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This loss is probably even worse than Toledo.  I've gotta believe that the players are now totally crushed.

The only good thing for me is that I was at work and couldn't watch it.  Not that listening on the radio was a lot of fun.  If I had a dollar for everytime Frank Beckman said "broken tackle", "missed tackle", or "wide open for a first down", then I could buy a beachfront mansion in Hawaii and put a Ferrari in the garage.

Eight starters returned from a defense that was second in the conference in pass defense, and that did a great job against Tebow & Co, and right now they don't look like they could stop an 8th grade team.  A guy that wasn't even a QB two weeks ago totally torched the D.  He probably had a tougher time against the scout team in practice.  Playing against the Wolverines is an almost virtual guarantee for a QB to be Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. 

Granted, it would've helped if the offense could convert some 3rd downs, but they DID put 42 on the scoreboard (35 minus Odoms punt return).  That should be a win.

The defensive numbers are horrific.  38 points a game in conference . . . THIRTY EIGHT!!!   





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  1. They say if your heart isnt it the little things seem monumental or seem impossible. That being said, you can see why the little things, like tackling are not there for Michigan Football. Its WHAT has taken Michigan's heart out that Michigan's players should reflect on. Was it losing? Not a good excuse. Was it a new coach? Not a good excuse. There really is no good excuse and no one to blame after a loss like this. So to the fan who thinks there is, sorry you're wrong. When you sign up to attend Michigan, you represent your family, your high school and high school coach, your friends, and your state you are from. Last week when Michigan States WR White burned Michigan I couldn't help but hearing how he was a walk on. Interesting I thought a walk on. Meaning he was a Scout/Rivals ZERO in the hearts of many. I'd take a kid with heart who has had to fight for crumbs over a 4-5 star recruit anyday. Most coaches would, most fans need the fluff. White and Hoyer they finally had laughs on Michigan. Talent can be a burden and a crutch to not push. I'm sorry but this one is on the guys. Rich and Shafer deserve an apology from Michigan. 
  2. For years on blog boards I've heard people rip on Bobby Carpernter, James Lauranitis, and A.J. Hawk. Fundamentally speaking though they were as good as it gets. We are not even close to the mental prep or fundamentals shown by the above mentioned names. Davis Harris being the exception. There are good parts to the defense from a physical standpoint. But that's 1/3 of football, maybe less. I'm shocked no one from the team, on defense has said to the press,"IT'S MY FAULT I"LL DO BETTER," and mean it. T. Taylor kind of hinted that when he was an underclassman he tried hard to impress and support the seniors. Obi has said,"I don't know." All fair answers but I want the answer that says,"Im the leader and Ill take the responsibility." The closest we got was B. Graham predicting a W against state. Now you may find one lil quote from a player that said it was my fault, but as a group they need to take responsibility and that will help them get drafted. It shows character.


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I always thought of Michigan as a well oiled machine that at some point in time would need a little maintenance performed. Worst case scenario, I expected The Machine to bog down a few times and after overhauling it, it would run much smoother and perform as it has for the past 128 years. However, The Machine's blueprints called for specific handler's to run it. Now, The Machine is being run by new technicians and will have to burn a new memory in itself as it has had to in the past. The Machine will be bogging down and running on it's lowest gear as it learns how to perceive the newest data that's being entered by these technicians. The Machine will be up and running full speed by the start of the 2010 season and will be housed in its newly renovated storage facility. Next scheduled appointment/overhaul won't be for another fifty years by the current mileage on the odometer. Although, The Machine's operator's have been known to screw that timetable up from time to time.


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Magnus, none of what you write, intelligible or not, will ever, ever be remembered. Along with mine. Long term, your pink slips and hires, will also not matter one iota to Michigan Football. You do know this right? You're just angry and I wont be drawn into anger with you. Dealing with the vitriol I see on here will make anyone less intelligible in thinking of ways to reply to it. Personally I'd like to ask you to stop pink slipping players on the team. What gives you the right to choose, via the internet who should be fired? I personally think at this point all we should do is cheer or show support. You want to criticize players, bloggers, and coaches. Sounds to me like you are the truly unhappy one bud. Good luck and Go Blue Everyone!


November 2nd, 2008 at 2:12 PM ^ mean I'm not going to win a Pulitzer for my Mgoblog diaries?  Holy.  Shit.  "Crestfallen" doesn't begin to describe my facial expression.

 I'm not angry.  I watched the game yesterday with people I don't know very well.  They all said, basically, "You're pretty subdued for your team being so bad this year."  I said, "I expected something like this.  It's really not a surprise."

I'm not "choosing" who should get fired.  The football world isn't a democracy.  I'm suggesting changes.  Why is that so difficult for you to understand?  It's like anybody anywhere saying, "I think (insert name here) would be better at (insert talent) than (insert name here."

So I guess when you ask "what gives you the right...?", then the simplest answer would be the Bill of Rights.  I'm not forcing you to agree with me.  Feel free to disagree.  But there's nothing inherently evil in me saying "Shafer should lose his job" or "Maybe we should try Dorrestein at RT instead of Schilling."

For God's sake, this is the WORST DEFENSE IN MICHIGAN HISTORY (statistically speaking).  Changes are necessary, whether it's Shafer's first year here or not.


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While there is reason to believe that the offense will get better in the coming years, anyone who believes the D will dramatically improve is acting on blind faith. We won't be this experienced again on D for a few years, and this defensive coaching staff hasn't exactly distinguished itself. Next year, without the studs on the DL, could be worse.


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how can you say our defense was great last year. we los to App.State, oregon, and gave up 35 points to florida. this defense sucked last year and this year. but dont worry, RRod will get fast players who can tackle in space. it just needs time.


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Last year's D wasn't great, but it was respectable. It gave up 21.4 points per game against a pretty tough schedule. (I don't consider giving up 35 points to Florida and Tebow to be that bad.) This year's D, with much more experience, is giving up 30.9 ppg. Next year we'll lose basically all of our good defensive players. Anyone who sees us improving defensively next year is operating on blind faith.

RichRod is NOT a defensive guy, by his own admission. His DC is by far the most critical of his assistants. Right now the early returns on Shafer are very, very discouraging.


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In a season of notable firsts—every damn one negative—there's another one that's particularly noteworthy for me. For the first time since 1969, I can honestly say that the Michigan Wolverines are a more disappointing football team than the Detroit Lions. That's an amazing accomplishment for the current UM coaching staff, considering the superlative year-by-year record of ineptitude achieved by that pathetic NFL franchise.