TomVH: Michigan Prospects in the Rivals 250

Submitted by TomVH on May 10th, 2011 at 5:08 PM

The Rivals top 100 came out yesterday and there seemed to be a lot of confusion about the lack of midwest prospects. The complete 250 rankings are now out and it's looking a little more balanced. Here's a look at the top 250 prospects that Michigan is still in on with a little commentary as well.

Overall Ranking Position & Name State Star Ranking Summary
#1 WR Dorial Green Beckham MO 5 Star Without an elite QB like Zeke Pike in this class don't get your hopes up.
#4 DT Eddie Goldman DC 5 Star Goldman still lists Michigan as a school of interest, but there won't be much to go on until he visits.
#6 DT Ellis McCarthy CA 5 Star McCarthy has expressed interest in Michigan, but I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed on the west coast.
#8 WR Stefon Diggs MD 5 Star Michigan is still in the conversation, but until he visits there might not be a lot to go off of.
#13 DE Noah Spence PA 5 Star Spence lists Michigan as a school of interest, but it will take a lot for them to reel him in.
#15 OL Andrus Peat AZ 5 Star Andrus' brother Todd committed to Nebraska in the 2011 class. I would be surprised if he picked Michigan.
#19 QB Gunner Kiel IN 5 Star Kiel took a visit to Michigan recently. He's very quiet as far as media attention. I have a feeling a school like Oklahoma has a good shot with him. 
#28 OL Kyle Murphy CA 4 Star Murphy has expressed a lot of interest in Michigan. They have a decent shot, but again I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed on the west coast.
#29 DT Tommy Schutt IL 4 Star Schutt hasn't mentioned Michigan in awhile. If they can get him to visit they might have a chance, but it looks like they're on the outside for now.
#31 OL Zach Banner WA 4 Star Banner has expressed a lot of interest in Michigan, and plans on taking an official. 
#32 WR Durron Neal MO 4 Star Just received a Michigan offer, we'll see how much interest he has.
#34 OL Erik Magnuson CA 4 Star Magnuson is very interested in Michigan, they have a good shot.
#37 ATH Devin Fuller NJ 4 Star Fuller has been relatively quiet lately, but he has maintained that he will visit Michigan in the summer. We'll know more once that happens.
#45 OL Jordan Simmons CA 4 Star Simmons has a lot of interest in Michigan. He's taking things slow for now. He has genuine interest in Michigan, but I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed out west.
#48 DE Ifeadi Odenigbo OH 4 Star Odenigbo has Michigan on the outside of his top group that includes Ohio State, Stanford, and Notre Dame. He plans on taking a visit to Ann Arbor in June, so we'll see if that changes anything.
#55 RB Keith Marshall NC 4 Star Marshall has Michigan in his top ten, but I believe he'll end up staying down south.
#60 DE Tyriq McCord FL 4 Star Just received a Michigan offer. I haven't spoken to him yet about where he's at.
#61 DE Se'von Pittman OH 4 Star Pittman has expressed interest in Michigan, and it seems like there's a shot. 
#65 DB Deon Bush FL 4 Star Early on Bush had expressed some big time interest in Michigan, but it seems like that's slowed down. I wouldn't be surprised to see him stay in Florida.
#67 DT Jarron Jones NY 4 Star Jones is committed to PSU, but recently told an ESPN analyst that he still plans on visiting Michigan in the summer.
#72 QB Zeke Pike KY 4 Star I'll just keep him on here because it's not signing day yet.
#74 ATH DJ Foster AZ 4 Star DJ just received a Michigan offer. Oregon is probably his early leader, but he said he would like to visit Michigan.
#86 DE Adolphus Washington OH 4 Star Washington recently told me that he's wide open and really likes what the Michigan coaches are about. He'll be a package deal with teammate WR Dwayne Stanford. Ohio State may be tough to beat.
#88 DE Greg McMullen OH 4 Star Ohio State will be tough to beat for Greg as well. Anything can happen though with the NCAA investigation looming.
#93 WR Dwayne Stanford OH 4 Star Same situation as Adolphus Washington.
#96 WR Jordan Payton CA 4 Star Committed to USC, but will be taking looks at other schools. Michigan is a school that he really wanted to hear from. 
#103 OL Max Tuerk CA 4 Star He spoke very highly of Michigan, and it seems like they have a shot. It's California though so he may end up staying closer to home.
#124 RB Bri'onte Dunn OH 4 Star Fresh off a visit to Michigan, Dunn is watching the NCAA investigation very closely at OSU. There's a lot that could happen here.
#130 OL Evan Boehm MO 4 Star Says he has interest in Michigan and would like to make it up for a visit. Until then I wouldn't get excited.
#134 WR Aaron Burbridge MI 4 Star Burbridge was just in Ann Arbor with now Michigan commits Devin Funchess, Mario Ojemudia, and James Ross. He will be back up with his mother within two weeks. He'll be choosing between Michigan and MSU. Michigan has a real shot.
#136 ATH Davonte Neal AZ 4 Star The Michigan coaches stopped in Scottsdale to check out Davonte this past week. No offer yet, which is surprising. I think he'll end up staying out west.
#137 OL Paul Thurston CO 4 Star Thurston actually just took a trip to Ann Arbor. I think Michigan has a very good chance here.
#139 DB Wayne Morgan NY 4 Star Morgan's coach has told me that Michigan and Rutgers are at the top of Wayne's list. Michigan has been making a surge, and I wouldn't be surprised if they have taken the lead over the hometown Scarlet Knights.
#140 DT Jaleel Johnson IL 4 Star Johnson was just offered by Michigan and plans to visit relatively soon. He's starting to gain some attention from Ohio State. I think Michigan has a real chance here.
#152 OL Kyle Dodson OH 4 Star Dodson has seen his recruitment take off with offers from Alabama and Auburn recently. He still maintains that Michigan is one of his top schools. I think they have a good chance.
#184 RB Greg Garmon PA 4 Star Garmon should be visiting Michigan in the next couple weeks. They are in the top three with UNC and Penn State, but I think Michigan is behind both.
#187 DB Armani Reeves MA 4 Star Reeves will be narrowing his list down soon, but has said that Michigan will be right in there. I think he has some schools in mind that stick out, and I also think Michigan is in pretty good standing right now.
#191 OL Shane Callahan CO 4 Star Callahan has mentioned Michigan as one of his favorites, and I think there's a good shot here.
#194 WR Amara Darboh IA 4 Star Darboh has told me that he's intrigued by Michigan, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him pick elsewhere.
#195 DB Terry Richardson MI 4 Star Terry could be deciding as early as next week. With his friends on board Michigan has a really good shot.
#209 OL Jordan Diamond IL 4 Star Diamond has been public with how he feels about Michigan. He plans on taking his time with everything, but Michigan is in great shape.
#222 DT Danny O'Brien MI 4 Star There's been a lot of questions about Danny lately and where he's at with Michigan. I think Michigan has backed off of him a little bit, but I'm not sure why.
#231 DT Tom Strobel OH 4 Star Strobel has said he wants to visit Michigan. If he does then they have a shot. Ohio State might be tough to beat.
#242 OL JJ Denman PA 4 Star Denman has Michigan in his top group and has said he really likes Michigan. I think they have a good shot with JJ.
#246 DT Ondre Pipkins MO 4 Star Pipkins really likes Michigan, has connections with former Michigan players, and still has relatives living there. Michigan has a very good chance with Ondre.

By my count that's 45 prospects in the top 250 that Michigan is recruiting and has somewhat of a chance with. Before you ask, yes I'm surprised that Chris Wormley isn't in the top 250. That seems weird.

I think Michigan has a realistic chance with a good amount of these top 250 players. Among those are:

DT Ondre Pipkins, OL JJ Denman, OL Jordan Diamond, DB Terry Richardson, OL Shane Callahan, DB Armani Reeves, OL Kyle Dodson, DT Jaleel Johnson, DB Wayne Morgan, OL Paul Thurston, WR Aaron Burbridge, OL Erik Magnuson, and OL Zach Banner.



May 10th, 2011 at 5:37 PM ^

Great work, Tom. I didn't see Sheldon Day mentioned anywhere above. I am assuming he didn't make the top 250 list, which doesn't bother me in the least, I'm as big on the guy as ever. How do you see U-M fitting into his plans, and him fitting into ours ?


May 11th, 2011 at 1:08 PM ^

I noticed the same thing rockydude ... surprised a clear top 100 guy on scout (at DT, no less ... widely viewed by coaches as a tough spot to grab athletes) didn't even make the top 250 on rivals.


TomVH, would certainly love to hear your thoughts on Day and Michigan....


May 10th, 2011 at 9:54 PM ^

I see that the 6 OL guys that Tom feels we have a good shot at are all tackles. Which if any have the ability to transition to guard if need be?


May 11th, 2011 at 1:19 PM ^

That move is more likely than the reverse, as a general rule.  Lots and lots of recruits are labelled OTs coming in, only to be moved inside.  Schilling, Omameh, Zirbel, McAvoy, Ciulla, Gallimore (yes, yes, a muderer's row there toward the end I know....).


For the most part, that is a doable transition.  It is the rare beast whose lanky OL build necessitates a stay outside.


May 11th, 2011 at 7:19 AM ^

Now that we have a commit from a probable stud QB for next years class, does this have any kind of bearing on what Beckham thinks when he thinks Michigan?  He'll then have a shot at playing with Dennard (awesome), Devin (awesome), and then Morris...

Sounds like a decent plan if I'm looking to catch passes from a solid QB in a badass offense......


May 11th, 2011 at 12:28 PM ^

a) Dorial Green-Beckham hasn't talked about recruiting much, and his younger brother is very ill, so there hasn't been a whole lot of development there.  He might not even know who Shane Morris is.

b) If you think about it, Morris and Green-Beckham could very likely only have one year to play together.  Morris would probably redshirt in 2013 and maybe play in 2014.  Meanwhile, Green-Beckham would be a junior in 2014 and with the way receivers have been going in the NFL Draft lately, it's quite possible that he would leave after his junior season.  Playing with a redshirt freshman, first-time starter doesn't seem that enticing.