Texas Offensive Success vs. OSU

Submitted by chitownmaizeblue06 on January 6th, 2009 at 2:05 PM

Texas utilized the short passing game vs. OSU and the hurry up offense, and were successful b/c they had 3 very solid WRs. They did not seem to have a talented tight end, and I was not overly impressed with their running game/backs. If Tate Forcier does become a Colt McCoy style QB, I believe this game gives Michigan Nation some serious promise in the Big Ten and against OSU going forward.

Scoreboard aside, Texas gained over 400 yards passing, and they did so without hitting any long plays. I believe that Michigan has the building blocks to run a similar style Offense against OSU with a more dangerous and versatile running attack. The option appeared successful against OSU's overly aggressive D-ends, and in the second half Colt began utilizing his legs.

I'd also like to point out that In bowl games, very often the team with more to play for/wants it more, has a huge advantage. IMO, there is no question that the OSU seniors wanted this game far more than the Texas team as a whole, despite Texas being slighted from the BCS Championship game. I am very optimistic about Michigan's offense and special teams, and now if our defense can play like Michigan Men, we should have a successful 2009 campaign.



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So if Tate Forcier develops into, like McCoy, a Heisman finalist that is one of the Top 3 QBs in the country, we will be good?

And also, if we want to win more than the other team we will win.



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Do you have to be a douche every single time you respond to something? Was there really anything in the post above that so offended your sensibilities and required your smug retort?

I get that you want to the message board policeman (truly, an admirable goal), but give it a rest every now and then. He was trying to write something positive about next year's team. Take a pill.


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A spread offense and an accurate passer can be highly effective against OSU who played their best game of the year hands down. Tate is widely considered one of the most accurate passer in his class. Our qb's this past year were highly inaccurate. Furthermore, I can only imagine what would have happened to OSU's secondary without Laurinatis and Jenkins.

Secondly, Texas, alla Alabama, was ripe for an upset is all I'm saying. The OSU seniors were playing for their legacy...you overly simplified the point I was trying to make.


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Points to Dex for the obvious comebacks but also to chitown. I was watching Texas execute their offense last night, thinking we could do the same in a couple of years with our system and talent level. But until we can consistently execute the bubble screen flawlessly, there will be a steep hill to climb.

Elno Lewis

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Well, Dex did claim his goal to become 35% more of an asshole this year. I guess that puts him at about 135% now.

Come on Dex, write a diary entry. Pretty easy sniping at everyone else, Bubba!

Show us your stuff!


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I agree with the above post. Scouts and Analysts very often compare Tate with Colt. even Tate himself in the interview Tom did, likens himself to Colt McCoy. the only difference is that Colt is what 6'3" and Tate is 6'1"??? I think that is right.

I for one am glad that Tate early enrolled. He will get accostomed to the playbook, Barwisized and be ready for September.

LOL...on a side note....Tate is the QB savior of Michigan so far....LOL how much ass is this kid going to get at Parties!!!!


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OSU is very vulnerable to a quick-hitting passing game that doesn't rely soley on a pounding ground game or a super-fast deep passing attack. USC not withstanding, OSU can be handled, even dominated by a disciplined, organized offense that does not have Pat White, Reggie Bush or the world's greatest collection of 5-stars players at every poisition on the field.

Maybe the post was a little self-serving (Wolverine-serving) or a little overly general and optimistic, but the point is, the mountain we have to climb ain't no freakin' Everest!

Other Chris

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Both the nickel-dime off-sides/false-start stuff, the more problematic holding, and of course the soul-sucking pass interference/roughing the passer and/or kicker. As much as I mocked Tressel for settling for all the field goals, when you get some idiot changing 3rd and 2 at the 7 into 3rd and 7, it makes a defense's job a lot easier.

Far be it from me to argue with anyone telling dex to chill, but he has a point -- if you are going to put up a diary, make sure it really adds something other than platitudes.

The Nicker

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. . . at this point, however, I'd have to say that he's turned into the worst embodiment of a Michigan alum, which is to say, an incredible douche.

Dex, there's a lot of dumb (in both the rational and the football sense) people up on the interwebs. There's a lot of smart people and good writers as well. Do you want everyone with a desire to hate to go over and criticize your writing on WLA?

What would be the point? You haven't written anything with genuine sincerity in months over there, there's nothing to mock. Which is fine, so stay over there and keep making Alanis Morisette references, and let the dreamers post their drivel in the mainstream without contempt from the likes of you.


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To be fair, I don't recall Dex ever posting any Alanis Morisette references, that was more Brodie and I.

The worst embodiment of Michigan fans are the short-sighted ones, IMO. The "blar blar blar why are we running on first down" people. The ones that beat down Carr at every opportunity because he was "conservative" are the same people who question Rodriguez. The people who constantly praise and bash people based on a generic definition of what a "Michigan Man" is, even though no one even knows that the fuck that means. Those people need to be defeated.