WLA crew please come back

Submitted by Sebie on April 24th, 2009 at 6:07 PM

If you look at my account info it says I have been on Mgoboard for 18 weeks and 2 days. I know that is not a lot of time compared to some of the people on this board but these weeks have had an impact on me that I am sure that this website/ message board has had on many of you. I have been a Michigan fan since I was 6 becoming this in a weird way by receiving a pair of pants with the UM logo and a Wolverine on it but before I came here I only knew one tenth of what it was to be a fan of the great University that is Michigan I went from being calm during games to screaming at the T.V. I went from watching 2 Wolverine basketball games a year to searching the internet for every game I could find yes that includes you the Northern Michigan and Savannah State fans. I even began watching UM hockey games with the same intensity that I would watch football even though I think that hockey should be banned from being a sport. A product of a overwhelming love fest that Canadian television has with the game. Recently though something has happened to me that I thought could never happen I began getting board on Mgoblog barely touching any threads that popped up that coming from a person who would read every thread then refresh it over and over until I got more substances to read. So I thought why this might be happening but then I found the fundamental differences between now and then before Mgoblog was a great place to talk to fellow Michigan fans with level headed people in smart topics. Now though there is completely off base and horrific threads about things that don’t matter yeah we know that Denard Robinson is fast but we don’t need to have 100 threads about him or about Greg Paulus. Also now people are making stupid comments saying that we are going to go undefeated and Terrell Pryor is getting slow and fat. Also no for the last time just because Ohio State has been winning games recently does not mean they pay off players just give them the respect they deserve. Anyways when looking at all these things I found that there is one thing missing between now and before. That something is the WLA crew before they acted as the unofficial police to the threads to the hate of some posters but that policing was the glue that kept this whole website together. I went to the WLA website and looked a the comments and found that it was just like before an enjoyable place to talk about football among other fun things that make it enjoyable to unwind after a hard day of school and the pressures that come with this. My plea then to the WLA crew please come back and do what you guys do best give great commentary on fun issues and make this board a way better place for everyone because it is you guys who made Mgoboard what it is and would you come back to help stop the insanity going on here recently and make it an even better place again.



Glen Masons Hot Wife

April 24th, 2009 at 7:47 PM ^

When I was five years old I lived next door to a rabbit this rabbit was kept in a cage with food and plenty of water the name of the family that owned the rabbit was Charavino likely of Italian descent they were nice people and they had a grandson that I would occasionally play with named william one day i stopped by to try and pet the rabbit and it bit me in the space directly between the ribcage and stomach making me cry endlessly my brother and father were there to see the whole thing and in my rage I insisted that they put the rabbit underneath my dads car in the driveway and back out over him killing him instantly my dad and brother found this entertainingly funny but it is odd because I am so compassionate with animals these days walking up to any strange dog in the street and petting it which is a huge no-no I actually get more upset when something bad happens to an animal than when it does to a human something about the vulnerability and unconditional trust/compassion so many animals have while i dont really like people in general... dot dot dot DOT. DOT. DOT... DOT

In Short, if this post was not a joke PLEASE... NEVERPOSTHEREAGAIN. Excuse me while i go wash my eyes out with bleach and flush down my internal organs with Drano


April 28th, 2009 at 7:43 PM ^

LOL'd at this. +1 to the theory that Sebie is dex. I especially love: "that policing was the glue that kept this whole website together"

Preeeeetty sure the glue keeping the whole website together is Brian. The WLA as a unit is more worthless than the comments they "policed."


April 28th, 2009 at 11:52 PM ^

I mean, have you ever read a comment by dex? Don't you think creating a fake name to pine for himself is kind of, I don't know, the exact opposite of what he'd do? And personally, I like to think of the WLA as more like the Postal Service. Because we always deliver, just ask your mom. Ohhh ICE BURN!


April 25th, 2009 at 9:23 AM ^

It would be nice if ChiTownBlue could actually make a point without misreading the post he is commenting on or at least stop misquoting it. It is bad enough that the guy when proven wrong makes his posts anonymous like a coward and is already a jerk.

Stalin killed more people than Hitler, let's all praise Stalin!


April 26th, 2009 at 7:59 PM ^

Not a fan of the individual WLA posters personally; although I do hit the site now and again.

Having said that, I miss the balance they brought to the board. No one was quicker to flame any incoherent/ranting/raving/babbling/uninformed/uneducated/etc. poster than the WLA. They served that office admirably.


April 27th, 2009 at 1:22 PM ^

were deservedly the victim of caustic commentary after a bad post. Yes, definitely in some cases Chitown was too quick on the draw, but when this was pointed out he would typically apologize. Those guys did give the blog more personality, and also policed pretty well. We still have some good regulars I respect even when sometimes disagreeing (Magnus, Chrisgo, Glen, Other Bri, shock, a few others) but I agree that they are missed. Though it seems from this thread that I may be in the minority.


April 28th, 2009 at 1:20 AM ^

I would offer them up in some whimsical witty way to make you all laugh. But as it stands I am no more than a two bit hobo who sales my body for money up in east lansing where a girl isn't afraid to tongue kiss the one tooth homeless dude with halitosis.

I miss the revolution. The WLA were alright with me.