TomVH: Malcolm Crockett Visiting This Weekend

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Washington DC running back Malcolm Crockett (5'11", 180 lbs, 3 star) is currently committed to Cincinnati, but that isn't stopping him from visiting Michigan this weekend. He'll be taking an official visit to take a closer look at what Michigan has to offer.

Malcolm's coach, Aazaar Abdul-Rahim said, "Michigan hasn't stopped recruiting him. He's never really been to any schools, so he's going to take some visits and see what happens. Michigan was his first offer ever, so he likes them still." 

Tony Dews is recruiting Crockett, and doing a great job as usual. "Tony (Dews) has been recruiting him for awhile now, and he's done a really nice job. They're recruiting Malcolm as a running back, he's more of a downhill runner that will break tackles than the elusive guy," said Abdul-Rahim.  "Our offense is more of a pro-style this year, but we ran mostly spread last year, so the Michigan coaches saw how he could fit into their system from last year's film." 

Part of Crockett's appeal may be his versatility, as he also plays defensive back for Friendship Collegiate Academy. 

A side note to Crockett's recruitment is that Michigan has also offered his 2012 defensive line teammate, Eddie Goldman. The 6-foot-4, 307-pound defender is being recruited by everyone, and has already racked up around 36 offers.



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I was going to post this question but don’t have enough points. 

If a recruit enrolls early does he get to travel with the team if they make a January bowl game?


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I don't think the first question was offensive at all, but it was still a silly question.  There's a chance we don't make a bowl at all, and a high likelihood we sneak into eligibility.  Worrying about what recruits can do in the event of a January bowl is beyond wishful thinking. 


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I just wanted to know if the recruit could travel and practice with the team if they made a bowl game. The more practice time the better. I never said anything about going to a bowl game this year just wanted to know if they did make it sometime if they could go. 

This is why I read and don't post much. Ass face people like LA turn your question inside out and change it around. You should go work at the Freepress! 


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My apologies then, it seemed to me your question was about this recruit, this year.  I know you didn't say that, but since this thread is about this particular recruit in 2011, I assumed that's what your questioned pertained to.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought that was what you were suggesting.

To address your question, since everyone would rather rip me than answer your question, almost always the answer is no.  Most early enrollees get to campus sometime a few days after New Year's Day, just before classes start.  Most January bowls are on the 1st, and the ones that are later (only 3 or so are) are within a few days of the 1st but the team gets there about a week early anyway. 

Kevin Grady was a heavily recruited in-state early enrollee who committed very early and practiced a little with the team before the Rose Bowl.  I've never heard of this happening for anyone else, and even he only got in on a few practices anyway. 


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The reason this isn't ironic is that people negged me, yet didn't themselves answer it anyway.  I thought it was silly question, but at least I gave the guy an answer in the end.  Sorry my first response was so offensive to everyone, people are touchy lately I guess.


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It looks like he committed to UC with the assumption they would have a good team like last year. WIth Kelly gone at UC, the program will likely fade away. Michigan has to be looking good now for this young man.


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Crockett looks like a good player, but I get the feeling this is more of a "establishing recruiting lines" offer than one to a guy they seriously believe can be great in our system.


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Always happy to see recruits on campus.  I know the coaches have a plan, but not exactly sure why we are focusing on RBs. 

Tom's mention of the pipeline advantage seems like a good explanation.  One region that Michigan could establish better ties with is the Washington Beltway region (MD, Va, DC).  From the roster, we have a combined 2 players from that region (Furman, Scwab).  And it's loaded with talent.

Also, other sites have Crockett as a potential DB.  I wonder if Michigan would try him as a bigger corner.


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I'm not sure that would be a good strategy. I think the OP has something about how we are recruiting him as a running back and that's why he's going to come visit. So, if we get him up here and then try to switch him to DB I'm not sure he'd be excited about that. Also, can we please stop trying this whole recruiting guys with plans on switching positions? At this point I'd rather we recruited lower rated corners with good technique, than higher rated project "athletes".


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but I dont know that the coaches are focusing on RBs right now. These are kids that have been offered for a while, and are coming to campus now. That doesn't mean they're just getting recruited hard now. Just that we're hearing about this step in their recruitment

/not trying to be a dick, just hoping that we have lots of D talent being recruited real hard 


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A low 3 star, but some decent offers, especially for a kid who has been committed for a while.  Cincinnat isn't a great offer, but he also has offers from Georgia Tech, NC State and West Virginia.  Those are aboverage BCS offers.


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Crockett went to the same HS and was in the same class as my son, before transferring from Einstein to Friendship Collegiate.  Sophomore year, my son (now 5' 11" and 135 lbs, but about 5'4" and 110 lbs at the time) hit a jumper over Malcolm in the school 3 on 3 basketball tournament.  He wrote one of his college essays about it (my son, not Crockett).


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What We Need: 4 and 5 Star defensive recruits who have to compete with schools like Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Oregon, Ohio State, USC, Alabama, etc. for.

What We Keep Getting: 2 and 3 Star offensive recruits who have to compete with Eastern Michigan, Temple, and NC State for.

M recruiting just ain't what it used to be.


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No idea what you are trying to say because we have the number 2 Offense in the country with these 2-3 stars .. If you say this because we need to stop getting O players and start focusing on the D i would agree . I think you worded what you said the wrong way


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*Most* of the impact players on the team are highly recruited guys (4-5 star dudes): Denard, Martin, Lewan, Molk, etc.

Even though they don't mean everything, the star values are somewhat important. I think some people are getting frustrated because we aren't competing with high levels programs for the top recruits, instead we see guys like this, that Eastern is going after. Not saying it's completely a reason for concern, but I can see the frustration.


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You, good sir, are an idiot. 


1.  Yes, I'm sure you know "what we need" much better than the coaching staff.

2.  There have been numerous instances where the Mgoblog community has been made aware of the fact that recruits visit various Michigan internet outlets (such as this one) to read up on what the Michigan community is saying about them, so please keep the negativity to yourself.

3.  There have been numerous examples of "lower rated" recruits turning out to be excellent players.  The reason: coaches are better at evaluating talent than recruiting services.  Please keep your ignorance to yourself.