Why I find the this situation so infuriating

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Never felt compelled before to write a diary entry.  Probably never will be again, but I have to say that it makes me mad that the media coverage of the story (particularly ESPN) implies that during/after a 3 and 9 season, Michigan fans would be upset that their coach made their players work extra hard to get into shape and ready to play. I personally would be upset if he didn't. The NCAA rule is stupid. It doesn't matter if we are the only ones or if everyone does it (which is probably the case). 

This is America. You think that we would have put a man on the moon if we didn't put in extra time. Where would we be as a country with that attitude? In America, you can improve your standing in life with hard work. It's why millions of people left their homelands for the promise land. The sports media loves stories of guys who got out of the ghetto by working hard and became great athletes. RR built programs with inferior athletes, probably by out working the "other guy" and people loved him for it. Now, though, at Michigan the idea is that it's wrong for him to expect hard work and extra time from his players? Does this make any sense? Does this upset me as a fan?

To me, that this for me is the most infuriating part of this whole thing. The idea is ridiculous, working hard is bad, like cheating on tests and getting arrested. Pathetic. Plus, where does it stop? Should a player be allowed to not participate in mandatory training because it's too hard? What about senior captains, can they mandate that everyone has to put in time and be critical of the guys that don't?

The implication here is that putting in extra time is wrong, and that's the shame of the whole thing. As a Michigan fan, I'll take penalties for a coach that asks his players to work extra hard for the team.  

Sorry about the rant.



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does this make you believe in fellow M fan 'cleansing'.check out Mrs.Brown halfway thru and near end of this WXYZ-TV piece.


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I'm in the "the whole thing was misreported in the first place" camp, but I can't be in the "they're making out hard work is wrong" camp.

The NCAA rules are meant to allow players to have time to work hard on SCHOOL as well. As fans maybe it's hard to get perspective on that - we don't personally benefit from a guy doing a better job in the classroom.

I'd be up for the argument "the rules are meant to do that honey but they don't work".....but not 'hard work is wrong'

Blue in Yarmouth

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I think the information was misrepresented by the writers as opposed to the fact that this is really going on. From everything I have read subsequent to the article it seems that the players were both misquoted and mislead during the interview. It looks like nothing wrong actually took place. The players can put as much time as they want in, the coach just can't make it mandatory. At the same time, those who put that extra time in are likely to gain an advantage on those who do not, thus making the ones who don't want to put that time in feel like the extra time is mandatory even though the coach hasn't stated that.
There are a lot of rules around this subject, none of which seem to have been violated on RR's part. GO BLUE and F* FREEP!


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You don't just get better by doing the minimum. You've got to out-work the other guy, whether its in the weightroom or in the film room. It appears that RR not only has his team doing it to improve on the field, they're doing it in the class room as well. I am behind RR all the way.


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All I can say to this is wow. Why?? Because all that I ever hear out of Michigan and people from Michigan is the blue collar hard working attitude. That is what the state of Michigan has always hung its hat on. Now...now it seems that Michigan is a bunch of pussies because they had to work hard. That is the disgusting thing. All of a sudden because the players are expected to get better and put the time in....its too hard. What a effin joke we look like across the country. And some of you wonder why the SEC and Big 12 are dominating.
Any of you think Florida, Texas, OU, Bama, LSU, etc are not doing the same thing?? Come on....get real. Free Press....since you are so concerned about the student athlete..did you bother to ask any SEC former or current players what their schedules were...how about the PAC-10 or Notre Dame?? Free Press..you have had a hard on for Rodriguez since he got here and it is tragic. Because Michigan is trying to compete on Saturdays and you are intent on bringing it down. Shame on you.
By the way and of you self righteous ones out...make sure when you are bashing Rodriguez...be sure to mention Calipari. Bowden. Sampson. Paterno. And how they seem to bend the rules when it is convenient.