Volleyball: Preseason Conference Predictions

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zimmermanIt's August and that means the return of my favorite fall sport. That's right, volleyball. While I haven't quite gotten to my season preview (should be one for volleyball and the soccers coming if next week goes as planned), stories are already hitting the news wire.

Today, the Big Ten released the Preseason Conference Poll and Preseason All Big Ten teams. Michigan, coming off a 27-10 regular season and #9 final national ranking, has been picked to finish 5th in the Big Ten (pdf) behind perennial favorite Penn State, Illinois, Minnesota, and Ohio State. This is pretty much on par with the final standings last year, where Michigan finished tied with Ohio State in 4th place.

point huntCoach Rosen via MGoBlue:

"Preseason polls do not mean much," 12th-year head coach Mark Rosen said. "The conference is good enough right now that one through 11 is up for grabs. I really think that the Big Ten is the deepest it has ever been this year. We have a lot of work to do to live up to that finish, but I think that our team is up for it."

Along with the standings, Michigan also had two players named to the Preseason All Big Ten Team. Senior setter Lexi Zimmerman makes her 3rd consecutive Preseason All Big Ten Team, this time as a unanimous pick.

Joining Zimmerman on the Preseason All Big Ten Team is junior left side hitter Alex Hunt. Hunt makes her first appearance on the Preseason Team, and looks to be Michigan's biggest returning weapon after the graduation of Juliana Paz and Veronica Rood.

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As of April, she was dating Mark Beilein.  Think of the crazy athletic future Wolverines that could bear!

Also, this last semester I passed by her in East Hall a lot.  She was surprisingly not extremely tall.  She seemed about as tall as me, so in the 5'10"-5'11" ish area.

Alex Hunt, on the other hand, is a legit 6'0.  She'll wreck bitches.


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That picture of Lexi is sick.  Girl gets up.

I can't wait for Volleyball.  I don't know if I can put it ahead of Football, like FA, but damn its close given the current state of the respective programs.  It'll be interesting to see who steps up as a hitter to fill some big shoes.


The MGoBlue story on the incoming class which features

  1. M Volleyball's first Canadian recruit
  2. M Volleyball's first Texan recruit
  3. Molly Toon, daughter of NFL great Al Toon


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Hunt is going to kill someone. I have never seen an arm like hers, it's absolutely sick. Someone needs to bring a pitching gun to a game and clock her hits.


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If anyone's interested and a student, WCBN will be calling volleyball games once again this year, soooo join up and get yourself as much M volleyball as you can possibly handle, complete with free drinks and cookies!


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If you haven't checked it out - you're missing a ton of fun.  Tickets are cheap.  I hope that we are merely reloading this year.  I agree that Penn State is in a class of it's own - and rightfully so.  Illinois and Minnesota are probably placed correctly.  Michigan and OSU are a toss up to me.  

I am not holding myself out to be any kind of expert on this.  But I did take in several games last year and have a flavor for most of the teams.  Clearly, I do not know each team's graduation and incoming freshmen though.

Good stuff.


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Noted. Bad time in life last 2 weeks. Long distance gf decided to "re-evaluate" if the relationship was working right when I started writing the last canto. Then finals kicked in. Now class has re-started. Need a less stressful day to get things done. Perhaps Sunday night.