Reactions to Coaching Changes vs. Reactions to Snow Storms - A Geographical Comparison

Submitted by profitgoblue on January 10th, 2011 at 10:39 AM

Today's "snow armageddon" in the southeast got me to thinking . . .

For those of you that live in the south, y'all know what kind of reaction there is to a predicted snow storm.  For those in the north, a snow storm is an everyday occurrence and you probably laugh hysterically at the reaction of southerners.  (Yes, all of the bread and toilet paper in the local Target here was gone by early evening yesterday in preparation for the 4-8 inches of snow predicted). 

On my enjoyable drive into work this morning, with the roads to myself, I started comparing the physical and emotional reactions of people to approaching wintry weather compared to the reaction to coaching changes across the country.  As the analysis evolved, it became pretty entertaining and I wanted to share in case you are entertained as well.  What I've tried to do is match the reactions to snow storms based on geographic location to the reactions of a fan base to a coaching change at a particular school.  Here's some categories I've created - please feel free to add more that you believe are pertinent, especially for schools/locations that are less extreme examples that the ones I chose:

Snow in Georgia = Coaching Change at Michigan:  I think this fits.  Those of you in Georgia (Atlanta, in particular) that deal with approaching snow storms know how drastically people freak out when even a hint of snow is forecasted.  I think this is how the coaching change/search has gone with Michigan fans: 

Everyone that freaked out about a change are analogous to southerners living in Georgia that are not used to the snow.  Those that did not want a coaching change were aware that a change could occur but were emotionally unprepared and started freaking out when it became a foregone conclusion (equivalent to southerners flocking to the grocery store to get milk and bread). 

Everyone that welcomed the change are analogous to northerners living in Georgia that feel comfortable in anticipation of a snow storm.  Those that welcomed the coaching change believed it would be "all good" and did not worry.  However, once the change came they quickly realized that they were not prepared for the fallout and became extremely nervous and began expressing their reservations.  For example, Atlanteans (?) realized that getting to work from the suburbs was almost an impossible exercise, just as the coaching change at Michigan has frustrated many to the point of trying to remove themselves emotionally.

[You could probably substitute several schools here including, but not limited to, Florida(?) and USC(?)]

Snow in Michigan = Coaching Change at Eastern Michigan:  You could substitute a number of schools here but I thought Eastern was the most fun.  Everyone that lives in or has driven regularly in Michigan knows that snow in that state is a regular occurrence and almost all but disregarded.  (As an aside, I can remember being in school up there in 1993, probably the worst winter I've experienced, and classes went on as usual.  I remember walking to the Frieze Building in a -60 degree wind-chill for my 8am calculus class.  And I also remember commuting to work on roads covered in ice with people driving at least the speed limit, seemingly oblivious to the ice.) 

I imagine this to be the same for die-hard fans of Eastern Michigan football (are there any???).  They basically expect a coaching change every 2-3 years as part of the game.  Just as players graduate and new players must be recruited, so do coaches at schools like Eastern.

[Other analogous schools = Minnesota(?), Washington(?)]

Snow in Florida = Coaching Change at Penn State:  This one is the most enjoyable to discuss . . . Everyone in Florida knows that it could, one day, snow there.  Every Penn State fan understands that, some day, Joe Paterno will retire, be fired, or pass away on the job.  Nevertheless, each year that goes by where neither happens leaves Florida residents less prepared just as it leaves Penn State fans unprepared for a change.  In particular, every year, Penn State's coveted assistants get wooed by other schools (e.g. Bradley) and Penn State fans freak out that their coach-in-waiting is going to be gone.  When the time actually comes, if ever, its going to be very entertaining to watch.

Snow in Canada = Coaching Change at Notre Dame:  Per jHackney.  Self-explanatory.




January 10th, 2011 at 11:58 AM ^

If Brady Hoke gets hired, this place is gonna be like last winter in northern Virginia when 30 inches dropped: people walking around dazed, scratching their heads, asking "what's going to happen to us?" and other people shrugging at them, wanting to do something about it but knowing nothing could be done. But hey, that all worked out ok eventually, right? Right??? God, please no more Brady blizzards...


January 10th, 2011 at 12:39 PM ^

...the DMV, I co-sign this. I'd hope that Michigan's coaching change could never be analogous to what goes on here. Even though snow is a regular occurence, it still causes extreme consternation (not Georgia or Florida level panic), but when the really big storms hit, you can pretty much forget about normal life taking place.