Some pics I shot at the FHH vs. Cass Tech game

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These are a few pictures that I took at the game last night. More to come. These are in the MGoBlog photopool on flickr.



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I'm not a pro. I'm what the pro's call an enthusiast. I actually went to the game with Ace to do some photos for MGoBlog. I shot about 770 pictures on the field last night.  I struggled with the lighting on the field at times, but I think I got some good photos anyway.

Devin Funchess is huge. I'm 6'4 and about 250.  He made me feel quite small.


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I've shot pictures at high schools. The lighting on Eastern's field is not that great compared to some. It depends on what school you're at.  I talked to several other photographers who were there (pro's) and they had the same issues. Go look at the pics from the free press photographer. 

Sgt. Wolverine

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I was shooting alongside the photog, and she was complaining about the light. Like I said, it wasn't great, but relative to most high schools in the A2 area (and/or schools in the SEC, the conference I have the most experience with), it's pretty decent. Huron is okay, Pioneer is awful, Dexter is awful, Chelsea is okay. Adrian is lousy, Bedford isn't much better, Monroe is okay. The best high school football lighting you're going to get right now in the SEC is at Saline and Tecumseh, and that's because they built new stadiums not too long ago and put some good money into good banks of lights. (My bet is Skyline has lighting comparable to those stadiums -- I'll find out next week.) Those are the area schools that might be better than EMU.

I don't get much into the Detroit suburbs to cover football, so I can't speak for those. But in my experience, unless it's a newer stadium (or unless the school has dumped money into new lights), the lighting is likely to be worse than it is at EMU.

And you have to remember something with pros like the Freep guy: they spend a lot of time shooting at bigger, better venues than high school fields or the EMU stadium. Their frame of reference is a little different. They shoot places that feature regularly on tv and thus have a certain level of lighting. I'm not inclined to complain about EMU's lights simply because my frame of reference is crappy high school lights (I'm looking at you, Pioneer), and relative to that, EMU was just fine. Not great, but fine.

For reference, here's what I got from Friday's 8pm game at EMU:…


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I was at the last two games at EMU.  I can tell you Royce does not look very imposing in person like he does in those pictures.  He is real lanky. 

Richardson is tiny.  No way he is 5’9 160 pounds.  I wasn’t real impressed with his athleticism but what do I know.

Funchess is a beast.  Hands down best athlete on the field last night.  He can run like a deer.  You can tell he has a little bit of an attitude so it will be interesting to see how that plays out when he gets to Michigan.

Hard to get a read on Ojemudia but he at least looked the part of a DI prospect.

I did see Norfleet for King and that kid is quick.  Tiny though so I understand why he is going to Cincy and not a bigger DI school.

I think I saw Ross and the QB (Morris?) from Warren.  If that was Ross he was built but not 6’0.  Kind of reminded me of the way Hobson looked.  


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It's funny to hear people's opinion on some of these guys.  I'm not saying anything you wrote was wrong, but regarding Ross, I've heard someone say "I'm 6'0" and he's certainly taller than me" and now you're saying he's not 6-foot. 

Good news about Funchess, sounds like everything that comes in about that guy is positive.  Hopefully TRich breaks the streak of hype-but-no-substance Cass Tech CBs.