Ugly Game of the Week: Week 2

Submitted by stubob on September 6th, 2011 at 11:23 AM

First off, I think Maryland clearly won week one. I tried to post a picture of the stadium before the game, but here are the uniforms just in case anyone missed the game on Monday:

Yeesh. The arm sleeve thing looked like they had an infection or something.

This week, in honor of Iowa/Iowa State and their Hummel-based pewter trophy disaster, I will be naming new hypothetical trophies for the best games of the week. But here's a reminder of where we started:


There's only one game on Thursday, Oklahoma State versus Arizona. Fortunately, they can play for the "Dust Bowl" trophy, which would be a normal cup-style trophy full of dirt. And not good, black, growing-stuff dirt. Just dry, pale, desert dusty-type dirt.


Friday has no games worth mentioning, so I'm going to double-up on Saturday.


First we get the "Jesus Versus Air Superiority" trophy as TCU plays Air Force. It's hard to cheer against The Jesus, but the Air Force does have some great (and really, really expensive) toys. This can also be a travelling trophy between TCU, BYU, Air Force and Navy.

We also get the first apperance of the "Tumbleweed Travelling Trophy" as Colorado State plays Northern Colorado. These two schools are only 22 miles apart, which is also known as "Right Next Door" out in the wide-open spaces. I'm in Denver, and no one here cares about this game. The travelling trophy will be used to determine best-in-class between CSU, Wyoming and New Mexico.



September 6th, 2011 at 11:30 AM ^

Wait a second, is that guy asking her to marry him?   Are those his kids and he's finally making things right in the eyes of the Lord?  Or, are those her kids and not his?  If so, why is she a single parent?   Out-of-wedlock, are they full-siblings or half-siblings?  Is she the town fluzy?   That doesn't seem very "iowa like" now does it?

Wait, maybe she was married to the father of the two kids and he died in a Cyclone?  Maybe he fell in a vat of corn and his body has never been found... maybe he ran off with the town fluzy?

This trophy is too confusing.  They should scrap it and start over.  Something with explained family values, maybe, or just a picture of a Hawkeye riding a jet into a Cyclone with a fist....