TomVH: An Interview with LB Camren Williams

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Catholic Memorial High School in Massachusetts is the home to linebacker Camren Williams (6'2", 215 lbs) and his teammate athlete Armani Reeves (5'11", 185 lbs). The defensive pair are best friends and have both received an offer from Michigan. I'll have more from Armani on Monday, but I caught up with Camren to talk about Michigan and his recruitment overall. Here's some film from Camren at a U Conn camp, and you can see his full highlights here.

TOM: Your teammate Armani [Reeves] said you both were coming up on March 26th, is that date set?

CAMREN: Yeah, I think it's the 26th. It's either that or the 19th.

TOM: When it comes to your recruitment, with both you and Armani, I know you're really good friends but are you guys trying to pick the same school? Are you trying to be a package deal?

CAMREN: We're trying to be separate in our decision, because not all schools would be good for both of us. We're totally different kids with different majors and different positions. My favorite school might not be the best for Armani, and the other way around so we would like to, but it may not happen. 

TOM: Where are you at right now with the process? Do you have a top list yet?

CAMREN: It's really down to five schools, Michigan, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Penn State, and Maryland in no order.

TOM: Is that a final list, or could that change?

CAMREN: It may change, but I want to make my decision by June so those are probably the schools that I'll focus on here on out. Depending on maybe some other schools that offer, that's my top five.

TOM: With that being said, since you want to decide so soon where does Michigan stack up in that top list?

CAMREN: I really like Michigan. That's where my dad is originally from, and that's the school I've always been rooting for since I was born because my dad is such a huge fan. It's a great school with big time Big Ten football so I'm extremely interested.

TOM: With this upcoming visit to Michigan, I'm assuming that you're going to be trying to get to know the coaches better, but what else?

CAMREN: Yeah, I hope to do that on my visit. I talk to Coach Mallory sometimes, but other than that I haven't really talked to any other [Michigan] coaches. I want to go to a high academic school that fits my major well, with a position coach that I relate really well with, and a head coach with a good vision on where he wants to bring his program in the future. I also want a school with a big time program where I have the ability to play early.

TOM: Do you already know what you want to major in? With all that being said, do you think that Michigan has a good chance at landing you?

CAMREN: I want to major in kinesiology, and Michigan has a good chance. Academics are huge for me, which Michigan obviously has. They also play big time football and that's the school I've always watched growing up. It all depends on how I like the campus and the people and all that, but I'm definitely interested.



March 4th, 2011 at 1:51 PM ^

Did he not answer the question as to what he wants to major in?  Wondering if his interest matches up with a Michigan academic strength.


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I think it's good to see a kid calling us a big time program. Not only is that good for our reputation with his classmates... but Hoke should love this kid.


North Star

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One of the interesting things so far in the Hoke era is that he appears to be selling the academic reputation of Michigan a lot harder than had been the case with RR and, frankly, with much of the Carr era.  He is going after some very smart kids that value the Michigan educational excellence, in addition to being great football players.  Camren Williams comes across as very sharp in the interview.  You can't make up the whole team of 4.0 kids, but it is an important part of the puzzle IMO.

BTW, if you go back and look at the # of academic all-americans historically at Michigan, almost all of them played for Bo - it really dropped off under Mo/Lloyd/RR.  Smart kids not only gravitate toward Michigan vs. some of its competitors, but in theory should make fewer mistakes, learn faster and be more coachable.  I think Bo understood that and benefitted from it  - good to see that Hoke seems to recognize it as well.




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That is crap. Nearly every recruit states academics as important in their recruitment, even when they end up at Alabama. RR recruited guys like Omameh and Wayne Lyons who are engineering majors. Coaches recruit the best players. If they happen to be good students, then it's all the better.


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As soon as I saw his list I knew academics were a big deal for him. Sounds like we have a really good shot at him, and it can't hurt our chances with Reeves if we get him.


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I would love to have some Massachusetts guys representing on the team. Both of these guys seem like they would be good fits into the program since they come from a strong sports school. Glad to hear that Camren has us so far up on his list.


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Do you hear from recruits when Michigan is supposed to have a junior day?  Also during the spring is there a weekend where many recruits will be in town, or is it just more random in the spring?  I was jsut curious I know some recruits said that wanted to check out spring practices.


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One thing that doesn't help his decision is playing time.  He did mention that as a factor.

"I also want a school with a big time program where I have the ability to play early."

Depending on how this shake out, he would have to be a stud to play at all his first 2 years, aside from maybe special teams.


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I always thought PSU was a big kinesiology school. It seems half their teams majors in it where UM seems to be communication/business. Now a stab at OSU where you can major in such great things as Exploring and Coupon Cutting.

I used the Google Machine and came up with no data to support this. 

Steve in PA

March 7th, 2011 at 8:34 PM ^

I'd love to have him, but after doing research into past rivals top 150 player's signing habits I think he goes to PSU or MD.  I'm at home or I could plug numbers into the spreadsheet for probabilities.

Steve in PA

March 10th, 2011 at 12:40 PM ^

The best I have done so far is 60% accuracy and this is the formula for a 5-star.  4 Star is slightly different, but still needs work.

Penn State -28%

Maryland -27%

Wake Forest-  16%

North Carolina-  15%

Michigan- 13%


Just posting them so I have something to come back to later.