What to do with unused tickets

Submitted by VAWolverine on September 14th, 2009 at 6:53 PM
I had lunch with Brian in early August and he approved this thought to be presented on this location of Mgoblog

Many of us have attended games at the Big House for so long and so often,  we probably now take it for granted. Since I live out of state I feel tickets for a few games on this years schedule (EMU, Delaware State) will be difficult to sell since our opponent is not of major interest and there will be a lot of tickets available.

Remember when you first went to the Big House as a kid? It was like no other athletic event you ever attended. Pregame meals as a kid for myself were spent at the Pretzel Bell with my dad and brother and then we would get over to the stadium to hear the band and watch the team run under the banner.

I am sure there are a lot of kids in the Ann Arbor area who have never attended a Michigan game at the Big House and this year I wanted to amend that for at least one young man. As a result I have donated my tickets to the Delaware State game to Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Washtenaw County (734-975-0933). I am sure there are many other organizations where a ticket donation can be made to provide someone a little less fortunate with a memorable afternoon at the Big House.

If you have tickets this year that you cannot use or sell, consider donating them to someone in need. If you do, you will be the conquering hero.

Thanks and Go Blue!



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You'll probably also need to obtain a letter from the 501c3 organization that states you donated the tickets, how many you donated and their face value. That is the way it works when corporations donate their tickets and write them off. But a lot of charities will do this by default as long as you provide a return address.


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another place to call with your spare tickets is the michman28 see a game for free charity fund..you can reach them at 313 903-#$43..our operators are standing by..no seriously this is a nice idea..I usually give those away to coworkers but Big brothers is far more worthy


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This is such a fantastic idea. It's nice to hear about people doing good things like this (amidst all of the bad things we hear in our daily lives). I can only imagine what it will be like for those lucky kids to attend their first Michigan game -- I'll never forget mine....Bravo, VAWolverine


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student tickets? they really aren't all that useful if you're talking about the above charities, but i'm sure there are tons of deserving students who would be more than happy to go if given the chance at a free ticket... i'm just not quite sure how that would work. anyone have any experience with this?


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My hat's off to ya, VAWolverine--great idea. I grew up in South Carolina where, just like A2, tickets for any game are really hard to come by. When I was a kid, a family friend gave tickets to my brother and me to go to a huge in-state rivalry game. I remember every single moment from that game--the drive to the game, walking into the stadium, climbing the stairs to get to the seats, the game itself...it was a pretty small thing for them to do, but I'll always remember it.

I have three first row, 50 yard line tickets to Del. State (got a little lucky with the All-In package!). I live in Philly, and I'm not making the 12 hour trek for that one. I hope some kids have a memorable time in the Big House with these tickets.

It'd really cool to see this blog community think of these things.


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and ask if they want them. I have never been turned down and they have always been very grateful. I do not know how they have actually been used. I am not in SE MI and have never donated to that particular club, but have donated to Miami FL, Chicago and Dayton OH organizations. It is a good idea to give them a few days notice that they are coming. Having tickets dropped on the BB/BS or BG Clubs at the last minute may make it difficult for them to find users.


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I have worked with the BBBS nationwide and I know that a lot of the locations get ticket donations to give to Big's, so that they can take the Little's. I have specifically worked with this location and if you discuss your desired donation, I am sure that they will make sure a child gets to go. Specifically, I would assume that they would like sets of tickets, but any donation helps.

I think this is a worthy cause and I was hoping to donate by tickets for at least one game to a good cause. Everyone should continue to be strong Michigan Men and remember how fortune we are to have seen football in such an amazing place...

The Shredder

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I work for a agency that houses kids who are in between foster care and their crappy home. We try and find placement for them but it does take time. We were lucky enough to get 8 tickets donated for the WMU game. The tickets were on the 50 and kids were blown away! They never saw anything like that before. A few kids came home saying that where they wanted to attend college some day. They also loved Ann Arbor and the vibe of the city. Thanks to all who give so much!


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I have singles for Eastern and Delaware State. Could this group use singles or is that weird?
They're good seats ... about the 35-yard-line on the east side.
(Tix for this Saturday are same row, different seats.)


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Back before they started scanning tickets, it was super easy to get into games with unused tickets from a previous game.
In '03, I used a ticket from the Indiana game to get in to the OSU game minutes after selling my real ticket to some schmuck for $250.
Then in '05, I used a ticket that had VOID stamped all over it to go to the PSU game.
Oh wait, did I mention that later that same year I was thrown out on my ass for trying to use a ticket from the EMU game to go to the OSU game after all my friends got in using old tickets? I was forced to buy a ticket off some dude for $60.
The lesson here is, don't be a prick like me, or a pimple faced ticket taker will expose you in public. Instead, donate your unused tickets to charity.