Today's game, as told through Bruce Willis movie posters

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This was originally a response to an earlier post, but I figured it would be fun to make it a post and expand a bit.

As told through Bruce Willis movie posters.

Game started out with the team looking:

and the team taking an early 7-0 lead with some nice stops.  Then Iowa went on a run, scoring 21 straight points before the half as the offense imploded somewhat and everyone had a

that things were falling apart.  The scene started to look bad as the fans began to boo with everyone's

Then Denard was hurt in the 3rd quarter and everyone was

Tate came in, but everything seemed a little off initially as him lining up under center felt like

Iowa then scored again to take a 21-point lead and the scene was pure

But then Tate led the team on a string of impressive scoring drives, and they refused to

UM pulled within and it looked like the game would be a classic in which the

would win.  Unfortunately, the kicker then booted his second (!) kickoff out of bounds, leaving every fan seeing as Iowa was able to tag on a field goal to finish the scoring at 38-28, a tough loss but one that most felt had some bright spots, even though others feel that sentiment is a

Now for the next two weeks, there will be rumblings that perhaps Tate should be the starter over Denard, that an issue exists.  I expect the airwaves to be held for the next two weeks as people wonder about this team and if a collapse is going to follow, though I ultimately expect this team play like they are and ultimately emerge as a



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You have done something great. And for reading this, we are all a part of greatness. Your expressions easily trump those of professional journalists.


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Today sucked...

Came back from a party and didn't get laid (yes, I'm in college, getting laid is the norm...)

Michigan lost

4 midterms this wee

NROTC is a bitch

I have to get a new job because cleaning isn't paying enough

Aw fuck it, UM losing was the worst part of the week

But this sir, just made my day.  I just wish I could +1 you.


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It was bad enough to see The Siege of Michigan football thanks to the Pulp Fiction spun by Michael Rosenberg and the other 12 Monkeys in the media. For want of 16 Blocks and fewer turnovers we could have had a chance at the end, but it doesn't help things when our special teams play is reminiscent of Beavis and Butthead Do America.  I hope we get to see Hart's War on our conference rivals once Dee gets here, because we need more difference-makers on our offense.


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Thanks for such a fun,creative post.  This was a truly great way to start the cyber-day.  We all need reasons to smile after yesterday.  I have a feeling you just gave one to a lot of mgobloggers.


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the LLoyd Carr I can muster this contribution is TREMENDOUS, now plz pardon my caps I'm sure you understand.  The only bad thing here is I can't point you more than one,