U Conn spring game links and notes

Submitted by MGlobules on April 18th, 2010 at 4:53 PM

Found myself wondering how UConn looked at their spring game. They're a veteran team with a strong quarterback and beat S. Carolina in their bowl last year, so they won't be any pushover when we hook up in the opener. I'm hoping that if we can get off on the good foot and beat them it will give Michigan some confidence and Coach Rod a little breathing room.

Not a whole lot to glean from these articles, but if you are as hungry as I was for more after yesterday you might want to check out the links below. Looks like the offense excelled and UConn's returning QB lit it up for four TDs. Less than 3,000 people showed up for the game, and my search for video turned up none, though I didn't look hard. (Clearly not as big a deal as spring game in Ann Arbor.)

One article mentions the perennial frustration in trying to judge whether the D played badly or the O excelled (or vice-versa) on any given play, but it sounds like UConn's secondary was porous last year, and is seeking redemption as ours is in '10. There are a few video pieces about the team's spring practices on the right-hand side of the page in the last article, which is found at the UConn site:







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Since UConn isn't exactly known as a passing team, those TDs are probaly the result of the defense. Looking at the secondary, it's very young and they have only one safety with any significant playing time at all.

Player Cl. ‘09 GP/CAR
Tevrin Brandon RFr. 0/0
Markeith Cirinna RFr. 0/0
Dwayne Gratz RSo. 13/13
Chris Lopes RFr. 0/0
Gilbert Stlouis Fr. -/-
Gary Wilburn RJr. 6/10
Blidi Wreh-Wilson RSo. 13/13
Player Cl. ‘09 GP/CAR
Harris Agbor RJr. 2/5
Marcus Aiken RFr. 0/0
Matt Edwards RSo. 0/0
Jerome Junior RSo. 13/13
David Kenney RFr. 0/0
Andrew Opoku Fr. -/-
John Yurek RJr. 0/0



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From what I've heard their team is very similar to ours. Strong offense, decent d-line and linebackers, terrible secondary. I think the game will be really close and a great test. That said, I'm pretty worried.

Notre Dame and U Conn both scare me. If we start the season off 0-2 I'm afraid we'll loose a ton of momentum. It will be a really exciting first two weeks.