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California is an area of familiarity for Brady Hoke, and there's no surprise that he's made that region part of his recruiting focus. Typically a hot bed for recruiting talent, this year is no different for California.

San Clemente High School is the home to 2012 offensive lineman Kyle Murphy (6'6", 255 lbs), who was extended a Michigan offer this past Friday. Murphy's head coach, Eric Patton, told me how it went down. "Coach Ferrigno from Michigan called Friday. He got a little info on Kyle and then told us they were offering." Michigan's offer was not the first, and certainly won't be the last for the talented lineman. "He's very heavily recruited. He's being recruited by Cal, Stanford, Notre Dame, Duke, and Washington. A number of Pac 12 schools," said Coach Patton.

It's still too early in the process for Murphy to have any leaders, and is wide open in the process. With so many schools coming after him, it's easy to see why. "He's a top notch recruit. He's a legitimate 6-foot-6, he's getting close to 6-foot-7 now. He's really athletic, good frame, great balance. He has and does a lot of things that big men don't usually have in high school," his coach said.

Outside of his athleticism, Murphy has a good reason to focus on academics. With an older brother starting on the Harvard offensive line, and maintaining a 3.9 GPA, he has a lot to live up to. "Kyle is probably a better football player than Kevin (his brother). He's interested in academics, that's one of the reasons why Michigan appeals to him. He wants to play at the highest level he can, and the Big Ten and Michigan are right up there," said Patton. "The Big Ten is very prestigious, and he wants to go to a place that respects football and a good education. His family is very academically oriented, and they've said they'll move out of state for Kyle, like they did for his brother."

With distance not a part of the equation, that's a big hurdle avoided by Michigan. The next step in the process will be to get Murphy in Ann Arbor, and on campus. "We haven't talked about visits yet to Michigan. I know he wants to visit, and he wants to take a serious look at a number of schools. My guess is that he'll take a look and then decide which five he'll want to visit. Outside of Michigan, I'd have to say that Stanford will be real high on his list," Coach Patton said. 



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With Stanford as the other school that appeals to him... I'd say concern about academics may be a legitimate claim.

However, I'm still not sold on the Proximity from home claim... Stanfords distance may be a challenge to beat, and their academics are definitely over ours, hopefully it'll start to close the gap once he's on campus

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I don't argument here about whether Stanford is generally rated more highly than Michigan, and in academic circles, Stanford undergrad is considered to be on the highest echelon of schools, whereas our undergrad gets some bad pub from some stats that compare apples to oranges when comparing public versus private schools.

I am curious about how academically-inclined recruits really view these "tiers". While Stanford, Duke and NW have higher academic ratings from sources such as USNWR, much of that is due to faculty-student ratio and percent of applicants accepted, which obviously favor smaller, private schools with less students.

The impression I've always gotten is that when you look at great academic schools that often play a great brand of football, you end up with the following list: USC, Michigan, Stanford, UCLA, Cal/UNC/Virginia (sometimes they play good football), and NW & Vandy offer the opportunity to at least play in top leagues. While I have no empirical data to support my intuition, it seems like distance from home, school culture and coach-player relationship have had much more important than the relatively small diferences between the rankings of these top-tier schools.

So here's hoping to these recruits catching Hoke-A-Mania...


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San Clemente is not really known nationally for producing top level talent like Glenville, Cass Tech, Dematha, St. Thomas Aquinas, etc.  This last year they finished 2nd in the South Coast League to Mission Viejo who is known for producing talent.

There is a QB for 2012 class named Travis Wilson who has offers from Utah and Washington.  He is 6'6" prostyle QB with upside.  Should be interesting if he has a good showing at camps and senior season to garner more offers.…


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The offers Hoke and Co. are making show that they're no slouches in scouting (at least it would seem that way based on early projections for these kids), but I want to see who is serious about making it to junior days and what the vibes are there, and who commits, before I start jumping for joy.

We need to win recruiting battles against tOSU, MSU, ND, and any of those punks who try to come into our state to steal talent.