Withnail and M

Submitted by WildcatBlue on November 15th, 2009 at 6:14 PM
Danny's here. Head hunter to his friends. Head hunter to everybody. He doesn't have any friends. The only people he converses with are his clients and occasionally the police. The purveyor of rare herbs and prescribed chemicals is back. Will we never be set free?

Danny has advice for the boards:

Danny: Sit down man, find your neutral space. You have done something to your team. You have made it spread. If I lay 10 mills of Harbaughzipan on you, you will do something else to your team, you will make it conventional and douchey. Why trust one team rather than the other. That politics ain't it?

: I'm going to eat some sugar.

: I recommend you wait for returns on recruiting.

I: No way, no fucking way.

: That is an unfortunate political decision.

: What are you talking about Danny?

: If you are holding onto a rising balloon you are presented with a difficult political decision - let go while you've still got the chance or hold onto the rope and continue getting higher. That's politics man. We are at the end of an age. The most painful decade in the history of Michigan is nearly over. They're selling Tressel Vests  in Ypsi. It is 46 days to the end of the decade and as the MSM has so consistently pointed out, we have failed to paint it blue .