USC Players Eligible To Transfer Scot-Free

Submitted by Brian on June 11th, 2010 at 12:38 PM

I'm just sayin'. Two-deep players bolded.

NO NAME POS HT WT YR EXP Hometown (Last School)
94 Armstead, Armond DE 06/05/10 295 JR 2V Sacramento (Pleasant Grove)
97 Jackson, Malik DE 06/05/10 245 JR 2V Northridge (Birmingham)
91 Casey, Jurrell DT 06/01/10 295 JR 2V Long Beach (Poly)
92 Fangupo, Hebron DT 06/02/10 330 RS JR 1V Santa Ana, Calif. (Mt. San Antonio JC)
98 Harris, DaJohn DT 06/04/10 295 RS JR 2V Inglewood (Serra)
90 Simmons, Derek DT 06/04/10 285 RS SR 3V Suisun (Armijo)
44 Tupou, Christian DT 06/02/10 285 SR 3V Sacramento (Grant)
46 Cumming, Ross LB 06/01/10 220 JR 2V Laguna Niguel (Santa Margarita/Naval Acad. Prep)
37 Campbell, Jordan LB 05/11/10 230 RS JR 2V Corona (Norco)
54 Galippo, Chris LB 06/02/10 250 RS JR 3V Corona (Servite)
23 Horton, Shane LB 06/01/10 210 RS JR 1V Chatsworth (UNLV)
17 Morgan, Michael LB 06/04/10 220 RS SR 3V Dallas, TX (Skyline)
6 Smith, Malcolm LB 06/01/10 225 SR 3V Northridge (Taft)
38 Bryant, T.J. CB 06/01/00 180 JR 2V Tallahassee, FL (Lincoln)
35 Ashton, Taylor CB 05/08/10 170 RS JR TR Mission Viejo (Arizona State)
47 Harbin, James CB 05/10/10 175 RS JR Los Angeles (Los Angeles Southwest JC)
26 Harper, Daniel CB 05/10/10 180 RS JR 2V Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Damien)
41 Noble, Allen CB 06/01/00 190 RS JR SQ Denver, CO (Mt. San Antonio JC)
35 Taylor, Ashton CB 05/08/10 170 RS JR TR Mission Viejo (Arizona State)
24 Wright, Shareece CB 06/01/00 185 RS SR 4V Colton (Colton)
45 Crittenden, Omari CB 06/01/00 180 SR SQ Modesto, CA (Modesto JC)
19 McAllister, Drew S 06/01/10 195 JR 2V Danville (Monte Vista)
49 McMahon, Ryan S 06/01/00 195 JR 2V Daimond Bar (Damien)
27 Jones, Marshall S 06/01/00 190 RS JR 3V Agoura Hills (Oaks Christian)
34 Spiegel, Spencer S 05/11/10 175 RS JR SQ Los Angeles (Harvard-Westlake)
14 Kan, Brett QB 06/02/10 195 RS JR TR Honolulu, HI (Punahou)
16 Mustain, Mitch QB 06/03/10 200 RS SR 2V Springdale, AR (Arkansas)
26 Tyler, Marc TB 06/01/00 225 RS JR 1V Lancaster (Oaks Christian)
21 Bradford, Allen TB 05/11/10 235 RS SR 4V San Bernardino (Colton)
2 Gable, C.J. TB 06/01/00 205 RS SR 4V Sylmar (Sylmar)
27 Mokhtar, Ahmed TB 06/01/00 210 RS JR SQ Laguna Beach (OSU/Orange Coast College)
10 Shoemate, D.J. FB 06/01/00 220 JR 2V Corona (Servite)
31 Havili, Stanley FB 06/01/10 230 RS SR 4V Salt Lake City, UT (Cottonwood)
80 Carswell, Brandon WR 06/01/10 185 RS JR 2V Milpitas (Milpitas)
22 Ness, Drew WR 06/01/00 190 RS JR SQ San Diego (Westview)
9 Ausberry, David WR 06/04/10 235 RS SR 3V Lemoore (Lemoore)
17 Patterson, Travon WR 05/10/10 175 RS SR 4V Long Beach (Poly)
47 Stephens, Scott WR 06/01/10 185 RS SR 1V Pasadena, CA (St. Francis)
83 Johnson, Ronald WR 06/01/00 190 SR 3V Muskegon, MI (Muskegon)
88 Ayles, Blake TE 06/05/10 245 JR 1V Orange (Orange Lutheran)
40 Ellison, Rhett TE 06/05/10 255 RS JR 2V Portola Valley (St. Francis)
84 Kusnir, Zack TE 06/06/10 260 RS JR   La Jolla, Calif. (San Diego State)
23 Cameron, Jordan TE 06/05/10 220 RS SR 2V Newbury Park, CA (BYU)
67 Reardon, Michael C 06/05/10 285 RS JR 1V Anaheim (Orange Lutheran)
61 O'Dowd, Kristofer C 06/05/10 300 SR 3V Tucson, AZ (Salpointe Catholic)
74 Heberer, Zack OG 06/05/10 290 RS SR 3V San Pedro (San Pedro)
68 Lewis, Butch OG 06/05/10 285 RS SR 3V Denver, CO (Regis Jesuit)
70 Smith, Tyron OT 06/06/10 285 JR 2V Moreno Valley (Rancho Verde)
72 Coleman, Martin OT 06/05/10 315 RS JR 2V Huntington Beach (Edison)
25 Roepke, Boomer P 05/09/10 180 RS JR SQ Reno, NV (Reno)
30 Houston, Joe K 05/08/10 175 RS SR SQ Redondo Beach, CA (El Camino JC)
48 Harfman, Jacob P 05/11/10 200 SR 1V Chino (Mt. San Antonio JC)



June 11th, 2010 at 12:46 PM ^

Maybe it is just me, but I feel a bit bad picking over the carcas of USC before the body is even cold.  We are talking about one of the premiere football programs in all the land, and even though they are suffering right now, maybe we should all take a step back and grieve for them...


Okay, almost held it together.  Screw USC and its clearly disregard for the rules.  I'm still not completely comfortable with the idea of these kids being treated like an extra ball in the pinball game of recruiting, but USC deserves to have a mass exodus and be left in a lurch for a couple of years.

Zone Left

June 11th, 2010 at 12:48 PM ^

Next year would look a lot better with Ro-Jo, Chris Gallipo, and a misc 4-5 star CB or two.  Is it a recruiting violation to post Michigan's returning secondary on a billboard outside of the USC weight room?


June 11th, 2010 at 1:04 PM ^

I don't see many transfers happening - at least none that benefit UM.  For a kid to travel halfway across the country, he would have had to have been seriously close to picking UM before or from the midwest - but even someone like that (let's leave RoJo out of this), would have established bonds/ties to the former regime, not RR.  Just seems unlikely to me.

Unfortunately, UM's program just isn't in the best shape to take advantage of other big time programs stumbles, given UM's current (though far less serious, as compared to USC's) stumbles.


June 11th, 2010 at 1:42 PM ^

I think we should be looking at players who would not be starters for USC in their remaining year or two at USC, but could likely get some playing time at UM. I figure if you are currently a starter at SC, no reason to transfer, but if you are 2nd team or worse, why wouldn't you transfer.


June 11th, 2010 at 12:56 PM ^

Is Michigan realistically looking to poach some of these players?  How will this process work?  We desperately need the help...getting anyone off the two deep roster would be amazing.


June 11th, 2010 at 12:57 PM ^

 I find it interesting that the top two recruits (QB and WR at Mater Dei H.S.) coming in next year to USC aren't phased by the announcement of NCAA sanctions.

I do think Mike Garrett will be fired over the next couple of months, which might apply some unwanted heat on Mr. Kiffin should he continue the secondary violations parade and otherwise not perform.


June 11th, 2010 at 12:58 PM ^

Maybe it's just me, but a post-season ban probably wouldn't cause me to move halfway across the country if I were about to start my senior year.  And the scholarship reductions won't affect the 2010 seniors, anyway.  So I wouldn't expect a flurry of seniors to transfer - no RoJo, no Mitch Mustain, etc.

The juniors and [potentially] Class of 2010 recruits are probably the ones more ripe for the picking.  And even so, I doubt many will consider Michigan.  The speculation about these kids coming to Michigan is probably much ado about nothing.


June 11th, 2010 at 1:34 PM ^

Some of these kids might have been recruited by Kiffin.  He might be one reason they came to USC in the first place.  He coached for them through the 2006 season,   That means he was recruiting kids up through the Class of 2007.  So this year's seniors, redshirt juniors, and 5th year seniors would have been recruited or coached by a staff that included Kiffin, at least until January '07.


June 11th, 2010 at 1:32 PM ^

I agree that UM probably isn't on the radar for most of these kids, but don't be surprised to see some of the juniors at least consider a place like UM, especially on defense.  If they are not going to stay at USC, those kids are going to want to go to schools where they will have a chance to start immediately, and most elite programs have a clear pipeline from recruit to starter.  Breaking into that setup might be difficult, irrespective of how talented the player may be.  At UM, you get a name-brand school with walk-ons on the two-deep. 


June 11th, 2010 at 5:22 PM ^

I'm not entirely certain.  I paid way less attention to recruiting in 2006/2007.  We offered TJ Bryant, but I'm not sure about the other guys.  I don't imagine many of them were ever too serious about Michigan.  Most kids from California who get offers don't show more than cursory interest, it seems.

the Bray

June 11th, 2010 at 1:08 PM ^

Not to be Debbie Downer... but how does transfering to Michigan automatically put these kids in a bowl game? 

I'd love to see Michigan go 13-0 this year and all and really do think they can win 8 or 9... but let's say they fall a little short of that.  Are USC kids going to be fired up to transfer to a place that's going to take them to the Alamo Bowl? 


June 11th, 2010 at 1:08 PM ^

I feel like the people really thinking we will poach a player or two are the same people who always thought DD would make it to Michigan.

True optimists, unfortunately I am not one of them. 

Daytona Blue

June 11th, 2010 at 1:13 PM ^

Our only chance to even have a shot with anyone is the promise of immediate starter, IE... a DB or Safety maybe, but that would be a extreme longshot as well.

At this point though how many top notch schools have schollies available for this year?

Zone Left

June 11th, 2010 at 2:02 PM ^

You're correct about that, but USC is in the uncommon position of having a ton of really talented kids buried on their depth chart.  A rising Junior could very well see the writing on the wall and use the provision to enable him to transfer to a school with a favorable depth chart (hello Michigan's secondary) and use the opportunity as his shot to be drafted--or at least get some substantial playing time.

Kilgore Trout

June 11th, 2010 at 4:03 PM ^

I don't think you'll necessarily see the stars leave.  They're good enough on their own to make careers.  It's someone who's in an equivalant position as say JB Fitzgerald at Michigan.  It just doesn't look like significant playing time is ever going to be in the cards for him.  But, if that guy is still hanging onto NFL dreams, this is his get out of jail free card to find a program that needs him, a marriage made in heaven. 


June 11th, 2010 at 1:23 PM ^

Looking at the amount of players from the West Coast (obviously lots of them) on this list leads me to a question I haven't seen addressed.

If one of these guys wants to go to a Pac 1X team, are they eligible to get a scholarship?  I ask because as we all know from the Boren situation, if a player transfers from one Big 10 school to another they are not eligible for a scholarship in the new school.

Does this rule apply across all conferences (specifically the Pac 1X)?

It would seeem that if it does, that would give us a bigger shot a landing a player since they would be much more likely to look at a long-distance move if they're unable to go to another Pac 1X team.