UM vs OSU Wrestling Prediction

Submitted by Jheis25 on February 12th, 2009 at 8:08 PM

Big Wrestling Meet Tomorrow at Cliff Keen with #17 UofM against #6 Ohio State at 7 PM. On Saturday the Wolverines will square off against #24 Penn State at the same time and venue. Michigan is undefeated in the Big Ten and is coming off a blowout win against MSU. The team is really starting to click now it seems.

UofM ranked wrestlers (According to intermat)

125 Pounds: Michael Watts (SR) 17th
141 Pounds: Kellen Russell (So) 5th
174 Pounds: Steve Luke (SR) 1st
184 Pounds: Anthony Biondo (So) 13th
197 Pounds: Tyrell Todd (SR) 6th


133 Pounds: Reece Humphrey (JR) 2nd
141 Pounds: J Jaeggers (SR) 11th
149 Pounds: Lance Palmer (JR) 4th
157 Pounds: Jason Johnstone (SR) 17th
165 Pounds: Colt Sponseller (So) 2nd
184 POunds: Mike Pucillo (Jr) 2nd


125 Pounds: Brad Pataky (SO) 13th
133 Pounds: Jake Strayer (Sr) 9th
149 Pounds: Bubba Jenkins (Jr) 2nd
165 Pounds: Dan Vallimont (Jr) 20th
174 Pounds: Quentin Wright (Fr) 17th

Heres My Predictions

125- Watts (UM) vs Triggas (OSU). This is a big match for Michigan. Watts needs to try and get some extra points. Most likely a UofM win but only 3 team points (3-0 UM)

133- Stevens (UM) vs Humphrey (OSU). Humphrey is a stud and Stevens is a true freshman. Stevens needs to do the best he can to not get pinned. Stevens did an excellent job against Franklin Gomez of MSU (5th ranked)only getting majored. I ll give Stevens the benefit of the doubt (UM-3 OSU-5)

141- Russell (UM) vs Jaggers (OSU). Wow, this is gonna be a great match. Russell is a true Sophomore and made alot of noise last year, being Michigans big time recruit from Blair Academy. Russell beat Jaggers in a close match last year and will do the same this year. (UM-6 OSU-5)

149- Beaudrey (UM) vs Palmer (OSU). It's gonna be tough for Beaudry to stay off his back against Palmer. Beaudrey is new to the UM lineup and Palmer is a stud. UM-6 OSU-11

157- Hynes (UM) vs Nemac (OSU). This is a match UM has to have. Nemac is a true freshman but was one of the top recruits of the nation this year. Hynes is a senior and needs to step up. UM-9 OSU 11

165- Zeerip (UM) vs Sponseller (OSU). Zeerip is a 4 time state champ out of Michigan and had never lost a match in high school. However, he is a redshirt freshman and learning the ropes of college wrestling. Sponseller is a tested veteran. Zeerip needs to try and keep close, however it will be hard. UM-9 OSU 15

174- Luke (UM) vs Rella (OSU). This is where Michigans big boys come up. Luke is the top rated 174 for a reason, he is tough. Should be looking for a pin here. UM-15 OSU 15

184- Biondo (UM) vs Pucillo (OSU). Biondo has shown great improvement. I can't believe he used to wrestled 103 in high school! But Pucillo is very good, should be a decent match but Pucillo should pull out a close one UM 15 OSU 18

197- Todd (UM) vs Gardner (OSU). Todd is a captain and needs to work for extra points here. If he can get the pin, it would be huge. I ll give it to him here. UM 21 OSU 18

HVY- Phillips (UM) vs Morrison (OSU). The winner of the meet will be decided at hvy. Phillips is undersized for a heavyweight but is all muscle. Morrison is a little more of a true heavyweight. A Michigan loss here and they tie, a Phillips win and the team wins....I ll give it to Phillips UM 24 OSU 18. Granted I think a Tie is very possible and there is no tiebreaker in college wrestling.



February 12th, 2009 at 9:43 PM ^

First off, Gardner at 97 is a dirtbag. Kid goes to VaTech, then "gives up wrestling" and transfers to OSU, and is suddenly back into wrestling, so he doesn't have to sit out a year like Metcalf did. Also, I don't think Todd can get the pin there, although he should at least major him, Gardner was INCREDIBLE in high school, and, IIRC, didn't give up a takedown his final 2 years in high school, maybe 3.

Second, has anyone ever came out flatter after winning a title than Jaggers? He had an amazing tournament last year and has done nothing this year but disappoint. Him and Russel have some history, as Russel beat Jaggers in the finals of the Cliff Keen Vegas Invite last year to skyrocket up the rankings.

Third, Pucillo probably majors Biondo. That weight class is insanely top heavy, and Pucillo is the only person who has a shot to even keep it close against Herbert. Biondo is a very good wrestler, but Pucillo is a beast, and if the team needs a major he'll get it.

Lastly, OSU's starting 157 pounder is 17th ranked Jason Johnston, who already had wrestled Hynes and beaten him 11-6. I think Nemec might be taking a redshirt this year, as all of his matches have come in open tournaments.


February 13th, 2009 at 12:18 AM ^

However, Nemic wrestled in their last dual against Minnesota I saw? Not sure if Johnston was hurt or what. What do you think the final score of the meet will be? Should be a good one


February 13th, 2009 at 9:39 AM ^

They did burn Nemec's RS...that just seems dumb. Maybe they knew they needed that match and saw Safratowich already has beaten Johnston?

It is gonna be a good meet, I actually think OSU wins a close one, something like 18-17, but if Luke or Todd can get something more than a major, Beaudry or Weber can keep Palmer to a decision, which he hasn't surpassed all that much this year, or Phillips can beat Morrison, UofM will win.

Also, UofM has another big name recruit out of Blair Academy again this year, which is a pretty good school to recruit as they have something like 7 kids ranked in the top 5 nationally in their weight class, and something like 4 or 5 of them are top 2. His name is Sean Boyle, and he actually grew up in Michigan before moving out to Blair to get better coaching. I think he's top 10 in the country and should be a 25 pounder coming in, which is good because they need to replace Watts next year. They are gonna have 2 very, very good freshman who might crack the lineup next year in Boyle and Grajales.

Elno Lewis

February 13th, 2009 at 8:13 AM ^

Anyone know what is up with Brett Marsh?

Freaking hockey game tonight so parking will be a bear.

Should be a good meet tonight. Am totally geeked.

Jamiemac is right. Good write up, Dude!

Spread Attack

February 13th, 2009 at 11:24 AM ^

This is why this site is awesome. I doubt there is a better preview for an M wrestling match to be found anywhere else on the interwebs, and definitely not in the MSM. Very nice.


February 13th, 2009 at 1:29 PM ^

is only a true freshman so I haven't heard too much about him. Got to watch him last year at individual finals, looks good on his feet but again college wrestling is a totally different animal than high school. Riding time and being able to escape on bottom is key.


February 13th, 2009 at 5:04 PM ^

Who are they losing, Stewart and DiDona? You are replacing Stewart with Bennet, so that won't be that dramatic of a drop off, and I'm sure Borelli has someone who can step in at 84. Last years class for them was ridiculous, 3 sr. national champs! It's too bad Dubose isn't on the team or you'd be looking really, really scary.


February 13th, 2009 at 6:47 PM ^

Borelli has done an excellent job getting the top talent out of the state. Granted Bennett was from Rockford on the west side of the state, but he was a huge get. Marcel would have been a beast as well.

At least Michigans team is rather young, losing 3 starters next year but will get a couple big time recruits. Also pulling in a kid from my high school in Pete Rendina.


February 13th, 2009 at 7:56 PM ^

They probably drop off a little next year because they are losing 2 amazing wrestlers in Todd and Luke, but they have a great recruiter as a head coach, and if they can pull in a few more kids they can have a lineup with no holes in it in a few years.

I'm hoping they can get Elsworth and Yates this year, I think both of those kids can contribute big time in college. Elsworth already has notched some victories over big time high schoolers, and Yates is the kind of kid who is underrated nationally because he doesn't wrestle much freestyle.


February 13th, 2009 at 10:53 PM ^

Watching right now on BTN and a HUGE surprise at 157. Hynes comes out to face Owen Schaefer? Schaefer is....a 33 pounder who weighed in up at 49 and bumped to take on Hynes? Michigan's chances looking a lot better now.