TomVH: Avery Walls Visit Update

Submitted by TomVH on September 7th, 2010 at 1:49 AM

As every one knows safety Avery Walls was in town this past weekend for the game against U Conn. He was on an official visit with his brother, and this was his third time in Ann Arbor. He did not commit, which was not surprising or disappointing. No one felt that he would make his decision this fast.

This was however his first time in Ann Arbor for a game atmosphere. "The game was great, and the visit went great," he said. Staying for a couple days also gave him a chance to talk with the coaches more in depth, and get a feel for them. "I had a great talk with all the coaches, and Coach Hott did a great job of taking care of me and my family," Avery said.

Walls is expected to take an official visit out to Oregon on October 2nd, and one to Cal on October 9th. With that being said Avery has seen a lot of good things at Michigan, and this visit was something he really enjoyed. "This visit helped Michigan a lot. I'm going to be watching their next few games," he said. 

There have been rumors that Michigan may lead for Avery, and I wouldn't doubt those rumors at this point. We all know with recruiting though, anything can happen. 

Here are highlights from his first game of the season this year:



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Thanks for the update Tom. I think Avery is a top priority along with Kris Frost, and obviously Dee Hart and Zettel. If we continue to win and have a good year we should expect to lock up all four of these players. Adding these guys would make our class very good IMO.

Just keep winning baby!


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Frost is coming for the Michigan State game right? I believe Auburn leads but we can definitely land him with a big win over Little Brother. Frost is like Cam Gordon, a player that wants a shot at receiver but is better suited for defense (LB). I really want this kid in our class along with an elite nose tackle like Jernigan, Cooper, or Mickey Johnson. However, I would settle for Brandon Jackson and Delvin Simmons, teammates from McKeesport, PA that play OLB and DT.


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What is Avery Walls friends name that is also being recruited by Michigan but I think committed somewhere else and Walls has been trying to lean on him to make an official?


Hey fellows

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LSU - Not a factor....Les Miles is no highly thought of in the Walls house-hold.

Texas - They quit recruiting Avery because he would not comitt to them on the spot during a visit.

Tenn - Like  them but, may have soured on them just a but recently.

UGA - Would comitt if they offered.

OSU - Favorite team (mother went there) and would comitt if they offered.

Cal - Family really likes coach Tedford (sp?).  They are a contender.

Stanford -  Likes them but, they don't allow early enrollees.

Oregan - Likes them but, mom has a few concerns about character issues with some players out there.

Michigan - Loves them.  Family had a bit of concern about coach rodriquez's status but, since you guys are off and running I think those questions may have been ansered.


I think the favorites are Michigan, Cal and Oregon.  If I had to pick one team it would be UM.  If OSU or UGA offer before he comitts then all bets are off.  He will not change his comittment once he verbals so if they don't offer before hand and he picks Michigan, you are good to go.