TomVH: Daren Kitchen Has an Offer

Submitted by TomVH on July 10th, 2010 at 4:25 PM

Louisiana DB Daren Kitchen just told me that Fred Jackson, his recruiter, extended him a verbal offer. Rich Rodriguez is on vacation, so the written offer won't be in the mail until he gets back. Kitchen has been long saying that he wanted an offer from Michigan, and would commit once he gets one.

That is the same feeling he has today. He said, "I'll probably just commit right away, because that's the one I've been waiting for." Kitchen is a 3 star according to Rivals, and stands at 6-foot-1, and 172-pounds. He holds offers from Kansas, Memphis, Nebraska, and Stanford, as well. 

I'm not sure the exact date of when RR gets back from vacation, but it will be soon. Look for his commitment to drop shortly after. I like Kitchen, I think he's a good addition to the class. He will be the third defensive back already, so we'll see how that plays out for the other recruits we're after, like Kyshoen Jarrett.  

I can't find his highlight tape on YouTube, but you can go to his profile on one of the recruiting sites to watch it. I'm just trying to fill up the two hundred word minimum now, I don't really have anything else to say about him.



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Thanks for the info Tom, great as always. Just had a quick question, I've noticed Michigan is still in the mix for many "highly rated" prospects at this point. With the small class size is there any worry some of these players could be left out of the mix by lower rated players committing early in the season?


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So I guess we're passing on Valdez Showers? Surprised that we're passing over a highly recruited and ranked in-state kid for a low ranked out of state kid, especially since Valdez really likes Michigan. Scratching my head over this offer.


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Does he have Mickey Johnson's number?? Wouldn't hurt to get a 4 star DL to come North as well.

How many DB's do they take? Holowell, Brown, Kitchen

Walls will have a spot regardless who gives their verbal I imagine. Probably Crawford as well.

Where does that leave Showers and a couple PA kids?

I'm excited about this class - looks like OL, CB, DE depth will be taken care of. 

Onto the LB's!!!


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i like this kid, i see him being a stud sleeper, i see him playing saftey..i still think we will get one more db in this class either showers or walls... i also heard if we load up on dbs this yr Greg Brown will back out and look into FSU??? has anyone else heard this??


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He was a stud sleeper.

I also knew a guy who was a ridiculous athlete who dominated his first two years in high school, but his parents made him live in Europe for his last two years of high school.

He was an underrated prep football player. Then he took his shirt off...

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at times like these i wish we had a Magnus Signal like the bat signal we have for TomVH.

i am very curious to hear Magnus's review of Kitchen's game and potential.  I appreciate his insights as they are grounded and not optimistic just for the sake of optimism...


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I haven't seen a ton of film on him, but I'm not impressed with what there is.  Maybe the creator of his highlight film is sandbagging or something, but he makes some fundamental errors, he doesn't seem particularly fast or sudden, and his hitting isn't anything stellar, either.  And from what I can determine, his high school is pretty small and likely doesn't have great competition...

Meh.  He'd be low on my list of potential corners.  I hope the coaches keep pushing for Valdez Showers and Avery Walls, among others.


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I would like to see Kitchen and Showers in the backfield. It'd be like a family feud category "Places your wife won't have sex with you".


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I trust Tom VH's judgement but that video didn't show me anything. I wouldn't really consider that a highlight tape. Maybe that means they just won't throw his way...hopefully. I like the fact that he's a bigger corner though. 


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I grew up in G.R. watching players like David Harris, Ruben Riley, the Grady brothers, and Obi play during my High School life, I lived in LA. the past two years,  I seen Kitchen play in person a couple times(his games were played around the corner from my house) and this kid looks really good. Kevin Grady is the best high school player I seen in person and Kitchen is second on my list. He runs good, and makes everything look easy, even on the offensive side of the ball at wideout


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He's not as highly rated by rivals as some of our other targets, but if the coaches now decide he's worth an offer, he must be worth a commitment.  Louisiana is becoming a fertile recruiting ground for us.

I remember last year at this time Carvin Johnson was a no-name recruit, and he later became a guy we were all excited about.  Hopefully Kitchen is like that as well (although since he already has a Nebraska offer, that says a lot).

EDIT:  Just for a little extra perspective on his rankings:  Rivals has him as the #45 CB in the country, and the #41 CB is an Oklahoma commit.  Rivals has him as the #27 player in Louisiana, and the #23 guy is an LSU commit.  So he's very comparable to commits at at least 2 major recruiting programs.


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I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but it seems like a decent numbers of our targets also have offers from Stanford.  Without delving into any RR-must-go or hire-Harbaugh talk, it just seems to be an interesting coincidence if nothing else.


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I too have noticed that Stanford has been in on many of our prospective recruits over the past two years and perhaps it is a coincidence, but I feel it is more likely a combination of:

1) Harbaugh is a really good recruiter.  As it is difficult (as yet) for him to compete for the elite Left Coast players he mines areas that the rest of the Pac 12 rarely venture into; ie, Ohio, PA, and LA.  Much like RR and his staff, JH seems to have an efficient network that finds athletes with potential that others have missed.  Last year he discovered Courtney Avery and got an early commitment long before he was on anyone's radar, and it seems like whenever a sleeper emerges the kid already has a Stanford offer.  Great recruiter.

2) Two great academic schools so prospects who are actually interested in being students often have us, Stanford, Northwestern, Duke and the like on their lists.