TomVH: Demetrius Hart Update

Submitted by TomVH on September 20th, 2010 at 5:19 PM

I've gotten emails, tweets, and everything else you can imagine asking about Demetrius Hart and his recent visit to Auburn. The reports from various Auburn sites were that Hart had an amazing time, and Michigan fans were nervous about where Michigan stood now. 

I spoke with Demetrius' mother about everything today, including the visit to Auburn, and what's next for Demetrius. When I asked how the visit went she said, "I didn't go on the trip to Auburn, but his (Demetrius') uncle went with him. Demetrius said he liked it, and so did his uncle. His uncle said that overall though it was about a 7 out of 10." 

As far as what's next for Demetrius, he had always planned on taking a few more visits, and then making his decision since he'll be graduating early. "He's going to be visiting Alabama and Arkansas next, within the next month. He's just going to Arkansas though to support his teammates. He's not really interested in going there," Ms. Hart said. 

She had a long talk with Demetrius about everything recently, and the process is tiring on him.  He's taking everything in right now, and Demetrius told her that he's not sure when his decision will come, but it shouldn't be too long now. 



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If you have then it's news to me. Drew will be a Dawg. He grew up a fan and his mother wants him close to home. I wish I wasn't this confident that UGA gets a player of Drew's caliber but you win some and lose some in recruiting. If not, he will go to Auburn or FSU. I actually coached against Drew, 2 years ago when he was a sophmore, and he played well for an underclassmen.


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One thing struck me from Tom's update.  Demetrius' mom said that Hart was going to take his final 2 visits.  The previous reports said he cancelled those visits.  Was this a recent change of mind, or inaccurate reporting?  Hopefully we'll get to the truth of this soon.  I'm not yet prepared to believe everything in Michigan's favor just yet, but clearly this is encouraging.  Thanks Tom.

Yeah, re: a previous post, I'm interested in learning about Frost's reaction.  Tom, best wishes getting your living situation settled.  Great update.


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Maybe statement by Dee means that in order to beat out Michigan the visit needs to be a 10. "woulda been a 10 if he committed". And that sets the bar high for Bama. This theory may be wishful thinking, but I see it as possible.


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Did you get my fax about this? It's my new thing, sending faxes. I (we) very much appreciate the effort you put forth in bringing us information. So I'l stop with the faxes. Thanks.


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Tom, can you please do a better job?  You talk to these recruits so much, you should be able to get some kind of ACTUAL information out of them.  Thanks!

(Please note:  There is no sarcasm in this post.  I'm serious.)


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I am 99.9 % positive it is Ricardo and Dee's diabolical plot to get as many recuits from around the country to choose Michigan when it is all said and done. So I am assuming all of this is just part of the plan.


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If we win the next 3 games, including the one at home against MSU that Hart will pick UM.  I think it will be close between Auburn and UM. Though a great 6-0 start may sway him to go blue!  I hope we can do both go 6-0 and get Hart.  Come on Dee we need you!


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one of Hart's Dr. Phillips teammates, some WR whose name I can't recall, and that it's possible that this could change the dynamics of the situation. Webb made it clear that he has heard nothing from Hart or his family that would impel him to withdraw his gut feeling, but he is definitely less emphatic than he was a few weeks ago. He did say that the longer the process takes, the odds of Hart committing elsewhere increase, which makes sense. The fact that he hasn't committed to us by now tells me that he's got some fundamental reservations about coming here. If they're rooted in a reluctance to leave the south, I don't know what more RR and staff can do. If it's because Hart isn't convinced of RR's longevity as HC, the only thing that will cure that is wins, especially MSU and other conference rivals. I realize there are plenty of people around here who are dismissing the negative PR result of our game against UMass, but it would be naive in the extreme to think that Auburn and whoever else is still recruiting him is not emphasizing to Hart that Michigan struggled mightily against a FCS opponent, with the inference that it means RR is not getting it done. They're not going to be calling Hart's attention to Sagarin ratings of UMass as being better than many FBS teams. I just hope that Hart can keep his attention on how far the offense has progressed this year, because it's obvious that he's a perfect fit for us.


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What the world of recruiting was becoming was a contributing factor to Bo's somewhat early retirement, IIRC. He absolutely hated being put in the position of pleading for a particular 17-year old to come to Michigan, and I can totally understand that. It sounds like Dee Hart is a good kid, and his mother sounds like a great parent who has raised her son right, but even going after a kid like Hart would just chew me up. I would never have the patience or self-control for it.


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It used to be the "final visit" closer coach who was the most successful.  Get the coach into the living room near signing day and close the deal.  That was Lloyd's forte.

Now with the technology revolution, it's about the constant contact: text-messages, facebook, etc.  It makes the recruitment process far more time consuming.  I'd be curious to find any study about what % of time assistant coaches spend to gameplanning/strategy vs. recruiting.  My guess is that it's a very close ratio, even during the season.


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D Hart seems to have some influence with the FL contingency.  If he commits, it could do more to establish our FL pipeline with big time recruits than anything.  Of course, Michigan's FL connections are already strong, both traditionally and with RR's influence (see: Denard).  But D Hart could take that to the next level.  Let's hope.


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I noticed that Duggan is going to visit UM sometime soon.  Is he someone high on the UM priority list at LB or someone who UM is interested in, but not prioritizing at this point.  His list has some decent schools, especially those schools that focus on LB play.  Just curious if you have an opinion one way or the other.