The State Of Our Open Threads: After Maryland

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on November 6th, 2016 at 10:23 AM

One of the great things about continuing this feature through the Harbaugh years is that it can be somewhat repurposed to indicate just how much fun we're having, and nowhere is that more evident than in games like the one we had yesterday. Three of the words that I track for positive vibes - "awesome", "great" and "nice" - made up for about 25% of all the tracked words in the open thread. Even our "fucks" were born from positive feelings about beating turtles into submission. 

Here is what the totals on some of the major words look like season-to-date:

 photo SOOT_Maryland_TotalOccurences_zpstgvilhyz.png

While "fuck" is still the overall go-to word for the blog, positive "fuck" accounts for about 70% of all "fucks", which is about 10% above last year and over double the context of 2014. Similar numbers for "shit" and "damn" indicate that we're simply having fun but deploying the same words with the same sort of gusto that we have in the past. A subtle but refreshing shift indeed.

On the "fuck" front, it was a really quiet game though - 73 fucks were given, the second-lowest total this year after Hawaii, where only 57 fucks were given. The 54 shits that were given are actually towards the middle of the season distribution of shits - Wisconsin, Rutgers and Illinois produced similar shit totals. 

Overall, there were 415 instances across 1,076 posts - that's actually the smallest thread so far this season, but home games and comfortable victories generally depress participation and of course the resurgence of the liveblog also takes away posts as well. That works out to an overall efficiency of 2.59, which is the fourth-lowest after Hawaii, Penn State and Illinois. How efficiency looks against percentage of total instances is below:

 photo SOOT_Maryland_EvsTI_zpsc1z3nhtq.png

Some of the advanced metrics bear out the ease of this game on the board as well:

FART Rate - 0.365, which is second-lowest this season so far

SHART Rate - 0.270, which is the third-lowest this season so far

SQUIRT Number - 1.352 - which is the lowest number so far in 2016

FAP Rate - 0.562, which is the lowest this season so far

All of that means the Maryland game was easy viewing, but you knew that. If you're in the rare category of Michigan fans that hasn't seen it yet...well, now you know. 



November 6th, 2016 at 10:31 AM ^

We're 9-0, number 2 or 3 in the country, and control our own destiny for a playoff spot.

People were shaking their heads at our "obsession" with our new coach.

No, we were just excited about the possibility/probability of this happening.


November 6th, 2016 at 12:30 PM ^

Yeah, plenty of salty Twerps on Twitter in 2nd Half calling Harbaugh ...


O'Korn and Higdon and the rest of the 2's and 3's were in there but they were still whining.


November 6th, 2016 at 3:09 PM ^

I'm curious about how many of the fucks and shits and other four letter gems that are directed at the consistently sub par (putting it mildly) officiating afforded to us by the Big Ten, as opposed to the actual play on the field.

Maybe I'm too preoccupied watching Speight glide out of harms way to hit wide open targets down field to fairly compare the way our line gets egregiously held almost every play compared to our opposition... But it sure is frustrating when the ref is staring right at it and it prevents a sack or hurried throw resulting in a PBU or INT from happening... Or it allows a scat back to get the edge on an outside run to the sideline that would be stopped for no gain or even a loss. Then the board blows up about how bad our contain is, or how our LBs and DBs need to tackle better.

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