UFR: Ohio State - Defense

Submitted by stubob on April 2nd, 2010 at 7:49 PM
Hoping to win the award for "Least Timely Post Ever," I took a crack at UFR-ing the Ohio State game.  Here's the defensive side of things.

Now, I'm not even pretending to be Brian, so I'll have a hard time getting formations right, let alone plays.  But what I can do is chart the game, sum it up, and hopefully provide some insight into the season that was and the season that will be.

Announcers kept pointing out that Ezeh DNP, don't know if it would have made a difference.  Minor out for the offense.  Would have made a difference.

Drive Chart:

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU26110Shotgun 1-back122NickelPassPA flatFloyd11
Michigan starts with a single deep safety and 3 down linemen.  Quick out, pushed out by Floyd.  Playing not to get beat deep.
OSU37110I-form212NickelRunOff-tackle leftKovacs1
Lots of jumping around on D, formation inverts.  Kovacs unblocked around the end, hit in the backfield.  Called 1 yard.
OSU3829Shotgun trips113NickelPassRollout outLeach11
Floyd playing 10 yards off, tackle by Leach.

Nothing glaringly wrong.

OSU 49210I-form212NickelPassPA outWarren0
Pryor airmails one.  Not much pressure.

OSU 49310Shotgun 2-back2034-3PassRB underBrown2
Pryor gets protection, good open field tackle by S. Brown (tackle +1)

Drive result:  punt, 11:47 1st Q 0-0

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU 22110I-form212NickelPassWR flareWarren2
Can't really call it a flare.  Receiver just stands there.  Warren Tackle +1

OSU 2428Shotgun trips1044-3PassOutBrown0
Pryor misses by 3 yards short.

OSU 2438Shotgun 1 back MP1224-3PasssackMartin-5
Great play by Martin!  Shows us his helmet hair T +1, Pressue +1, Awesome hair +1

Drive result:  Punt. 8:06 1st Q 0-7

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU20110Shotgun 1-back 2 TE122NickelRunPower leftRoh4
Good contain by Roh, tackled by Martin et. Al.

OSU2426I-form212NickelRundive rightMouton`
Good tackle by Mouton T +1

OSU2535Shotgun 4 wide1044-3Passswing flatBrown4
Stevie Brown hangs on until Mouton gets there to stop short.

Drive result:  3 and out, good punt 2:04 1st Q 0-7

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU6110I-form 2 TE221NickelRundiveMartin1
Pryor bobbled snap, run into the line

Leach got out of position, turning a 5 yard gain into lots.  Huge hole.

OSU25110I-form212NickelPassPA outFloyd13
Floyd playing off receiver, coverage -1

OSU38110Shotgun 1-back113NickelPassRolloutFloyd6
Floyd playing 5 yards off receiver, coverage -1

Will taking up space, good tackle T +1

OSU4333Shotgun 1-back 2 TE122NickelRunoption-lookBrown1
Good pursuit by everyone, good tackle by Stevie

Drive result:  punt, 11:21 2nd Q 0-7

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU20110Shotgun 1-back 2 TE1223-3-5Runpower rightCampbell14
Graham has a hold in the backfield, Will (and everyone else) wiff on tackles.  T -1

OSU34110Shotgun 1-back 2 TE1223-3-5PassPA scrambleBrown9
Pryor takes off (pressure +1) Graham +1, RVB +1, Brown stops short of 1st

Graham break through, good tackle (tackle +1), stop short.  He's good.

Nobody noticably messed up, LBs slow to react.

OSU46110Shotgun 1-back 2 TE2123-3-5RunZone read/keep?Herron?25
Herron (-1) can't shake his block, misses Pryor.  Graham bites on the fake.  Mouton overpursues.

M29110Shotgun 1-back1134-3RunCounterEveryone29
Line slanting right, play goes left.  TD.  Heniger gets knocked back, opening the hole more.  -1 for something.

Drive result:  TD. 5:22 2nd Q 3-14

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU32110I-form2124-3PassPA postFloyd0
Play action, throws deep.  Receiver had a step on Floyd, ball overthrown.

OSU32210I-form2124-3PassOption pass?Warren0
Mouton hold the corner, forcing a pass.  Warren had a shot at the pass, receiver pretty much dropped it.

Pryor flushed by Mouton, scrambles, RVB contains, Pryor throws it away. Pressure +1

Drive result:  punt. 3 and out.  Defense got away with one or two. 4:45 2nd Q 3-14

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU19110Shotgun 1-back 2 TE1223-3-5RunZone readBanks11
D-line can't break out, missed tackles (tackling -1), runs OOB

OSU30110Shotgun 1-back 2 TE1223-3-5?RunZone readKovacs14
Zone read keep.  Kovacs misses a tackle T -1, Graham and Mouton lost contain.

OSU44110I-form2123-3-5PassPA scrambleGraham-25
Graham busts through the line, Mouton holds Pryor in, Pryor throws it away pressure +1, intentional grounding
Basic play, non-remarkable outcome.

OSU21334Shotgun 1-back2 TE1223-3-5RunZone readGraham11
Graham/Kovacs pursue the RB again, leaving Pryor with space.  Why aren't they better at stopping this play?

Drive result:  punt, 1:14 2nd Q 3-14

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
Big rock beats littler rock.  Good tackle by Woolfolk T +1

OSU4624Shotgun 1-back trips1134-3Passbubble screenKovacs0
Got lucky  Bubble screen wide open, receiver drops it.  Kovacs watching Pryor, forgets about the receiver.  Nearest defender 10 yards away when the ball is thrown.
OSU4634Shotgun 1-back1044-3+PassstopMoutonINT
Corners showing blitz, drop out.  Pass tipped, caught by Mouton +1, Warren +1 for the tip

Drive result:  INT 13:07 3rd Q, 3-14

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU11110Shotgun 1-back1134-3RunZone readRoh6
Roh +1, reads the zone read correctly, great tackle +1

OSU1724Shotgun 1-back1133-3-5RunZone readRoh13
Bah.  Pryor dropped the snap, RVB can't get a hand on him, Kovacs can't catch in the backfield, Roh and Leach finally make the tackle.
Martin makes a hit at the line, falls for 4.

OSU3426Shotgun 1-back1134-3RunZone readMartin16
Martin and others miss the tackle, giving a big gain.  Tackle -1

M50110Shotgun 1-back1134-3RunZone readMouton13
Almost identical to the last play.  Tackle -1  Giving this one to Mouton for getting sealed.

M37110Shotgun 1-back 2 TE122NickelRunZone readFitzgerald-1
Graham +1 penetrates, allowing Fitzgerald to wrap up. Tackle +1

M38211Empty backfield0143-3-5?RunZone readHerron13
Herron and Fitzgerald bite hard, allowing Pryor to keep for a bunch. ZR -1

M25110Shotgun 1-back1133-3-5RunZone readRoh23
Roh and Banks lose the corner, big gain.  Stevie Brown slow to react. -1

M21GGoal line230Goal lineRundiveGraham-2
Brandon Graham, we'll miss you Tackle +1, line +1

M42GGoal line230Goal linePassRollout sackGraham
Sniff.  Graham +1, tackle +1

M63GShotgun 1-back1133-4PassTE screenRVB?TD
Don't know who to give this one to.  Michigan brings 8, nobody gets TE.  RPS -1, RVB is the closest D.

Drive result:  TD.  Why can't we defend the ZRS?  4:46 3rd Q, 10-21

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU17110Shotgun 1-back1134-3RuncounterMouton6
Good tackle by Mouton to keep this short.

OSU2324Shotgun 1-back1134-3RunZone readKovacs6
Again.  Holly Rowe has underpants.

OSU30110Shotgun 1-back1134-3RunZone readRoh6
Again.  Roh makes the tackle.

OSU3624I-form 2 TE2213-3-5RundiveEveryone4
3 yards and a cloud of dust.

OSU4032Shotgun 1-back1133-4RunZone readRoh4
Roh almost had Pryor in the backfield, still made the tackle.


Illegal shift, end of 3rd Q 10-21

OSU37115Shotgun 1-back1134-3RunZone readKovacs3
Zone read sweep, good tackle by Kovacs T +1

OSU37213I-form2124-3PassPA rollout outWoolfolk5
Rollout, Woolfolk forces out

OSU4338Shotgun 1-back1134-3PassGoRoh0
Pryor looks like he wants to scramble, Roh holds him in the pocket.  Deep bomb, Floyd cramps up, overthrown. Pressure +1
Drive result:  punt, 13:43 4th Q 10-21

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU6110I-form 2 TE2214-3RundrawMouton1
Draw, met in the hole by Mouton +1, T +1

OSU729Shotgun 1-back 2 TE1224-3Runoff-tackleMouton3
Zone read-look, tries to cutback, brought down by Mouton +1

OSU1036Shotgun 1-back1133-3-5RunZone readBrown5
Stevie Brown -1 gets caught up behind a block, almost allowing this to go for a 1st.

Drive result:  punt. 10:13 4th Q 10-21

LnDnDsO FormRBTEWRD FormTypePlayPlayerYards
OSU19110Shotgun 1-back 2 TE1224-3Runoff-tackleWarren6
sweep/off tackle, brought down by Warren.

OSU2524Shotgun 1-back 2 TE1224-3RunZone readRoh3
Roh -1 bought the fake and is past Pryor when he takes the ball back.  Kovacs +1 T+1

Move the pile

Good hit in the backfield by Leach +1

OSU3129Shotgun 1-back trips1134-3RunZone readGraham-4
Yay, we defended it! Leach +1 holds the corner, Graham +1 TFL

OSU27313Ace1224-3Passrollout sackGraham
Pryor rolls out and runs right into Graham +1.  Pressure +1

Drive result:  punt, 4:49 4th Q 10-21

Well, that doesn't seem so bad.  Numbers?


Bear in mind that I may have (probably did) screw up simple math.  Also, I probably missed who's really responsible for what plays, since all I was looking for was either missed tackles, woefully out of position, or other gross misplays that I noticed.


Graham, obviously for the one-man goal-line stand.  The numbers say Mouton also had a good game.  I'll give an award to "Tackling" as well, since there were only a couple noticeable wiffs of consequence.


Can I give one to "Zone Read" defense?  No one really stood out.  After the first couple series, the coverage got better, and played a good game.

First of all, these things are really hard and time consuming.  Please give Brian more money for doing this week after week.

I think the 3-3-5 experiment actually started in this game.  I think a lot of what I called Nickel is really 3-3-5.  The single deep safety is kind of a give-away.  One thing I did notice, is that our Zone Read defense looks different than most.  Here's an example:

At the snap, everyone looks good.  Three down linemen, 7 total in the box.

But nobody holds the corner.  Leach is gone, Brown and Mouton(?) are holding position at the line.  Basically being blocked by the one TE.

Now they realize what's going on.  Kovacs comes up and makes a great stop to hold this short of a first.  This could have been bad.

Some of the effectiveness may be due to OSU's play calling, but overall the defense looked good.  They only gave up a few big plays, nothing over 30 yards, and generally tackled well.  I think there are a couple technique holes that need to be filled, but for a bunch of freshmen, they looked good to me.  I have some hope for the team, mostly from the heart and grittiness they showed against the #10 team in the country.  How can you not get behind a team that looks like this?



April 2nd, 2010 at 8:29 PM ^

Too bad we were so young and injured for this game. One thing is apparent from the pictures: We need to get bigger on defense. I like to have speed, but it will always be a tough task stopping the OSU run game when the RB outweighs defenders by 30 pounds. I'm not sure if there is a plan to have video UFR's for this game, but those would make it easier to understand the version of the 3-3-5 they are planning.

Thanks a lot for putting in the work. This is a rare treat for April.


April 3rd, 2010 at 9:14 AM ^

Our defense played their hearts out in this game. We were banged up, young, and small compared to Ohio State and we still played a pretty good game defensively.


April 3rd, 2010 at 10:17 AM ^

whats happening in the play you have pics of is that osu has overloaded our stack by going heavily unbalanced (2 wrs, 1 te, 1 rb to same side), which creates problems for a balanced front like 3-3-5


April 3rd, 2010 at 9:10 PM ^

I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. I kept hoping that Brian would be able to find time for it, but at least we got something out of it. I really wanted to know what we had to look forward to next year, what mistakes could be fixed, which ones are going to continue to plague us, etc.

Thanks again.

Blue in Seattle

April 5th, 2010 at 1:44 PM ^

I think the Ohio State game is a great look in the crystal ball.

Everyone keeps bringing up "we need size on defense", but forgets that two more touchdowns and this game is won.

And after reviewing the Offense UFR, I'm confident that next year's offense is scoring more than 21 points a game.

So yes, we will be at a disadvantage to the traditional running formations and size of big O-lines and Running backs, and we'll have to rely on gang tackling and a bend not break mentality.

But the full strategy is that the offense is paired with a rapidly explosive offense, so again, trading TD's for field goals is better than a 2-1 advantage.

And then we are perfectly matched against the emerging spread forcused teams.

And who's to say that once recruiting stops being reactionary that we don't have some "heavier" options in the 2-deep, dare I say 3-deep at the Linebacking position, such that we can substritue the heavier look for the tank and cannon style offense, and then switch to the "D-Lite" version for the Jet strafing/bombing attacks of the spread teams?