The Road to #1- Midweek Update

Submitted by jman077 on December 17th, 2008 at 10:23 PM

Midweek update. Because no games of interest happen Thursday night this week. So, I’m posting this right now. I will admit this one is pretty similar to Monday’s.

So, so far, week’s gone well for us. There have only been four games of interest, and #25/#25 Clemson beat North Florida, #23/#21 Memphis beat Arkansas-Little Rock, and #19/#22 Michigan State beat the Citadel. Whatever.

The biggie, however, is that #24/#23 Marquette lost to #16/#19 Tennessee. This is great! This means Marquette should fall out of the polls. If we can beat Oakland, we WILL enter at least one. Which is sweet.

So, lemme plan your weekend, what to watch, where to watch it:
Well, actually, there are more priority games than non-priority games this week. But, you know, lots of important games.

Michigan v. Oakland: We win, we’re ranked. Its that simple. Also, LLP shows up. Which is cool. This one’s at the neutral Palace of Auburn Hills at 4:00pm, you can find it on FSN.
#19/#22 Michigan State at unanimous #5 Texas: Well, even though a loss by the Spartans could take them out of the polls opening another spot and further guaranteeing our entering and being ranked not too low our first week in, it’d be better for us to have Texas lose this one, because, well, we play MSU (at Crisler on February 10th. I think I’m going.), and what’s good for the Big T1e1n is good for us (for now). Should be a good game no matter how you root, catch it at 2:00pm on CBS.
#22/#20 Davidson at #13/#18 Purdue: GO BIG TEN! I’ll root for Purdue pretty hard here, because, well, the Big Ten winning is good, and, a solid Davidson loss could allow us to pass them in the polls, which would be hella tight. 4:00, CBS, just switch back and forth between this and the UofM game.
BYU at #20/#17 Arizona State: Alright, BYU is between us and a ranking in the coaches’ poll, so, them losing means they have no chance of getting the spot if only one spot opens, so, I’m pushing hard for a loss. This game is at 4:30pm, but, you’re not going to find it in Detroit. It’s on FSN, but, they’re showing the Michigan game here. Oh well.
#23/#21 Memphis at unanimous #11 Syracuse: Just another possible loss by a low-ranked team, which can help us get ranked, and not be ranked #25. 6:00pm, ESPN, also, if you’re computer-bound,

#25/#25 Clemson at Miami (FL): This one’s interesting. Either way this game goes, its good for us. Clemson loses, they fall out of the polls and there’s another spot available. Miami loses, well, they’re between us and a rank in the Coaches’ poll, and if that loss can be combined with a BYU loss, we get any open spots in that poll. So, uh, just, flip a coin or something. 7:45, FSN (even in Detroit).

Games that I care less about because the team that should win probably will:
#23/#24 Marquette v. Western Carolina, 8:30, Sports 32
#21/#24 Baylor v. Texas-Arlington, 9:30, Online

So, that’s that. With a big win and some luck, I think we could be looking at #23 or #22 next week. With a win at all, we’re looking at at least #25. Cool.

Also, #11 Colorado College plays Sacred Heart in hockey Friday and Saturday. No TV of any kind. Whatever.

Good night, Go Blue.



December 19th, 2008 at 9:56 AM ^

Without a doubt we'll be ranked if we win. I don't know if that's the best thing with this team, but it'll be nice to get some respect.

It's all about the Wisco game, though. As long as we don't slip up, that Wisco game is our gateway to a 4-0 Big Ten start and a 14-2 record. One game at a time though! Go Blue!

It'll be a great day of college hoops Saturday! I can't wait to sit back and watch TV all day!