TVH Weekly: Visit Reactions, Wayne Lyons, and Karlos Williams

Submitted by TomVH on October 11th, 2010 at 2:03 PM

This was a big weekend for visitors, and although Michigan lost no one was disappointed with their trip. Michigan hosted three prospects on official visits, Kellen Jones (commit), Marquise Williams, and Devondrick Nealy. Here are reactions from Jones and Nealy followed by updates on a few defensive(!) prospects.

Devondrick Nealy

5'10", 175 lbs.

Slot Receiver/Running Back

Jefferson County, Florida

This was Devondrick's first official visit of the season. He's headed off to Minnesota next, believe it or not. He was excited before hand to make it up to Ann Arbor, and the visit seemed to exceed his expectations.

The visit was tremendous. I didn't commit, but it was close though. After this visit Michigan is my top school, for sure. Everything they have to offer outside of the football program was incredible. They broke down the academics part and it was great. I could really see myself at Michigan. The excitement came from the football program, but I was also excited about everything outside of football they have there.

So good luck Minnesota. Nealy now has Michigan at the top of his list followed by (in no order) Minnesota, Arkansas, and Auburn. He will take all five of his official visits and make his decision once they're done. Anything can happen, but it's good to get the early lead. I was also told by someone recently that Nealy had befriended now Michigan commit Demetrius Hart at a camp in Florida. Nealy apparently likes Demetrius, and likes the idea of being a tandem on offense with him as well.

Kellen Jones

6'2", 215 lbs.


St. Pius X, Texas

Current Michigan commit Kellen Jones came up for an official visit by himself to see more of the social side of the program. He was able to take that in and get to know some of the players a little better.

The visit was fantastic, despite the fact that Michigan lost of course. We hung out with Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner. It was cool to do that, I really like those guys. Denard said he hates losing, and if we wouldn't have been there he would just be by himself in his room. They were just telling me that you can't come up here and mess around, it's all in for football and academics, and I loved that.

Kellen loves Michigan, and despite living in Texas understands the rivalries and everything about the program. This visit gave him more of a personal sense to it, and allowed him to build friendships with current players. He also got a better view of where he fits into the defense next year.

Coach Robinson was saying that they see me as a Jonas Mouton type of player. Playing sideline to sideline, maybe a little inside, and a little outside too. I got a good chance to be with the coaches which was great. Coach Barwis is always fun to be around.

Since Kellen is a current commit, and loves Michigan, he got a chance to interact with a few other recruits and get their perspective on things too.

I talked to Delonte Hollowell (commit), and he's just like me he loves Michigan. I was there with Marquise (Williams) too, and he said Coach Rodriguez has been recruiting him since he was a sophomore. He really liked the environment, I think he was having a great time. He and Devondrick both were amazed with Mike Barwis, too. They both had a really good time.

I think it was a bonus to have Kellen there on an official visit. He's a yes sir, no sir kind of kid and is always excited to talk about Michigan. It sounds like he did a little recruiting, and it may have worked.

Wayne Lyons

6'0", 190 lbs.


Dillard, Florida

Wayne Lyons is the number four safety in the country, and recently decided that Michigan is back in his top list with Stanford, UCLA, Florida, Tennessee, and Nebraska.

I started talking to the coaches from Michigan a lot more, and realized that they do have a true need for me. I talk to coach Dews most of the time. He tells me how it's a good place, and that I would really fit in.

Lyons has already been to Notre Dame and UCLA, he also has a visit already scheduled to Nebraska at the end of October. That leaves two spots left for an official visit, and he's still not sure if Michigan will get that visit.

I'm thinking about making that one of my official visits. They're not necessarily on the outside, they're making it in there. It's just because I've been talking to the other schools for awhile now and I've already seen the other campuses. They're coming on though.

It seems like it would be a good idea to visit Michigan if he has already seen the other campuses. Michigan is making up ground with him, and I have a good feeling about him taking a visit.


  • S Karlos Williams - Karlos told coach Smith that he will be taking an official visit up to Michigan once his season is over. His situation is interesting because he's committed to FSU, where his brother plays. He always says "You never know" when I ask if there's a possibility he will decommit from the Seminoles. Some kids just tell me that they're committed and he just want to take a look. "You never know" makes me wonder. Still, it will be hard to pry him away from FSU.
  • LB Sean Duggan - Sean decided to take a visit up to Michigan this weekend, and it was his first college game experience. He said the atmosphere was crazy, and it definitely helped Michigan. He's down to Michigan, Boston College, Duke, and Virginia, and will be back up to Ann Arbor in December for his official visit. Boston College is the main competition.
  • S Avery Walls - Recently took a trip to Oregon and was at Cal for an official visit this weekend. He leaves Monday night, and I have a phone call scheduled with him Tuesday. This was the last visit he will take, and he should be ready to announce his decision within the next few weeks, unless something has changed that. I still think Michigan is in good position, but the Oregon visit does give some cause for concern. He ended up missing the first half of the Oregon game, FWIW.
  • Here's a list of prospects Michigan is still after in the Rival's Top 250 list.
  • Iowa visitors - Full list will be posted soon. Some names of who's planning on making the trip, to tide you over: DB Dallas Crawford, WR Sammy Watkins, WR AJ Jordan, TE Drew Owens, and WR Hakeem Flowers. 2012 prospects: DE Chris Wormley, RB Will Mahone, QB Demetrious Davis, WR/DB Chris Davis.



October 11th, 2010 at 12:21 PM ^

Thanks for the breakdown.  I like what I'm hearing about Lyons.  Would be a great add.  Walls and Lyons would make this an incredible safety class.

Sounds like Kellen was talking with Marquise a lot.  How did his visit go?  Any reaction on the latest UNC news?

EDIT: also love the fact that Nealy prioritizes academics.  That always means good news for the Maize and Blue.


October 11th, 2010 at 12:47 PM ^

I love Denard. Even though he is upset, blames himself for the loss, and would prefer to be alone he is still hanging out with recruits and being an ambassador for the program. What a great leader.


October 11th, 2010 at 1:10 PM ^

Its good to see so many highly rated defensive players left on the board that we have a realistic chance with.  If we can just get the D back to playing at an 'average level' while denard is still on campus look out.


October 11th, 2010 at 1:42 PM ^

He was. It doesn't seem like we're really in any contention with the Spartans or Buckeyes here. He went to the game, liked the opportunity for early playing time, then had a quick chat with the coaches and left. He's definitely taking officials to MSU and OSU, but outside of that, he doesn't seem that enthusiastic about other schools.


October 11th, 2010 at 1:55 PM ^

Thanks Tom for the update. Glad to see that some of the recruits still have a pretty good opinion on UM. Hopefully after a win this weekend, we will start seeing more Hello posts soon.


October 11th, 2010 at 2:23 PM ^

interesting with Lyons possibly taking a visit.   Thought he has an mcl sprain or tear? Realistically michigan has an outside shot to land him if they can get him on campus.  Avery Walls would be a great addition.  Im just thinking Oregon, and the sponsor of Nike with the many shoes, uniforms might be to much for him not to choose them.  Even though he sees the potential of early PT in Michigan and the Maize and Blue. 


October 11th, 2010 at 4:34 PM ^

I always look forward to your posts, Tom, and am excited for the future at Michigan.

Tom, I'd really like your perspective on something which I posted on the board elsewhere. I get the sense that many of the kids Michigan are recruiting are great "character" kids. Is this observation on the mark or not? I'm wondering if there is something in RR & Barwis & the position coaches that is very appealing to these recruits. With Denard, and Roh, you get a huge sense that these are stand up guys. With Dee Hart, and with Kellen Jones, there also is a sense that they are great young men. Hart's mom really impressed me too.

Obviously, there are going to be some number of these kind of kids on every team. But it seems like we have a large number, and are really focusing on kids who aren't just good football players, but kids with strong character. I can't remember the details, but in some post over the last several months, I read something from an OL recruit, I think, that led me to believe these kinds of things were leading him to Michigan. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


October 11th, 2010 at 5:34 PM ^

I don't think coaches go out of their way to find bad kids. If you can find a kid who is a well spoken, smart person, and happens to be good at football then it's a plus. It's hard to answer, because it does seem like there are a lot of kids recently with the personality that you describe.

That might have to do with some incidents in the past two years, it may have something to do with how much these coaches expect out of their players. I'm not sure.


October 11th, 2010 at 6:21 PM ^

My request is this. You are actually talking to the recruits. If in the natural course of a conversation, you can explore this character angle in a non-obtrusive way, and comment on it in future posts, I'd be appreciative. I actually think something is going on here that is going to be very good for the team in the long run.

BTW, I assume you're in contact with recruits, but not with anyone on the coaching staff, so you wouldn't be able to inquire about this with anyone from the coaching staff side.