Scouting Northwestern vs Ohio (live)

Submitted by Bill on October 6th, 2013 at 12:13 PM

Overall, both teams looked good but not elite (top ten). For those who did not see the game, Northwestern lost the game when they fumbled the snap on a 4th and 1 late in the 4th qtr in Ohio territory down 3 points with around 2 minutes remaining.


Offensively, Carlos Hyde is the best RB in the big ten. He was unstoppable in this game and is why Ohio won. Braxton Miller was dangerous when breaking containment. We should consider using the "Alabama vs Denard" defense against Braxton to keep him in the pocket. Braxton was inaccurate and forced some throws when in the pocket and much more comfortable running and throwing on the run.

Defensively, they had major issues in the secondary. Northwestern receivers were routinely wide open and would routinely break the first tackle after a catch. They had an okay pass rush and was okay stopping the straigth ahead run.


Offensitvely, Vendric Mark is tlikely the second best RB in the big ten. Northwestern throws him bubble screens, lets him return kicks/punts and a lot of speed options. Trevor Simien was the QB most of the way and was very accurate when given time in the pocket. However, he seemed unable to recognize/handle the blitz in several key situations.

Defensively, they're Northwestern. Their defensive line was pushed back, they couldn't tackle Hyde, and Braxton missed a lot of open receivers. They did have an okay pass rush and forced a few of the Ohio turnovers.



October 6th, 2013 at 1:23 PM ^

pass rush but a surprisingly effective (though spotty) run game on offense.   i thought they (NW) schemed the game very well and executed fairly well, we could learn a lot about how to get by ohio by watching last night's film and copying some of the plays/strategies.


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Lots of turnovers by both sides with big mistakes by both QB's for interceptions and fumbles, blocked punts, crucial interceptions, and poor tackling by OSU defense.  We will not see NW for 4 games yet and we have plenty of opportunity to improve as well.  Let's wait and see where we are after the end of October before we all go into run around and panic mode.  First things first, let's have another no turnover game with Funchess at wide out and our new interior offensive line and see how they play against PSU.....Stop putting the cart before the horse.

I watched this game in Findlay, OH surrounded mainly by OSU slappys who were screaming to replace Braxton with Guiton in the 2nd qtr and 3rd qtr after the turnovers and interceptions.  Whining about their team's inability to tackle, and to cover NW receivers.  NW does not throw the late interception and this game could have easily gone their way.  I saw an entertaining football game, but no team that looked like they were world beaters to me.


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I saw a QB (Miller) who could escape pressure better than 98 (for one thing he doesn't turn his back to the line of scrimmage), and a line/RB that could push NW around. I also saw the Unstoppable Throw God and his receivers break tackles.

We will need our A game to beat either team, and it's not clear yet if we can do it.


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Although we have been experimenting all year with the OL-I hope the coaches were anyway- I don't think a team that is incapable of pushing Akron or UCONN offf the LOS is one that is going to push NW around. I did like them moving Taylor around, and I would not be surprised if by Nov we were using Taylor as a TE, in the same fashion we did Saturday with both Scholfield and Kalis lined up on the same side of center for the majority of our running plays. Kyle played a hell of a game Saturday and had some very nice blocks.  I honestly think we watched the two best teams in the league go head-to-head Saturday and it happened in Chicago. We need major imporvement to beat either, let alone one of them. NW is probably as thin as we are so an injury to one of their 3 key offensive players could hinder them greatly, but same can be said of us.  FSU is one of best 4 teams in nation for anyone that cares.


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I guess Hyde is the best RB in the conference but, frankly, that is a bit of faint praise.  NW has a pretty poor rush defense (4 ypc against Syracuse and 4.6 against WMU), so Hyde gashing them might not be all it is cracked up to.  That said, he did have a very good game, and when Miller isn't on his game Hyde definitely gives them another horse to rely on.

Der Alte

October 6th, 2013 at 5:32 PM ^

if we want to, but at this point no real reason to do so. The MN game showed that the coaches are still doing a lot of experimentation (Schofield and Lewan on the same side, Funchess at a wideout, etc.) not to mention the injuries to Pipkins and Kalis, although (I hope) neither turns out to be all that serious. The point is the offense and defense that faced MN yesterday might be substantially different from that facing NU or Ohio late in the season. Two road games vs PSU and the Friars Minor and two home games vs IU and NE before NU then out to Iowa City before Ohio in AA. A lot can happen between then and now.  


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Notre Dame just beat an ASU team that's as good as NW and probably just behind Ohio. A game among any of those 4 teams would be a good one. Throw us in there as well

We handled ND for the most part, beat them convincingly. Neither NW or Ohio are juggernauts, both will be tough games.