Similar results in first road game.

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Similar Results. Everyone calm down. Yes the offense didn't look great. It happens. Its very hard to win a first road game. Especially when its such a big game for the opposition Consider: 

-1999 W @ Syracuse 18-13

A win but lowest point total of the season.

-2000 L @ UCLA 20-23

-2001 L @ Washington 18-24

Lowest point total of regular season.
-2002 L @ND 23-25  

96 Rushing yards. -2003 L @ Oregon L 27-31 
Scored late TD by Breaston to make it look closer than it was. One of the TD's was scored on a blocked FG

-3 Rushing yards on the day!!!!!!

-2004 L @ ND 20-28  

56 Rushing yards.
-2005 L @ Wiscy 20-23  

Only scored 13 points until late in the 4th. Scored on long flea-flicker to Manningham.

Look it happens, if you can remember these games the offense was terrible. And half of these games were played by WAY more experienced players. The only exception was Henne in 04. Were there some questionable play calls? Maybe. But remember watching these games in the past and banging your head against a wall?




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The way I see it, there was no chance we were gonna go undefeated and win a national championship this season. That makes this a rebuilding year. The goal is to get players experience, get them familiar with the playbook, and create some buzz for the program so we can bring in some big time recruits. If we can accomplish those goals, win 7 or 8 games and go to a bowl game, this year is a complete success.

So far, we are on pace for that. Michigan is a young team and it will take time to get things together. We are on, or maybe even ahead of, schedule.


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90 - 24-28 L @ND
91 - 35-13 W @BC
92 - 17-17 T @ND
93 - 7-17 L @MSU
94 - 26-24 W @ND
95 - 38-14 W @ILL
96 - 16-17 L @NW
97 - 37-0 W @IU
98 - 20-36 L @ND

(op covered 99-2005)

06 - 47-21 W @ND
07 - 18-16 W @NW
08 - 17-35 L @ND


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We are improving. No, Michigan is not where we think they should be; but, consider how LAST YEAR'S team would have done under these circumstances.

Today they played an unimpressive game for the most part, and still nearly pulled it out. I'd say that it a big step forward.

We are on the right track. Close losses are way better than blowouts, or blown-lead losses.



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I agree with you on that. Sparty played way above themselves in this game. I personally think that they could have beaten just about anyone in the country with the way they played. They knew that this was their litmus test and if they could not win in this game their season was basically over. Next year D Rob will be able to be a big factor and TF should be an even bigger one than he was this year. The Defense should also be better (hopefully the rest of the open schollies for 2010 go to DBs and corners) and playing in AA I like our chances of winning next year.

I Miss Bursley

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I love this post, thanks for the perspective. I like to think of myself as a fairly level-headed fan (don't we all?) but I never bothered to put this loss in context the way you did. Some of the years listed ended really well for us. Others not so much. Still, thanks for the perspective.