TomVH: Bedford Coach, Sean Williams, Talks 2012 OL Myles Hilliard

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Ohio sophomore Myles Hilliard has already started to garner attention from college coaches. Recently hired head coach, Sean Williams, has been around the block, and says Hilliard is one of the best he's coached. "Myles is a walking warrior. He's already 6-foot-6, and 240-pounds. He wears an 18 1/2 size shoe; his parents haven't been able to buy him shoes at the store for the past two years," Williams said. 

Hilliard has been playing both left tackle and defensive tackle for Bedford, but Coach Williams says he's best suited for the left tackle spot at the next level. "With his long arms, his quick feet, and the punch he has, he'll be best for the offensive side. He's versatile enough for both, but we're only going to play him in situations on defense. I don't want him to be a jack of al trades, and a master of none. If he can master that tackle spot, he'll be more valuable to a college program," said Williams. 

When comparing Myles to other players, Williams gave a comparison to a former Bedford player, recently drafted to the NFL. "Rodger Saffold played at Bedford, and then Indiana, and I think Myles has a chance to be better than Rodger. Myles has longer arms, and he's a little bit faster than Rodger. I was shocked at how well he can move at his size." 

Since I can't find any film on Myles, here's film of Rodger Saffold, for Indiana, going against Brandon Graham:

Some of the schools and coaches already showing interest in Hilliard have been Toledo, Wisconsin, and former Michigan player Tyrone Wheatley, from Syracuse. "When Coach Wheatley came down, he was in awe of what Myles could do. He was shocked," Williams told me. One of the teams that sticks out to Myles at this point, happens to be Michigan.

Coach Williams actually at one point said Myles reminds him, up to this point, of former Wolverine Pierre Woods. "He is actually hoping that Pierre will be at one of the camps he's going to. He really wants to meet him," said Williams. "Myles loves Rich Rodriguez, and loves the style of offense they play, even back to West Virginia. Michigan is a school that he talks about a lot. At the National Underclassmen Combine, Myles was talking to some of the high school coaches that were from Michigan about the University of Michigan."

Hilliard will be in Toledo on June 5th, to attend their big man camp, and both he and Coach Williams will try to get up to Michigan's summer camp, as well.

Extra - Here's a video of Myles talking to a local station about a concussion he suffered recently.



May 26th, 2010 at 1:39 PM ^

Get this kid an offer. 

Also - hire Tyrone Wheatley to coach for us.  He should be the hands down favorite once Coach Jackson hangs them up, which could be pretty soon here.


May 26th, 2010 at 2:00 PM ^

his replacement.

" I've seen alot of leadership that will transfer into coaching in Tyrone. He's got that Bill Cowher passsion and that really helps. He also has the football sense to play the X's and O's. He's similar to Belicheck in that regard. Wheatley could be a combination of those two coaches with a Lombardi-like ability to motivate. He shows great promise.' 


May 26th, 2010 at 2:01 PM ^

That's possible, but he'll be 60 this fall, and his son might redshirt.  That would have him coaching until he's 65, and that's a busy job for a guy in his 60's.  But he's a good coach so I'd like to see him stick around for as long as he'd like to.  But I also want Wheatley.


May 26th, 2010 at 1:54 PM ^

Sounds like the coach keeps this kid's future in mind and is truly interested in developing him for the next level.  Sounds like this kid is a beast.  Hopefully he can make it to a lot of Michigan camps/games/unofficial visits so he catches the bug early.  Thanks, Tom.