TomVH: Two Big Visitors for UMass

Submitted by TomVH on September 17th, 2010 at 1:32 AM

Two of Michigan's offensive line targets, who happen to be teammates, will be on hand for an unofficial visit this weekend at the UMass game. 2011 Chris Bryant (6'5", 330 lbs.), and 2012 recruit Jordan Diamond (6'6", 290 lbs), both of Simeon High School in Chicago will be there. I caught up with Jordan to ask about the visit, first film of Jordan at the Michigan Showcase, then the questions.

TOM: What made you decide to visit for this game?

JORDAN: I just wanted to see one of my favorite college teams play, and see what it's like to be in the Big House live.

TOM: What are you hoping to get out of this visit?

JORDAN: I want to see the tradition, I want to learn more about the offense, and hopefully talk to some of the players.

TOM: Who's coming with you?

JORDAN: My Mom, Aunt, and Chris (Bryant).

TOM: Is this your family's first time up to Michigan? What are they hoping to experience or see?

JORDAN: It's the first time for my Aunt, but it's the second time for my Mom. They're hoping for a good game, they want to meet the coaches. They want to sit in the Big House, and see that. I know they're excited about this trip.

TOM: You said Chris will be there too. Is his decision going to affect yours, and do you think he's going to make a decision this weekend?

JORDAN: It's going to affect me a little, but I'm going to make my decision based on me. If I feel like it could be my second home, then great. But, Chris is going to make his own decision. I don't think it will be this weekend, but you never know.

Jordan is also considering Arizona, LSU, Oregon, Ohio State, Illinois, Minnesota, MSU, and Stanford. 



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Those are some seriously big high school kids. Treat them with class and respect on their visit. I say this not only because we want a new 'Hello' post, but also with concern that if you don't, it's likely they'll grind your bones to make their bread. 


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Tom, I think I speak for all of us when I say I really appreciate all the pro brono work you do to contribute to this community and our undying devotion to Michigan football.  Thanks a thousand times over and I really hope Urecruit takes off for you.

And if you're ever in San Diego I'll buy you a double deuce of of the finest micro brew in town.


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Most likely he's hearing a lot from those schools, but with the new rules on offering juniors, I'm pretty sure he doesn't.  He doesn't have them listed on Rivals or Scout.  They may have told him something like "we would offer you if we could but we can't yet, as soon as we can, though, we will". 

Edit:  Not sure why it posted this here.  I was trying to respond to Don above.


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Arizona, LSU, Oregon, Ohio State, Illinois, Minnesota, MSU, and Stanford? If he does, that's an interesting list, what with Oregon, LSU, and Stanford in there.


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Tom's updates are awesome.  Anyone else think the MSU game and slapping them silly will really bounce committments our way?  Right now the undercurrent might still be that we'll get beat around in the Big Ten given the 3 wins in 2 seasons?  Maybe that game will be a chance to prove that wrong against a team that fancies itself as rough, tough and physical?

Plus by that date the high school seasons are winding down; at least regular season.  Lots of times kids like to wait to keep their focus.

Or do you see an uptick in verbals being moreso after Michigan's regular season ends?


September 17th, 2010 at 2:24 PM ^

I forgot completely about the Rich question. It is probably the bigger factor over how we look generally in the Big Ten. The two go hand in hand for sure.

I guess being on this blog a lot and listening to so much insight on the situation and what the coaches do, I forgot the "hot seat" stuff all together. But it is prominent in the kids' mind, because they probably choose a coach and his staff as much as anything. 



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Assuming Hart and Zettel commit, and assuming it's around the end of October or before, the rest will fill up quickly because people will see how well we're doing, they'll see that we're adding big names to the class, and they'll see that there aren't many spots left in the class.  We'll save a spot for Frost, but that only leaves about 5-7 spots left, and one or two might be filled before then. 

Anyway, we'll have a really good idea what this class looks like by November 1st.


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depend on MSU's record entering the game. With multiple losses they will be irrelevant in the big picture (as usual) and the bounce would likely happen after the Iowa game. If MSU some how doesn't blow it the next few weeks and comes into the game undefeated, then a win against them would garner more attention accelerating the bounce.


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thanks a bunch for the info, always great when I see a post from you. I live in Indy and will gladly get you a couple beers if you're ever in the area. I'm even brewing a batch of my own (Imperial Stout)  that will be ready when I head down to the UM - IU game.