TomVH: An Interview with WR Corey Smith

Submitted by TomVH on February 17th, 2011 at 1:59 PM

Buchtel High School is home to two big time prospects and good friends in WR Corey Smith and DB Jarrod Wilson. Both are Ohio kids who just happen to be playing for former Michigan running back Ricky Powers. Both of them are starting to pick up some momentum in their recruitment, and Corey talked to me about the latest with Michigan.

TOM: What have the coaches told you about an offer? Are they planning on offering you?

COREY: Jarrod [Wilson] got his offer today, and I talked to Coach Mattison and he wants to sit down with me and talk about everything before they offer. He wants to talk with me about whether I fit on offense or defense, and then we'll talk about an offer.

TOM: When are you guys going to sit down and talk?

COREY: I'm going up there Sunday [for the Best of the Midwest combine] and I'm going to try to stay an extra day, stay until Monday to meet with them. Jarrod will be up there, too.

TOM: What are your plans with your recruitment. You and Jarrod seem close, are you guys trying to go to the same school?

COREY: We're going to the same school, 100%. I don't know where we're going yet, but we're going to the same school.

TOM: How does Michigan play into that?

COREY: We both have very high interest in Michigan. Michigan is definitely in the top 10 with Ohio State, Tennessee, MSU, Nebraska, Georgia, North Carolina, Penn State, Illinois, and UCLA. 

TOM: I know your coach is former Michigan player Ricky Powers, what has he told you about Michigan?

COREY: Coach likes to joke and say you lose your emotions when you go up there, you can't control your emotions. I went up there last year for the Michigan State game, so I've been there before.

TOM: How do you see your recruitment playing out? Are you guys going to wait to make your decision?

COREY: Yeah, we're probably going to wait until the Under Armour All American game to announce.