Ugly Game of the Week - Week 12 Edition

Submitted by stubob on November 16th, 2010 at 2:00 PM

Twelve Vandals Vandalizing? Twelve Aggies, um, agging? Also, I avoid picking on two teams in consecutive weeks only out of the goodness of my heart.

Last week

Western pulled out a barn-burner against Eastern, locking up second place in the MAC Trophy. Signs of life from the EMUs/Eagles/Hurons for next year? Both teams were +/- 500 yards of offense, but Eastern was a more grind-it-out than the Western air raid.

Speaking of track meets, Tulane beat Rice 54-49. Our boy Sam McGuffie had 15 carries for 71 yards and a TD for the Owls. I'm not sure what a Rice Owl looks like, but can't help but wonder if it's anything like a Corn Snake.

Last, Tennessee clobbered Ole Miss 52-14 and is now awarded the title of Tennessissippi. Karma continues to catch up to Jeff Masoli, and he was 7/18 for 80 yards and 3 INTs. Tennessee was up 21-0 after the first quarter, and cruised from there.

This Week

Rutgers plays Cincinnati for sole possession of the Big East basement. That's saying something given the way the Big East has gone this year. Rutgers has lost to North Carolina, and squeaked out close wins over the likes of Army and FIU. Cinci can't point and laugh at that resume, either. Since their close loss to Oklahoma, they've been pounded in conference by West Virginia and Syracuse. Rutgers is offensively challenged, and Cinci is equally fair-to-middlin' on both sides of the ball.

Out in the WAC (slogan: The WAC is the new MAC!), Idaho plays Utah State in another leg of the Mormon Bowl. Idaho got thumped, as expected, by Boise State last week. Utah State is on a two game win streak, but the wins are against New Mexico State and San Jose State. So that's like keeping count of the number of times you hit the floor when you drop a ball. Aww yeah, three in a row, baby!

This week's "Sir Not Appearing in this Diary" award goes to Eastern and Tennessee.  Eastern plays Buffalo in what is sure to be an ugly game. For no reason other than sympathy, I'll avoid making that a game to watch (or, rather, not watch). Maybe it will be snowing as well. Tennessee versus Vanderbilt also avoids the eyeball for the week, if only because Tennessee seemed like an actual football team last week, and may just paste Vandy and move on.

One last note goes to Appalachian State against Florida in the "If There's a God, Smite The Gators" bowl.  I've got no good way to handicap D-IA schools, but still, c'mon, karma!


Hemlock Philosopher

November 16th, 2010 at 3:34 PM ^

A wonderful little site called, likely NSFW, has pegged the Gators as 26-point favorites.  I like the odds; here's my credit card number.  Put a nickle on ole Scrappy.  Also, does the SEC choose a week every year to go slummin' in D1-AA (or their 1A equivalents, i.e., the Sun Belt)?

Ugly is thy game:

  • UCLA (4-5) @Washington (3-6).  This is nationally televised and I'll be watching it.  The last time the Bruins ventured north before the weekend Oregon happened.  That was ugly in the style of Wounded Knee.  This one promises to be ugly in the style of Texas Longhorn's Statues.
  • In speaking of massacres: Mississippi, or shall we call them Missi after having the issippi taken by Tennessissippi, travels to LSU.