TomVH: An Interview with Tyler Alt

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Offensive line is going to be a big focus for the Michigan coaching staff in the 2012 class. Since it's a harder position to evaluate there won't be as many early offers extended than at other positions. OL Tyler Alt (6'3", 265 lbs), from Greensburg, Pennsylvania is one prospect that the Michigan coaches have their eye on. Here's his offensive film, and where he's at in the recruiting process. Tyler also has a defensive film posted if you'd like to watch that.

TOM: Have you been in contact with the Michigan coaches yet?

TYLER: Yes, they told me they want me to come up to their junior day. I'm going to try to make it up for that, and if not then I'll try to go to a spring practice.

TOM: What coaches have you been talking to from Michigan?

TYLER: Coach Funk is my position coach, and Coach Mallory is my area recruiter. I've talked to both of them so far.

TOM: What other schools are in contact with you right now, and where are some other places you want to visit?

TYLER: I went to a junior day at Maryland, I'm going North Carolina next weekend, Michigan State at the end of the month, and then I'll probably go to Pitt at the beginning of March. I've been invited out to a lot of spring practices and games from Penn State, Michigan, Purdue, LSU, Oregon, FSU, and Maryland among others.

TOM: That's a good list to work off of. You play offense and defense now, what position are most schools recruiting you for?

TYLER: Most of them see me as a center on offense because I move well, and I have a 77 inch wingspan, but there are some that see me as a defensive tackle too. Michigan has said offensive line for me.

TOM: Do you have a preference of offense or defense?

TYLER: I'll play wherever they need me. I like both sides really; I just like hitting. My family is friends with Russ Grimm and he put it well in his Hall of Fame speech, "The ability to move a man from point A to point B against his will is a wonderful thing."

TOM: Since you're from Pennsylvania you probably have a good understanding for the Big Ten and their style of football. Did you have a favorite team growing up?

TYLER: I grew up a Pitt fan, but I've really gotten to see the Big Ten and ACC over the past year and I've become a fan of it all. I'm trying to take it all in and see the best place where I fit with them and vice versa. I know I really enjoyed my first two visits to Michigan already.

TOM: Let me rephrase that, are there any schools that you would really love offers from at this point?

TYLER: I would love offers from Michigan, MSU, Penn State, Purdue, Iowa, NC State, North Carolina, LSU, FSU, Maryland, Auburn, Syracuse, and Pitt. 

TOM: When you're evaluating these schools what is going to be the most important factor for you?

TYLER: Academics is important to me. I have a 3.6 GPA, I take honors courses and two AP classes now. I'm getting some letters from some of the Ivy league schools. I want to be a teacher and a coach, so that is really important to me.



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Seems like the kids we're hearing about have heads on their shoulders. Centers need to be cerebral, and if he really cares about academics that can only help Michigan


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TYLER: I'll play wherever they need me. I like both sides really; I just like hitting. My family is friends with Russ Grimm and he put it well in his Hall of Fame speech, "The ability to move a man from point A to point B against his will is a wonderful thing."

I really like that kind of  perspective.  Imposing one's will on the field.


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Sounds like he'll be a good pick-up.  However, like most kids who say this, I seriously doubt academics will factor into his decision.  I'm not saying he won't value his own academics at whichever school he chooses, just that academics won't factor in to which school he chooses.

No kid says he wants an offer from schools like MSU, Iowa, LSU, FSU and Auburn is they value academics.  If he wanted to go to a good school, he wouldn't entertain offers from those types, let alone overtly covet offers from them.  But that's pretty much how all these kids are.  They say they want to go to a good school to study business then they pick Alabama.


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While I agree with you generally about some recruits saying "academics" and then making a decision that makes you scratch your head, I think it's safe to say that it is important to Tyler Alt. For one, it's not the first time he's mentioned it an interview. He's proud of the fact that he takes a challenging schedule which includes AP classes and doesn't hide it.

That being said, there is a lot that goes into "academics" and while I think Michigan excels at all of those areas, other (perhaps lesser-ranked) schools do a good job of selling their program. Academics can also be one of many factors, so saying "academics is important" doesn't necessarily imply that someone is going to go to the best school he gets in to regardelss.


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As I alluded to in the first post, I think there is a difference between "I take my own academics seriously" and "academics will play a non-negligible role in the college a choose."  It sounds like Alt is the former, not the latter.  A kid can say, "I get good grades so academics is important to me, so I'll go to the best football school I can and excel in my classes once I get there" and that's OK. 

But there is a big difference between the recruit who says that academics is important and then narrows down his top 3 to LSU, Auburn, Oklahoma State and the kid whose top 5 is Stanford, Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame and UCLA.  Wayne Lyons is a great example - he said he valued academics and never even considered a school that wasn't top tier academically.   


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Yeah, we'll see what happens.  To be honest, I think it's fine if a kid wants to play for Alabama despite it being academically poor, but then strives to graduate at the top of his class.  Having a 3.8 GPA at Bama while playing 4 years of football still looks pretty good on a resume, assuming he doesn't want to be an investment banker or aerospace engineer or something. 

The reality is, there aren't that many BCS conference schools that are that terrible academically, although they're mostly in the SEC and Big 12.

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He should avoid moving to Wisconsin.  I teach in Wisconsin and we are about to lose our collective bargaining rights, our pension plans, and all of our benefites.  I'm going to take home $800 less a month, and no teachers' wages will increase more than 1% annually.  Wisconsin will have the lowest paid teachers in the nation with the worst benefits and no collective bargaining. sigh.


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This is the first high profile athlete to share my surname that I am aware of. And considering how almost my entire family is OSU fans, it would be great to see them have to watch an Alt playing on Michigan's OL for several years. Go blue young man!