Saturday Morning Psycho #2

Submitted by SMart WolveFan on October 6th, 2018 at 10:25 AM

Here's a link to the first installment:

To be fair the first was hastily thrown together to get as many MurdaWolv memes out while it was hot, this one here though is ....not that different sadly. But the lesson to be learned last week was we have one loss, and that's a good thing, since no one wins the CFP undefeated and we had the most quality loss possible!

Step Two: Steel the spine



                                   "Jim, do you like run-pass option?"


        Well we knew it was gonna get weird when Fitz invited us over to talk RPO and Huey Lewis, but thankfully the Team was able to defeat a real American Psycho with real American football, even if they did have the "axe over their heads" for 3 and a half quarters.


                                           I like what they're made of.

            So, it was a great come from behind victory on the road, second best in program history, biggest of Harbaugh's college career and really shows this team has the mettle to have a special season!

Hey fans, what do you think of one of the greatest comebacks in UofM history? Let's check in at a fan party.....




                                               Ooops, nevermind.


You guys maybe care too much, take in a moment of nihilism from Uli Kunkel:



                                           "I dream of nothing!"

Of course, not caring looks just as exhausting.



Let's check in with Columbus and see if there's anything new:



        *sounds of crickets



Nope, not a peep. Maybe they're too busy "shuuushing"?





"Why can't we see the Baughffence that we had in 2015 and 16 before the Iowa game?"


Ruddddddock's first month, 4 games

                                      G    att   comp   pct      yds     y/a     TD   int     rate        a/g       y/g

in August/September    4    116    73      62.9    776    6.7      4      5    121.89    29.0    194.0

And Shea'ssssss in 5 games

                                      5    111    76      68.5    905    8.2     7      2    154.17     22.2    181.0

Running games:

2015   46    Michigan    4    167    809      4.84    10    41.75    202.25

2018   36    Michigan    5    196    1028    5.24    12    39.20    205.60

It's the exact blueprint that turned the passing game into this in Nov 2015:

in November                 4    141    95       67.4   1296   9.2   11    2      167.48    35.3    324.0

Past performance in similar circumstances is the best predictor for future results; therefore, we are seeing the offence that will be dynamic in November.

And our punter is Will Freakin Hart!



                       Now that they have the 1 loss out of they way, plus survived the "on the road nightmare v lessor opponent", (Min '15, Iowa '16); and, did it in come from behind, mettle testin', steel spinein' fashion, this team is in position to have a special season.



                                          Bet the farm'd be cRaZy not to:


Red River don't give 8 points: Texas

FSU will lose but won't go out punkstyle: FSU

And I know nothing about the match-up but if Kentucky has a chance at 6-0 for the first time since 1950 it's not going to be decided by more than five points: Kentucky


Any good movies coming out?




Somebody with Photo shop skills could kill this!

Till next week, get Psycho!



SMart WolveFan

October 6th, 2018 at 9:39 PM ^

I struggled with it a little, out of respect, since they at least thought they might be headed somewhere better.

But damn this fan base loves the Kool-Aid, especially when it's the poisoned varietal.

But to not find the benefit of a B1G road victory after a 17 point deficit is as stupid as there is is. Sometimes this fan base is Jonestown ridiculous.

SMart WolveFan

October 7th, 2018 at 8:42 AM ^


Even though the theme is Psycho, I hope to make it less schizophrenic in the future, especially with the formatting.

Just remember:

1 loss is good, especially the one UofM lost

The crazy fan base is actually helping the team foster that "us v everybody" mentality

And as long as the offense can progress to be dynamic in November, we could be watching a special season unfold.