Semper Fi

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This is my first time; so try to be kind.

I have had the following thoughts on my mind since the ND game, and like a pimple, it’s time to squeeze and purge this unsightly issue from me.  I just don’t know if I am able to convey my thoughts on paper as I see it in my mind. So without further ado…I will attempt to make comparisons, regarding this team and the 2008 football season. The most important ideas of this post, is to remind you, the fan of how important you are to the growth of this team. This team needs the adversity and the suffering that comes with defeat, and well …being just down-right dysfunctional. It is the only thing that will draw the team together as a cohesive and functional unit (IMHO), this also includes our fan base.

In 1983 I served in the Marine Corp (I know...I know... old, huh); to include being part of a peace keeping mission to the country of Lebanon. Our mission was to train, protect and guide this tiny little nation to self governance, in short creating a non-dysfunctional country.  We had our downs during this mission (i.e. Marine barracks bombing; Losing 300+ Marines and Sailors) and in the end we sadly failed; but why you might ask. The Marine Corp has never been a dysfunctional military unit, but the country we were supporting and training was (Still is) because (IMHO) the majority didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to hang in there when the going got tough. Whoever is to be blamed, felt and decided it just wasn’t worth it, even with the tremendous sacrifices already given.  Regardless of your view on nation building, we made a promise to help them along as a country; promises are not to be taken lightly. It’s a simple contract between parties. Similarly; if you are a true and faithful wolverine fan; we have made a promise (contract) to help them, support them (i.e. cheering, reducing our negative attitude/views to a murmur, watching them play even if it hurts, looking forward to our future, etc…).  I realize we the fan base has suffered over the last five games, no doubt about it.  Keep in mind; the players are suffering and have suffered the most, and as funny as it may seem, they still believe in themselves, the coaches and the system.  Where as we; the non-playing supporters of this team have begun to waver. I truly believe there are better days ahead, but only if we believe in them…All of them as a whole. As much of clichés as this is; “it’s as simple as never quitting on the team”.


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Thank you to you your fellow service men (women) for protecting our country. Yes, this year will be messy and ugly, HOWEVER, I believe the better days are soon to arrive. I prefer to look at the 2008 season and seniors and say "Thanks for staying and helping us "rebuild" our dynasty".

Semper Fi


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Bronk, good to know there's another fellow Devil Dog on here. I'll be in Iraq during bowl season, so if there was a year to miss one, I guess this was it. Regardless of how we feel about Rodriguez and his methods (I'm still a fan), I feel as though this correlates with the current war in that we should support the players (or troops), because they have nothing to do with the politics of the regime change. Even if you disagree with going in, (or hiring Rodriguez) we are in the thick of it and should make the best of what we've got.

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Finally someone who has a realistic approach to football and
THIS season. Thanks for your service! Go Blue! Things are going to be fun.....sooner than later.

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From one Marine to another, Semper Fi Devil, and happy 233rd birthday soon. Also, It's Corps not corp. Go Blue.