Sitting Inside In Conference Play: Big Ten Review

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on October 7th, 2013 at 10:31 AM

Per my note last week, I have switched this over to focus more on the in-conference play now, so if the numbers seem wildly different, it is because everyone only has one or two conference games under their belt at this point, so at least for now, the meaningful analysis might be somewhat limited. All the same, this is your Monday opportunity to see how everyone in the conference is doing right now.  

It should be noted that the divide here is not perfect – last week, a few teams already had one conference game in the books, so this is rather a reset because I think there might be more interest in this part of the schedule.


We’ll just shoot right to the bottom here – Minnesota and Purdue share the dubious honor of the worst scoring performances to date.  They are also a comfortable 8thand 11threspectively in scoring defense as well, which goes a long way towards their "0-fer" starts in the Big Ten part of the schedule. The differential chart is sort of self-explanatory in that a few of the negatives are in fact the losers from this past weekend.

 photo Week6PointsFor_zpsd7e28266.png  photo Week6PointsAgainst_zps686a3bae.png  photo Week6PointDiff_zps613c6a40.png


Here again, you see the rocky start of Minnesota and Purdue, but the top of the offensive yardage chart probably is not a shock to anyone. Nebraska, Indiana and Wisconsin have not had much trouble moving the ball all years, with the difference being Wisconsin is much better at not giving those yards right back, if you will.  The differential chart clearly denotes the in-conference progress of Boilerquest.

 photo Week6TotalOff_zps58faaf02.png  photo Week6TotalDef_zps9177c4e1.png  photo Week6YardDiff_zpsb742f086.png


There’s not a whole lot to glean from these stats until we’re deeper into the conference schedule. One thing that is at least consistent here is the top rushing teams on offense are more or less the same from the non-conference schedule. Also, Boilerquest.

 photo Week6RushingOff_zpsbe795374.png  photo Week6RushingDef_zpscccf205f.png


Perhaps thankfully, here’s something Purdue can be proud of – they do not have the worst passing defense in the conference. They also don’t throw it a lot, at least not with any consistent success, so there is also that. Indiana and Penn State threw it a lot over the weekend, but then by at least Penn State standards (but in line with Indiana standards), they gave up a lot of yards in the air too.

 photo Week6PassingOff_zpsb5f565c7.png  photo Week6PassingDef_zpsa111be50.png


As we’ve discussed in other diaries, if you lose this battle, you’ll have enormous trouble winning the game, and you can see that here. The team with the worst performance in conference play overall, as you can see on the differential chart, is questing to be a terrible Boiler.

 photo Week6ThirdDownOff_zpsbd8ad79e.png  photo Week6ThirdDownDef_zps5aed9166.png  photo Week6ThirdDownDiff_zps5c6d5171.png


These may not mean much until later on either. Still, here is what it looks like.

 photo Week6PuntRet_zps71b2c918.png  photo Week6KickRet_zps9c577c63.png


Turnovers will appear next week as well, and probably first down differentials.



October 7th, 2013 at 11:12 AM ^

They will force us to throw and bring pressure up the middle against our young interior OL.  We will have to have a big day from Gallon and Funchess.  I don't see a big day from our tailbacks.


October 7th, 2013 at 11:21 AM ^

If Devin can stay calm and the OL gives him enough time to throw I think we have the firepower to beat them with passing.  With Funchess and Chesson starting to emerge as legit downfield threats, and Gallon and Dileo working underneith we have enough to beat them.  The first two points are iffy though, and if there's another trash tornado our chances go down significantly.

Maized and Confused

October 7th, 2013 at 11:29 AM ^

I know I'm off topic here and I apologize.  Quick question.  Does anybody have an idea of what time our game with little brother is going to be? It's still listed as TBD.  I have a wedding shower that day but there's no chance in hell I'm missing that game.  I'm just trying to prepare in advance for how much shit I'm going to hear from my fiancee if it's a 2:30 game and I'll be late for my own shower. Again, I'm sorry for getting off topic.  Go Blue!                   


October 7th, 2013 at 8:38 PM ^

Do you and your football-oriented friends really want to go to a wedding shower? If so, great, reschedule now.

If not, here are a couple of protips:

Explain to your lovely fiancee that you would be an annoying presence, win or lose, at this wonderful event, and that you worry that coming in late would be unforgiveably uncouth. Tell her you value your and her friends' relationship too much to spoil this important day for her. And take her somewhere really nice on Sunday.

Also, don't get her a vacuum cleaner for the shower.

She may not be incredibly pleased with this plan, but believe me, she will be way less pleased if you show up late smelling of beer and pissed off, which you are likely to be, because it's going to be a rough game.


October 8th, 2013 at 11:13 AM ^

Of the last five games in East Lansing, four have been at 12 Eastern. Only one was at 3:30, the first of the Rich Rodriguez era -- high rubber-necking interest there with 2-5 Michigan, so the time was moved.

But the usual time for games at East Lansing is 12.

7-0 Michigan vs. 7-1 MSU might get moved, but probably not. Michigan isn't going to move much in the rankings, and MSU will, at best, be in the 20s by then. So the game won't have much national interest.

If MSU loses to Indiana this week (for some weird, instinctive reason, I am optimistic) then you can book it at 12.


October 8th, 2013 at 10:22 AM ^

At this point in the season (and until 4-5 conference games have been played), this conference-stats-only perspective is really far less useful. The way you've compiled this likely overrates Michigan, since Michigan has only played Minnesota. I have really been appreciating your season-long stats and would be really pleased if you could compile graphs for the 12-game and 8-game regular seasons. At this point, the data through 6 weeks is way more useful than the conference data through 1-2, which would be best served as a cute, incomplete novelty copied/pasted somewhere after the full season's run down.