Recruiting Updates: 2013 prospects

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It is still early to talk numbers and which particular positions the staff will be going after. But what the heck. The 2013 class in Michigan is a little weak and that maybe why only three instate offers have been extended. Still plenty of time for things to develop in state, but expect a bigger potion of our class to come from outside Michigan. That being said we're in on some great prospect early :).

Personally, I think we take two QBs in the 2013 class assuming we aren't taking one in 2012. This will build some depth and also foster some competition at the QB position.  This maybe a precautionary move by the coaches because of Devin's RS status. Man if he loses a year of eligibility because of series against Bowling Green, I'm gonna be pissed! lol. 

2013 Prospects
OH Pro-style QB Brogan Roback 
A lifelong Michigan fan who frequents Michigan home games. Currently has a couple of MAC offers and is hearing from several BCS schools, including Michigan. He has been putting up big numbers for his St.John's team, including a game against OLSM. Looking at his tape, you can clearly see he is not at Shane's level. He has great poise and pocket awareness, but his throwing mechanics (not uncommon for HS prospects) needs work. He is a great athlete who also excels on the hardwood too. Should be a high 3 star/low 4 star. Here is a little interview on Maize N' Blue:

FL OL Larmey Tensil
Offers from UF, FSU, ND, USC early on. His coach is Ed Stokes, a former assistant with Brady Hoke at Ball State. From TOMVH's inside article (leaking a lil info) we're in his top 3, with out an offer which sounds pretty promising. I hope he gets an offer soon. For insiders here is an article:

IL RB Ty Issac 
Beast, 6'3 220, very surgical runner but also can make plays after contact. Received his Michigan offer this week, which he is pretty excited about. Has many suitors and the staff will need to make some ground. I think coach Jackson is personally recruiting him. My favourite RB from the Midwest. Here is an article from Sam Webb, couple weeks before his offer: 

With the 2012 class filling up, it will give us a head start for 2013. Also, two potential 5 stars to start isn't bad either. Just some of the prospects you should be aware of during the 2013 cycle for those who follow recruiting. If you know anyone else we should know about, share! Also check out the Michigan Thread on 247 when you are in need of recruiting news.



turd ferguson

September 22nd, 2011 at 11:29 PM ^

Thanks for this.

If we're bringing in two QBs next year and can convince a talented kid like Roback to join Morris, then great.  I'm a little surprised that we haven't pushed harder for a QB in the 2012 class, though.  It would be easier to sell the opportunity for playing time to a kid who will have a year on Morris, and we're tempting fate by being low on numbers at QB.

Maybe there's just no interest from the 2012 kids, or maybe we're waiting for Purdue to grab a kid we like or something.  It just seems a little strange that we'd take two QBs in a relatively small 2013 class after taking none in a very large 2012 class.


September 23rd, 2011 at 7:12 PM ^

I agree with you on this stance. Also DG (RS SO) RB (RS FR) SM (FR ) that's already 3 scholarship qb's all with the ability to start. I think that extra scholarship should go to another position or we'll have another tate situation which we can avoid because we already have an ober talented crew on site. 


September 22nd, 2011 at 11:38 PM ^

A qb in the 2012 class I thought would have been more important than taking 2 in the 2013 class.  With that said, I would rather fill up our remaining spots with any of the following wright, darboh, payton, powe,garnett, etc...


September 22nd, 2011 at 11:47 PM ^

We are in a very good but also unfortunate situation here assuming we only take 26 in this class we have 4 open spots left. I want to see who everyone would choose assuming that the remaing top prospects all want to go blue I doubt that, but its late and I'm bored.

I say.

1. Yuri Wright

2. Brionte dunn ( if he decommits)

3. O'brien

4. Banner  ( if him and Garnett are a package like many think that would be awesome)

*if brionte stays with Tsio, then jordan payton which seems more likely.


Look Up_See Blue

September 23rd, 2011 at 12:48 AM ^

At this point I think you have to take the best available players, regardless of position.  None of the remaining QB's in the 2012 class are worth what's available at other positions of need in the 2012 class.  


September 23rd, 2011 at 6:53 PM ^

Hemingway and Stonum don't leave at the same time.  When the 2012 class gets here, we'll still have Stonum and Roundtree, plus Jackson and Robinson on the outside.  I'd like to get two WRs in this class, but one good WR would be OK, and I bet with Morris' help we could get two good ones in 2013.

True Blue Grit

September 23rd, 2011 at 11:20 AM ^

It will probably be difficult to convince one of the top tier guys to commit however, will be very hard with Morris in the fold.  Getting a top RB or two like Isaac will be a key too.

I'd love to see us squeeze 28 into 2012 with the remaining guys:  Darboh, O'Brien, an OL Banner/Garnett/Diamond, Dunn, Payton, and Wright.  If we can only take 4, then I guess we take the best 4 guys who commit first.