VIDEO: Michigan Football Previews

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Call me crazy but I love the way that Borges mixes it up with Dinardo every year makes me laugh. Also, Taylor Lewan has a future in broadcasting if he wants it. Thanks for posting this.  The team looks focused.


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IIRC, these guys were very meh about UM last year. They didn't see us as improving much and didn't seem to foresee a good year--particularly DiNardo. The DL will be a question mark, but I love the concept of being able to move BWC to the 3 and getting big, or moving him back to 1 and being quicker. I think Mattison will have a tough job using schemes, particularly early in the season, to cover up some weakness on the DL until the gel, but I trust him to get us where we need to be.

Michigan Arrogance

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IDK if anyone caught this yet, but check out Tree's helmet during his segment- yellow has sparkles, but the blue seems the same.

I thought a matte/flat finish would look awesome or maybe the sparkles on the yellow with a blue matte finish? is it possible to 'shop that somehow?


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It is interesting that Dinardo was discussing morale during the opening segment and the difficultly coaches have getting some players to buy in year one to year two.  While I am sure that this is true to some extent with every team, including Team 133, it seems to me that this year’s team has bought into what Hoke is doing.  If you watch the CTK videos for this year all of the players are saying the same things and all seem to be on the same page about what it is to be a Michigan football player.  I have a hard time seeing Team 133 not believing in the coaching staff philosophy.