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UFR Ohio State offense

Now for the offense.  I hate to say "If they hadn't fumbled in the endzone for a TD on the first drive, and if Minor had played, they could have won," but I'm going to anyway.  There were some throws were Tate just didn't look right, underthrowing receivers.  And, I think he was feeling even more pressure than usual, causing some freshman mistakes (see previously mentioned fumble in the endzone).  So without further ado, let's get to it.

Drive Chart:

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M7110I-form2124-3RunFake end-around diveShaw-2
Shaw hit at the handoff, no chance.  Ortmann?

M5212Shotgun 2-back2124-3RunInside handoffShaw5
Shaw bounced out for a couple.  

M1037Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassYakkity-saxForcier-11
Tate scrambles, fumbles, OSU recovers for TD.

Drive result:  TD OSU 10:44 1st Q 0-7

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M38110Offset 2-back shotgun2123-4Runhandoff rightShaw1
Good return by Stonum.  Shaw cuts back, not much.

M3929Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassQuick stopWebb6
Quick slot to Webb. CA 1

M4433Shotgun 1-back1134-3?Pass

ABC stays on Webb until the play starts.  Tate scrambles, misses Matthews on the run. IN

Drive result:  short punt by Zoltan.  9:35 1st Q 0-7

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M40110Shotgun 1-back1133-4+PassOutHemingway5
Defense overloading 2 LBs left.  Not really an out, just a stop route. CA, 1 Protection +1

M4525Empty backfield, 2 TE0224-3Runoff-tackleRobinson7
Denard in.  Good hole, good gain. Did you know he doesn't tie his shoes?

OSU48110Shotgun 4 wide0143-4?RuneverywhereRobinson5
Denard scrambles for 5.

OSU4325Shotgun 1-back trips1134-3RundiveRobinson0
Straight ahead for 1

OSU4335Shotgun 5 wide0053-3-5?PassswingRoundtree21
Nice YAC by Roundtree.  Good block by Webb. CA, 1

OSU22110Offset 2-back shotgun2124-3RunleftShaw0
Fumbled OOB

OSU22210Shotgun 2-back2034-3Passroll-out stopRoundtree10
Good throw to Roundtree for the 1st.  CA, 1

OSU11110Shotgun 2-back212NickelRunoff-tackleSmith5
I'm not seeing any of these plays as reads, but I could be wrong.  Trying to keep Tate healthy?

OSU625Shotgun 4 wide014NickelPassroll-out outSmith0
OSU showing blitz. Decent pass, knocked down BA, 1

OSU635Shotgun 4 wide014NickelPassbubble screenMatthews0
Thrown to wrong shoulder, nice catch by Matthews.  MA, 2

Drive result:  Olesnavage misssed FG, good drive nonetheless. 4:27 1st Q. 0-7

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M18110Shotgun 2-back2034-3Runhandoff/option?Smith6
Tate looks to the receivers before handing off to Smith.

M2424Shotgun 2-back2034-3PassRB screen?Forcier0
Same formation, Tate lines up one yard shorter. LB blitz, line releases like it's a screen.  Thrown near Smith. TA, protection -1
M2434Shotgun 2-back2034-3PassRolloutMatthews23
Tate rolls almost to the sideline, catched the DBs facing the wrong way.  Wobbly throw.  Great block by Smith? CA, 1
M47110Shotgun 2-back2034-3RunZone sweep?Shaw3
Calling a zone sweep, since Tate look at the DE, but hands of to Shaw around the end.

M5027Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassflareSmith0
Knocked down at the line.  BA, 0

M5037Shotgun 2-back2133-4PassoutStonum10
All day in the pocket, protection +1, hits Stonum in the numbers.  DO, 1

OSU40110Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassoutRoundtree0
Tate rolls out, a little late with the throw, tipped.  BA, 0  protection +1

OSU40210Shotgun 5 wide0054-3PassflareRoundtree0
Pass a little behind Roundtree, Webb misses a block (-1).  Good call, missed throw.  MA, 1  End of 1st Q

OSU40310Shotgun 1-back1134-3PassgoMatthews0
Another weird D by OSU. They only have 2 down linemen, but 4 on the line.  Another one that Tate's shoulder probably bothered.  Underthrown, BA, 0
Drive result:  punt, downed inside the 5.

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M22110Shotgun 1-back1134-3PassstopMatthews11
Tate drops back (protection +1), wobbly throw CA, good catch by Matthews 0/1

M33110Shotgun 2-back2033-4RunZRSmith4
Smith cuts back inside, decent gain.  Good blocking

M3726Shotgun 1-back trips1043-4

False start

M32211Shotgun 1-back trips1043-4PassoutRoundtree12
Tate rolls out, hits Roundtree falling out of bounds.  Nice.  DO, 1

M44110Shotgun 2-back offsetf2123-4RunsweepShaw-4
RPS -1, missed LB blitz, Grady -1?

M40214Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassInRoundtree22
Good protection, Tate throws high, MA/CA, Roundtree goes and gets it 0/1

OSU39110Shotgun 2-back2033-4PassPA GoMatthews13
RPS +1 Good call.  Fake handoff quick go to Matthews.

OSU26110Shotgun 2-back2034-2-5?RunKeepForcier3
Fake go route, fake handoff keep.

OSU2327Shotgun 2-back2033-4PassRoll outRoundtree0
ABC showing replay of Schilling's shoe.  Tate overthrows MA, 0, PR

OSU2337Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassflatBrown-2
Short swing to Brown in the flat, tackled immediately

Drive result:  Olesnavage FG.  7:59 2nd Q, 3-7

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M19110Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassGoRobinsonINT
Denard lined up at WR, good protection (+1), Tate throws deep to Denard, underthrown, picked.  IN

Drive result:  picked off.  Would a different receiver have made the catch, or knocked it down?  Would a healthy Tate hit Denard in stride?  5:12 2nd Q 3-14

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M19110Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassGoRobinsonINT
Denard lined up at WR, good protection (+1), Tate throws deep to Denard, underthrown, picked.  IN

Drive result:  picked off.  Would a different receiver have made the catch, or knocked it down?  Would a healthy Tate hit Denard in stride?  5:12 2nd Q 3-14

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M23110Shotgun 2-back212NickelRunZone  handoffSmith10
Zone read-look sweep to Smith.  Good blocking, good gain.

M33110Shotgun 2-back2124-3RunZone readForcier1
Zone read keep, Tate gets a couple.  ZR -1

M3429Shotgun 1-back1134-3PassScrambleGrady5
Grady misses his block (-1), Tate scrambles and shovels it to him (MA, PR, 1), Grady get a couple.

M3934Shotgun 1-back1134-3PassscrambleForcier0
Pocket collapses quickly (protection -1), Tate gets back the line.

Drive result:  punt, 3 and out.  2:38 2nd Q 3-14

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M46110Shotgun 1-back113NickelPassdumpGrady2
Funny offset TE, Tate under pressure protection -1, PR, MA 1, pitches to Grady.

M4828Shotgun 1-back104NickelPassdumpWebb0
Tate scrambles, throws through Webb's hands.  CA, 0

M4838Shotgun 1-back1134-3PassscrambleForcier0
Tate scrambles, throws it away.  Pocket collapsed pretty quick, protection -1

Drive result:  punt, OSU kneels down, EOH.  3-14

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M16110Shotgun 1-back1044-3RunZone readSmith7
Michigan ball to start the 2nd half.  Zone read to Smith.

M2323Shotgun 1-back1043-4PassflatSmith-3
Swing pass to Smith, hit and brought down.

M2036Shotgun 1-back1134-3PasswheelRoundtree0
Tate staring down Roundtree, MA, 0

Drive result:  3 and out, punt, 13:51 3rd Q 3-14

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU49110Shotgun 1-back1044-2-5RunZone readSmith0
McAvoy, Omameh -1 get blown back, clogs up the play.  Smith has nowhere to go.

OSU49210Shotgun 1-back1134-3PassscrambleForcier11
Protection +1, Tate takes off.

OSU38110Shotgun 2-back2123-3-5RunZone readSmith3
Zone read handoff again, Smith gets 3.

OSU3527Empty backfield0233-4RunISQDRobinson0
Hmm, Denard in, empty backfield, what do you think is going to happen?  Roundtree may have missed a block.
OSU3537Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassslantMatthews12
Protection +1, Tate guns one to Matthews in stride.  DO, 1

OSU23110Shotgun 2-back2124-2-5PassscreenRoundtree5
Zone read fake screen to Roundtree.  CA, 1

OSU1825Shotgun 2-back2123-4PassPA inMatthews0
Tate zings another one, wrong side for Matthews, MA, 0

OSU1835Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassScrambleSmith18
Aaah, this play.  Webb loses his block, Tate has to scramble, throws a duck to Smith who jukes the D and scored.  MA, 1  100 MGoPoints for everyone.
Drive result:  TD, points off TO, 10:05 3rd Q, 10-14  +1 to Moundros for pursuit on the KO

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M20110Shotgun 1-back trips1043-4RunZone readSmith-3
Omameh get knocked back into the play -1.  These look like sweeps, rather than the usual off-tackle.  Tackle for loss.
M17213Shotgun 1-back trips1044-2-5Passbubble screenRoundtree5
Good catch by Roundtree (CA, 1).

M2238Shotgun 1-back1044-3PassscrambleForcier
Tate has time, protection +1, Tate scrambles, tackled short of 1st.

Drive resu;t:  punt, 3 and out.  Zoltan punts 53 yards.  3:08 3rd Q, 10-21

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M17110Shotgun 1-back1133-4PassPA rollout screenRoundtree43
Fake handoff to Smith, Forcier sprints out, draws D and dumps to Roundtree for a lot.  CA, 1

OSU40110Shotgun 1-back trips1133-4RundrawRobinson5
Denard up the middle for 5

OSU3525Empty backfield0143-4RundrawRobinson0
Denard tackled at the line "BY HIS SHOELACES"

OSU3535Shotgun 1-back1134-2-5PassGoMatthews0
Tate back in, protection +1, overthrows Matthews, MA/BR, 0, INT

Drive result:  3 and out.  From the 35, Michigan would have gone for it on 4th, so it may be better than a punt. 12:11 4th Q 10-21

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M50110Shotgun 2-back offset2123-4PassflatSmith13
Quick swing to Smith in the flat, good gain.

OSU37110Shotgun 1-back1043-4PassbubbleRoundtree10
Tate and Denard in, fake handoff bubble screen.  CA, 1 Hit quickly

OSU37210Empty backfield0143-4PassoutMatthews9
ISQP!  Denard passes, complete to Matthews. CA, 1

OSU2831Empty backfield014NickelRundrawRobinson18
Draw to Denard, nice hole, nice gain.  Great blocking by o-line +1

OSU10110Shotgun 2-back2034-3RunZone readShaw5
Zone read look handoff to Shaw

OSU625Shotgun 2-back2033-4PassScrambleForcierINT
Great play by Tate, right up to the point it got picked.  Scrambles, freezes a LB, throws back but picked in the endzone.  MA,0 protection +1  BR?  Odoms was possibly a better option
Drive result:  INT in endzone.8:12 4th Q, 10-21.  Thank you, drive home safely.

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
M46110Shotgun 1-back1133-4RunsweepRobinson-5
Omameh -1 loses his block, Denard TFL

M41215Empty backfield0143-4penalty

False start.

M36220Shotgun 1-back1044-3RundrawRobinson7
Denard checks off one receiver and takes off.  Protection -1

M43313Shotgun 2-back2033-4PassoutForcierINT
Tate scrambles, but doesn't get enough height on the pass to Hemingway,IN INT.  0.  This is going to be a depressing chart.


No depressing chart, show us the TD!  Ok.

Oh no!  Our smurf-back is going to get eaten!

Ha!  No you don't!  I'm going to score!

Now that that's out of the way, charts.  Note on charts:  these are for reference only, since I don't know Brian's system, and am just handing out +/- to players that I notice.  I think I screwed up the receiver numbers, so I'm not charting those.  Only a couple drops, and one or two hard catches.  Anyway, chart.




Denard was 1/1, 1 CA, FWIW.  Most of the batted balls came early, and in general the protection was good.  Tate didn't have many throws while being hit, I think OSU was just dropping a lot of coverage and he didn't have anywhere to go.


Matthews/Roundtree/Smith get co-hero.  Caught pretty much everything that came their way, did what they could in a tough situation.


Angry Michigan Running Back-Hating God.  If Minor had been healthy, this would have been a different game.


I really don't think this offense will look much like next year's.  I think one more year of practice, and another qualified QB separating us from DEATH, and we'll start to see some spread-like activity.  This game was an anomaly, anyway.  Michigan was behind early, and didn't have a healthy QB or RB.  I think the gloves came off a bit in the second half, once there weren't many options left.  I loved the fake handoff screen play, more of that please.  I'm not going to fault Tate for the INT in the endzone.  Sure Matthews may not have been the best choice, but it's a split-second decision and who knows what would have happened anyway.

OSU's defense had me confused most of the game (is that a 3-4, a 4-2-5, a Nickel?), and I think it played a part in confusing the offense as well.  At times they would only have 2 down linemen, or wait until the last second to set the third.  Plus the secondary was shifting all over, and it must have been hard to get your keys right.

If anyone wants specific screencaps, let me know and I'll grab them.  Sorry there's no video, but this was hard enough.



April 3rd, 2010 at 4:47 PM ^

Thanks for posting this, just thinking of the fumble on the first drive still makes my stomach turn. I can't wait to see how good this offense can be this season, It should be machine like by the time we play osu.


April 4th, 2010 at 10:41 PM ^

I still think Tate had a better option in Roundtree on the TD pass. You can see him in the first screen cap here behind the score; he was wide open and right in front of Tate, but Tate locked onto Smith earlier in the play and never looked elsewhere. Luckily it worked out, but Roundtree would have scored too, without a pass across the field while under pressure


April 6th, 2010 at 1:43 PM ^

It shows that we really had a solid offensive game aside from the turnovers. (I know, that's like "But aside from that, how'd you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?" but still...). This is a different game with Minor healthy. It's frustrating that we always seem to be shorthanded against OSU. We could use a break in the other direction in 2010.