TomVH: DT Mickey Johnson has an offer

Submitted by TomVH on April 29th, 2010 at 8:58 PM

DT Mickey Johnson, out of Covington, LA received an offer yesterday. Fred Jackson was in Johnson's school, and extended the offer.  Mickey wasn't able to speak with coach Jackson, because of NCAA rules, but he told me he noticed a "big ring" on his finger, that caught his attention.

He doesn't have a favorite list yet, but he said he definitely likes Michigan. "The fact that they were a powerhouse before, and have a good chance of getting back there is great," said Johnson. 

Johnson has over 26 offers now, and said that he might have to use an official visit if he wants to see Michigan in person. "If my dad isn't home, then I would probably use an official. If he's home, then I think we'd be able to make the drive," Mickey told me. 

Weighing in at 6-foot-1, and 310 pounds, Johnson is a big defensive tackle prospect, and would fit nicely into what Michigan is looking for. Here are some impressive videos for you to look at.....before you watch them I should tell you that he owns the state record for bench pressing 450 lbs, and can also squat 700 lbs. Proceed to the videos. 



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I joke, I joke.  The fact that the kid can bench press a house means o-linemen won't be able to get good hand positioning and control him.  And, with Scout reporting the home town LSU team already with 2 DTs in the recruiting class (including their #3 DT), I like Michigan's chances of him staying on the board long enough for an official.

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I agree that mich will probably get him to take an official but ur point about LSU having 2 DT commits already is kinda up in the air. LSU DT commit Anthony Johnson is taking 5 visits over the summer so some questions have arisen about how solid his verbal is. LSU is saying that Anthony johnson's verbal is solid of course, but u never know.


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...this TomVH Trai Turner update for info on his relationship to Carvin Johnson.

Trai is good friends with Carvin Johnson, and said that Carvin picking Michigan will definitely play into who he chooses. They played on opposing teams, and Trai laid a big hit on Carvin after he intercepted the ball. They talked about it together, and have been friends since. Michigan is high on his list, because of his friendship...


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Sam Webb in a Scout article, Mickey Johnson and Trai Turner are good friends and Mickey Johnson even made Trai Turner's highlight tape for him which got him a lot more offers.

Would definitely love to have all three of them at UM.


Behind a paywall but here is the link:


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Thats a monster that we could really use, love his motor he seems to continue till the end of the play. Also noticed that he is use to getting a lot of double teams and still seems to be able to fight them off. 

Mike Martin probably wants this guy to come too so he can finally have lifting partner for the weight room it must get lonely lifting cars all by himself.


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Anybody else think the soundtrack to his highlight reel might say a lot about this guy's mentality on gameday? I'm a little scared. Please come to Michigan.

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This dude looks like something out of an old Japanese movie. You know, the ones where they point and yell something like GODZILLA and then run.


This guy is a straight MONSTER. He is the next step of evolution. Would love to see this guy in maize and blue.

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He moves really well for a mountain...


Sidenote, did anyone else appreciate that his highlight video numbered the plays in the upper left corner? I've never seen that before but it seems like that would make sense and help with analyzing the highlights...


May 4th, 2010 at 8:50 AM ^

The highlight video was made on a LANDRO, which is a video/computer system specifically designed to clip games.  They're extremely expensive.  The high school program I used to work for used one. 

They're very helpful (they can break down clips of run plays, pass plays, specific playcalls, specific players, specific down and distance situations, etc., almost anything you want).  The problem is that you have to have someone who's willing/able to sit there and program in all that information.  It's very technical.

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...but let's be honest. It's going to take an act of God to lure a top talent player from the state of LA to UM especially when he has all of the Southern schools offering him. We already know how UM has fared with other talented D linemen from the South.


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starts winning 8-12 games a year again, the recruits will flock to AA from all over the US. I am really impressed with the talent that RR has been able to get despite the poor win/loss results on the field. All we have to do is win half of our Big Ten games and people will start to fear the block M again.  Once the wins start to roll, we will be in the top 5 recruiting classes every year. Go Blue!


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I liked that after many of the plays where he tackled a guy, he was offering a hand to help them up. It is a rare trait these days to see that kind of sportsmanship. It would be great to get a solid NT to stop the bulldozing that the Wisconsons and Iowas of the B10 like to bring.