Oregon (6)
Syracuse (6)
Penn State (5)
Southern Methodist (5)

The following is a list of random schools for the heck of it:

Gonzaga (2)
Washington of St. Louis (1)
Tulsa (3)
Syracuse (5) Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Al Davis* , John Mackey, Art Monk, Jim Ringo
Scottsbluff (1) Dick “Night Train” Lane
Northwestern (2) Otto Graham
Morgan State (3) Leroy Kelly
Minnesota (5) Bobby Bell, Carl Eller, Bud Grant, Bronko Nagurski, Leo Nomellini, Charlie Sanders
Miami NTO (2)
Miami (4) Jim Kelly, Jim Otto, Michael Irvin, Ted Hendricks
Milliken (1)
Fort Valley State (1) Rayfield Wright
Grambling (4) Willie Brown, Junious (Buck) Buchanan, Willie Davis, Charlie Joiner
Duke (3) Sonny Jurgenson
California Polytechnic (1) John Madden
Arizona State (4) Mike Haynes, John Henry Johnson* , Randall McDaniel, Charley Taylor
Illinois (4) Dick Butkus, Harold (Red) Grange, George Halas, Bobby Mitchell, Ray Nitschke, Hugh (Shorty) Ray
Iowa (3) Paul Krause, Andre Tippett* , Emlen Tunnell*
Indiana (1)
Louisville (1) Johnny Unitas

So, just for some off season discussion, let’s nominate possible candidates for future HOF induction (and any other junk you want to throw out). Off course, the list must start with….

Tom Brady