TomVH: Chris Gallon, Dr. Phillips Update

Submitted by TomVH on October 1st, 2010 at 4:51 PM

If you're keeping track, Michigan is recruiting RB Demetrius Hart, S Roderick Ryles, and S Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix from Dr. Phillips for the 2011 class. As I said yesterday, Roderick Ryles was just offered by Michigan and will be visiting for the Wisconsin game. They're also very much in the conversation with 2012 QB Nick Patti. You can add another teammate to the list with 2011 WR Chris Gallon (6'5", 205 lbs.):

Michigan is starting to come after me hard. They're looking at my senior film right now, and they said after that they might offer. Coach Smith has been in constant contact with me. He said they like me a lot, I just have to wait until they see my film.

Chris sent the Michigan coaches his junior film, and the first three games from this season. Gallon said they are recruiting him as a wide receiver, and if they offer, Michigan has a good shot with him.

I was supposed to go up to Alabama this weekend with Dee (Hart) and HaHa (Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix), but I'm taking my SAT so I didn't go. I'm going to be going to Michigan for the Wisconsin game though. We're all going up there together.

Gallon, Ryles, Patti, and as of right now Demetrius and Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix are all planning on being at the Michigan game, when they take on Wisconsin. 



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Are we recruiting their coach for a position too? Talk about a pipeline.


Tom, do you know the relationship with Dix to Ryles and Gallon? Are they all best friends or does their agenda not effect him at all.


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He currently holds offers from Memphis, Florida A&M, Colorado State, Bowling Green and SMU. Nothing too impressive there, but it sounds like a few other schools are keeping a very close eye on him, including Tennessee, FSU and Cincy.

According to Rivals, he is 6'5" 205 lbs and runs a 4.5 40. Definitely sounds like potential there. Didn't have a spectacular junior year, with only 30 catches for 400-450 yards and 8 TDs, but apparently he's a great jump ball threat.


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As always, I can't wait to read your posts. So I have to ask, do you feel that with Hart coming again for Wisconsin that he has already decided on us? If we can also pull Gallon maybe Ha Ha will start to reconsider his Bama committ.


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Gallon, Ryles, Patti, and as of right now Demetrius and Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix are all planning on being at the Michigan game, when they take on Wisconsin.

Wait, why would Ha'Sean and Demetrius be planning on coming to the MIchigan game against Wisconsin this year if they're going to commit to Alabama next week...




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that Hart is only going to Alabama this weekend for fun.  That Alabama has no chance because they are recruiting him for defense.

Chad Simmons and Geoff Vogt of both tell Sam Webb, writing for the Detroit News, that they see Hart picking Michigan. Simmons says that Hart told him that he was ready to commit this week but decided to follow through on the visit to Bama, even though the Tide have no chance because they want him on defense.


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Is there any precedent for so many kids from one school in the same class signing with the same college?  If this actually happened, it would be very interesting indeed!