Threet Intends For USC, Intercepted by ASU/irony

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With a title that made most of you go "Wait what? Ohhhh... I get it," Steven "Roundtrip ticket" Threet will be likely holding a clipboard in the desert. ESPN reports that former University of Michigan quarterback Threet, not to be confused with current walk-on University of Michigan quarterback Nick Sheridan, will go not to Nebraska... or Oklahoma... or Texas... or USC... but to the Arizona Sun Devils and wait out a mandated one year via NCAA rules. While this transfer makes no sense to many, rumor has it he will earn a 1.0 credit of Independent Study coursework for his paper "Reliving Manifest Destiny Through Football"

This leaves many speculating Threet may again fail in 2010 to get the starting position and instead play backup to this guy:

a walk-on who has spent time on the sidelines learning the offensive set apparently better than a scholarship athlete. Note, however, that the fire indicates he may in fact be fiery and fast...

Read more here or, well, here:

Quarterback Steven Threet, a redshirt freshman who started eight games for Michigan last season, has decided to transfer to Arizona State, a source close to Threet said Monday.

Threet also considered Oregon State but developed a relationship with the Arizona State coaching staff and had an excellent visit over the weekend.

Threet wanted to fit into a pro-style offense after having been previously enrolled at both Georgia Tech and Michigan.

The move remains confusing as John Effing Elway's son left ASU saying there was too much competition at the position, most likely the exact reason he left Michigan when RR's 'chosen one' came to campus. SO basically one can presume Threet is transferring more for this:

than this:



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6-8 true freshman Brock Osweiler is graduated early from high school to get a jump on his college career and could be the future, but it’s unlikely that he can get to No. 1 this year.

this means that Osweiler will be on the sidelines while Threet is, until 2010.
at this point, Threet will be, wait for it, competing for the starting position with a true freshman chosen specifically for the program and offensive style

god that must be refreshing to get out of that shit situation he was stuck in at UM competing with a true chosen specificallohhhhhhhgoddammit


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With all do respect, the only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing this site was missing was t and a!

Oh wait...who's Steven Threet? What were we talking about?


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If ASU recruited a kid who is 6'8", I doubt that they are really going to a spread option attack. And Threet just met with the coaching staff, he probably has a better idea of what they intend on doing on offense than a couple of Georgia Bulldog bloggers.


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Threet tweets (god that's kind of an awesome name for an ASU blog) "I'm perfectly content not fitting their "spread".. I'd like a shot playing at the next level..."

When the position is buried in recruitment, he failed to make consistent passes whenever he wasn't scrambling and he has moved twice already, what development could miraculously pop up in that time period, much less what pro team is going to put their chips down on him when he's shown zero dedication to staying in one place? ASU has put out barely, if any, QBs - Jake Plummer and a crapton of people I've never heard of.

Threet wanted to be picked up by a big program and found his options limited severely. that he will be in an offense that may not be spread but is reliant on scrambles and options is IRONY. that he will be competing for the starting position in 2010 with a freshman is DELICIOUS.

and that opinion didn't come from a Georgia blogger - it came from an ASU blogger guesting on the GA page.


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I guess I'm missing the irony. Did you seriously think Threet would transfer to a school of the caliber of USC? Or that there'd be a BCS-conference school out there with the job waiting for him?


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As a former resident of Scottsdale, Arizona I have to say there is nothing wrong with Arizona State University. I think they have a pretty decent Division 1 football program going for them. Sure, if you can play at Michigan, it is a good thing. And from some pure-bred genealogical based mindset playing Football at the Quarterback position at Michigan is obviously full of more,"Blue Blood."

I am not one to bash Threet even if he bashes Michigan in an on the nose fashion or even subtly. He left Georgia Tech because of a change there and because his heart was here in Michigan. He wanted this place, he was raised here. It was really unfortunate it did not work out. I wish him well. It should say something to people though that Threet was basically one of the few Quarterbacks to be allowed scholarships in the ACC, BIG TEN and now PAC 10 all at decent football schools.

There are alot of Michigan people in Arizona. ALOT. There's a good Alumni base there as well.

There are hot chics everywhere if you look, they just have real tans in AZ.

Doctor Sardonicus

April 28th, 2009 at 10:51 PM ^

Threet decided that his future at U-M was limited and decided to go elsewhere. He didn't mouth off, he didn't trash the program, he didn't blast Rodriguez, he didn't say a bunch of stuff to other players that is now being leaked by insiders.

He just left quietly for what he thinks will be a better opportunity. I'm fine with that.

If he is stuck holding a clipboard the next three years it's not going to be a source of joy for me. If he does well I'll be happy for him.

I would hope that other U-M fans would feel similarly.

Personally, I save my ire or mockery for someone who transfers to an archrival and rips the program publicly. There's a world of difference between Threet and Boren.


April 29th, 2009 at 12:06 AM ^

I wish Steven T well, but based on his apparent lack of accuracy and significant arm strength, "the next level" is highly unlikely. I believe staying and competing or maybe just carrying a clipboard will look a lot better on a resume' next to a degree from Michigan than anywhere he might have transferred to.

I hope he succeeds in whatever endeavor he attempts, but that Block M opens A LOT of doors. Certainly a lot more than a well-traveled backup QB who repeatedly transfers, looking to walk into a starting job.