RCMB: Ask a REAL Wolverine Anything about Michigan

Submitted by Gameboy on October 25th, 2016 at 6:54 PM
I was quickly looking over at RCMB to see how things were imploding as the day of reckoning is approaching and found this little gem.
There is a guy named "Dizzo", who is allegedly a UM grad, who started an AMA thread to answer questions from suicidal Staee fans. Now, I am always suspicious of anyone who claims to be a supporter of a rival who always hangs out at said rival’s forums. As RollDamnTide has taught us, there is a lot of entertainment value in pretending to be someone that you are not. Reading through Dizzo’s answers, I highly doubt that he is much of a Michigan fan (I mean, what UM fan would choose that name for themselves?)
But I think the questions posed by Sparties are actually pretty interesting and are worth having a REAL Michigan fan answer them. So, I am volunteering my service.
Unfortunately, I do not have an account at RCMB, and is not about to create one, hence, I am posting my answers here. Hope you find my answers more in-line with typical Michigan fans.
tOfficial Ask a Wolverine Anything about Michigan Thread
Q DantIzzoNio>
Will Jeem go for two after every score? 
Is Wilton Speight good? 
Will your punter wear Stickum?
A> No, Yes, God I hope so!
Q Andrew Bell>
Colorado gave Um fits for a quarter; what did they do and how did UM adjust? Buffs look like a pretty solid team now, btw.
A> That 1st Quarter of Colorado is what happens when every break goes your way during a game. Colorado came out like a gangbuster with trick plays and got a sack/fumble/TD early in the first quarter that basically limited Speight’s accuracy for rest of the game. Colorado QB also threw a 50 yard bomb on his front foot with defender crashing into him. Stuff like this is going to happen every now and then. 
Michigan could have easily folded after such start, but even with Speight at less than 100%, the team methodically tore apart Colorado and ended up outscoring them 38-7 rest of the way (no real adjustments required). You also have to remember that this team is implementing a totally new defensive scheme and some mistakes early in the season is expected.
Q TVs Frank21789>
Would you say that most Michigan fans, even the pompous and Walverine-ish ones, think that the "J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Head Football Coach" is just a little bit much?
A> No, our alumni actually want their names attached to the program.
Q RandyWatson>
Do you think the Heisman hype for Peppers is justified? I'd argue that he isn't even the best player on his defense (Lewis), let alone in the whole country. Do you agree?
A> No I do not agree. Even draftniks’ like Kiper and McShay (and others) think Jabril is a transcendental talent. What he is doing with 7 – 11 different positions is almost unprecedented. You can argue that Heisman hype is not big enough.
BTW, Dizzy answered this question like this:
“I don't think it's justified at this point…”
Yeah, SURE, he is a Michigan fan…
Q stone farm 99> 
will you win 7 games next year after you loose your whole team to the draft? Will Harbaull go to the NFL?
A> You guys are confused by the fact that Michigan AD does not denote redshirts in class definitions (because Harbaugh believes the fifth year has to be earned). Yes, Michigan will lose a ton of starters to draft next year, but the team left will be more than sufficient to compete for the title next year (and they are getting a lot of PT this year).
Harbaugh is not going anywhere in any forseeable future. The best indicator is his parents. His dad was the earliest to note that Harbaugh would be amenable to coming back to Michigan (a year before he got fired). He also noted that Harbaugh will sign a contract with Michigan before any reporters did. 
His parents have also recently purchased a home in Ann Arbor and moved from Indiana. This is not an action of people who believe that Jim is moving any time soon.
BTW, Dizzy answered this question like this:
I think most fans would agree he could go back to the NFL at some point…
Q blackhorn>
Did you actually attend college in Ann Arbor or are you just a huge true blue fan?
A Dizzy> I graduated from Michigan (Ann Arbor specifically, just to avoid the next question about Flint) if that makes a difference. Three of my cousins graduated from MSU and are diehard Spartans. Two of my other cousins are also Spartan fans, but they didn't go to the school.
A Me> University of Michigan ’93 BSE Aerospace Engineering 
I don’t know of too many Michigan grad would answer this question without mentioning their major and their graduate year.
Q trash fire>
what is the malfunction with the posters at mgoblog?
A Dizzy> It's weird, but it seems every online community has some identity and attracts certain types of people. The Michigan Scout site during RR and Hoke was all sunshine and rainbow type people where anyone suggesting things sucked were harassed. MGoBlog seems to have attracted the correct-your-grammar crowd who like to argue about point out flaws with people posting. I read a lot of the content they put out and find it interesting, but can't read the message board part.
A Me> What is the line for Dizzy actually being a Michigan grad?
Q 85Grad>
What does it mean when your coach offers a scholarship to a high school kid?
A> It means that if you apply yourself and progress and improve as expected (always be competing), you will have a place at University of Michigan. UM fans do not have problems with rescinding offers. The problem last year was the timing (too close to signing day). That problem seems to have been resolved this recruiting cycle.
Q Big John Studd>
How much Christian compassion does Coach Harbaugh have in his heart regarding the final score this weekend?
A> Ask Rutgers…
Q Crazy Jim9>
Did you think that Harbaugh would turn it around this quickly? 
Did you think that MSU would fall so fast? 
A> Yes, if you look at his previous stops, it usually takes him 2 or 3 years to turn it around with absolutely no talent around. That was not the case here. Hoke may not have been a good coach, but he recruited well and cupboard was not bare.
We all expected MSU to take a step back since losing a great QB and NFL OL is hard to recover from, but we did not expected 5 loses in a row under Dantonio, who is a good coach.
Q Green Goomba>
Why is there a basketball player on your team's football jerseys?
A> Because he is a GOAT and pays us ridiculous money to do so.
Q has been>
I think Peppers is a damn fine football player - a great athlete, NFL prospect, and one of the best in the country. 
What's the over/under on the number of graphics that will show all the positions he can play? 
It sounds like I'm a jealous has-been, but it is tiresome to tune in for a few minutes of michigan football only to have the announcers anoint the guy as an all-american at 22 different positions about every 2 minutes.
A Dizzo> I agree there will be too many graphics. It's really annoying that the media treats every game like people are watching for the first time and give the same info over and over. Watching Michigan basketball games the last few years you could guarantee at some point the announcers would talk about Spike Albrecht scoring a bunch of points against Louisville in the title game. 
If I had the power, I'd be willing to trade the announcers not talking about Peppers at all if it meant they wouldn't talk about the punt at all or show the replay.
A Me> This guy is not even trying at this point…
Q I have alopecia>Why is Peppers on the Thorpe Award list if he's a linebacker? 
He has 0 interceptions and 0 passes defended.
A> He is Peppers, Destroyer of Worlds, and Wrecker of OC’s. The question is why he is not on the list of every position awards list (other than OL).
Q Banks2Mason> How did Desmond Howard and Jalen Rose get out of UM without learning how to speak English?
A> Don't be so proud just because every MSU grad who can speak English IS working in broadcasting (that is not a typo).
Q Cosmo_Kramer>
Will Jabrill ever get an interception?
A> Not when opposing QB’s are turtling instead of throwing ducks.
Q Gob_Bluth>
What do you think about Trey Burke's recent comments about his time at Michigan?
A> I don’t think you will see too much push back from UM alums that football and basketball athletes deserve more benefits
Q 277Gunson> Do you think your fanbase has turned into a cult-like fanbase worshiping at the feet of Jimbo? There is no doubt that he can coach, but he is the strangest man in college football and it is scary how he is looked upon by media and u-m fans. Do level headed and intelligent u-m fans (grads) grimace at things he does?
A> Coach Harbaugh has done nothing but represent the university in the highest respect. His methods may not be typical, but he has made it clear that he will do anything and everything that benefits student athletes and the university. You cannot help but love this guy.
Q mdtizzle> Excluding the MSU-Alabama game, which win meant the most to you last year?
A> Citrus Bowl showed what a healthy team with a full year in a Harbaugh's system is capable of.
Q SpartanRocky>
What's going on with Kenny Allen? He's handling punts, kickoffs and FGs and doens't seem to be particularly great at any of them. Outside of Peppers, seems like ST has taken a sizeable step back from last year. Your O/D are good enough to where i'ts probably a moot point, but wondering if you had any insight into the (relative) struggles in that area.
A> Kenny Allen is suffering from too much responsibility. It is not good to have a single kicker do everything. Kenny is actually having a very good punting year. It would have been nice if freshman kicker Nordin could have picked up some slack, but he has been injured all year.
Q Notorious GiB> Is your trailer a single wide or double wide?
A> Interesting that MSU fans are quite obsessed with trailers when many UM alums probably don’t even know what single wide or double wide is.
Q dubie7006> What is General Studies? Can we get some concrete examples? 
iii. Since you seem to be one of seemingly very few totally sane um fans, what % chance are you thinking you come away with the win? Please don't use the rivalry emotion in this, but rather actual meaningful gameplay things. 
A> General Studies is just a LIBERAL Arts degree without a major. And we go by numbers; S&P predicts 98% chance of winning. We like numbers.
Q Lunchables> Why are you pussies no longer complaining about the conference schedule being @OSU/@MSU now that MSU is a dumpster fire? 
A> Because MSU is a dumpster fire…
Q SpartanRocky said>
FWIW, you guys are giving up 10 yards/punt return, on 10 returns. That's in the 100s nationally. That's why I asked. Also, your kick-off average is way down, though I see Peppers is averaging 30 yards/return on only 5 attempts. So your net punting is down, and returns are down. 
A> I think punting is just fine. Kenny Allen has a very strong leg and can kick beyond coverage. And the fact that we are no longer spread punting is hurting the numbers a bit, but I think Harbaugh would rather have this then repeat what happened last year (punt protection is much better). Would UM be interested in perhaps hiring Dave Warner as their new OC for Saturday?
Q SpartanRocky> Would UM be interested in perhaps hiring Dave Warner as their new OC for Saturday? 
A> If we switched coordinators for this week, I don't think it would make much of difference in the outcome this Sat.
Q Big John Studd>
In a somewhat kinda related note, which, if any UM assistants are candidates for head coaching jobs?
A> The guy who is most likely to leave is Jedd Fisch as he could get interest from both NFL and NCAA. Don Brown is not going to leave as his chances of becoming a head coach is probably behind him. Drevno is probably another 2 to 3 years away. The bigger question is how many positional coach may get poached. It would not surprise me to see Wheatley or other positional coaches get coordinator positions.


Wolverine Devotee

October 25th, 2016 at 7:08 PM ^

Anyone who is a Michigan fan is a real Wolverine.

Anyone who says otherwise is a jealous blowhard that can suck it. Of course they don't think non-alums can't be fans because no one gives two fucks about msu outside of MI.


October 26th, 2016 at 10:23 AM ^

from the fact that it's not a national program. I'm not sure the percent of non-alumns of the respective schools that live within the state of Michigan that are fans of each team, but MSU has very, very few fans outside of the State.

It's simply not a national brand, whereas Michigan is one of the top 3 brands in all of college football, whether up or down in performance.  It simply eats at them, and their 8 year run of onfield success did nothing to change this.

Even in our worst year and their best, people were confusing their program for ours. Now that we have Harbaugh, (a top 3 coach in all of football - NFL included - imo), they know its over.  Couldn't make hay when big bro was down.

They are not a blue blood, they play in a shit stadium, their facilities are crap, and the university is levels below UM in academic prestige.  Many may still be in the denial stage after their nice little run, but its over for them.

The best players in Michigan (and in the country) go to Michigan. 

Everyone Murders

October 26th, 2016 at 8:59 AM ^

And I'm in the camp that believes that if people sincerely support Michigan as their favorite team, they're plenty "Wolverine" for me.  And I'm not saying that Njia or Bando are taking a contrary position.

I think it's more that some non-alums are thin-skinned about the issue.  How people came to their fandom is interesting to me, and there are many ways.  I know folks who are rabid Michigan fans because they grew up in the heart of OH, and the Buckeye mania turned them off.  I know folks who like Michigan because they were always on TV when they were growing up, and they liked their uniforms.  I know folks who like Michigan because they were (properly) raised that way.  They're all legit in my book - and some alums don't make the cut in my book, since they don't support the team.

Plenty of room on the fan train.  Choo choo, and all that.


October 26th, 2016 at 9:25 AM ^

but it doesn't matter when it comes to football.  I'm a pretty big Michigan football fan, but have nothing on thousands of non-alum fans who attend every game and spend thousands on gear (i.e. WD for an easy example).

In my experience, as an alum, your love for Michigan goes beyond just the football.  It is love for the campus, the memories in the dorms, the parties, the professors, the Arb. All things that shaped us in some formidable years.My love of Michigan does not separate the University from the football program, where as many non-alums focus more on the sports aspect, which is understandable as they most likely have their fondest memories of Michigan watching with their friends and family either on a couch or in the stadium. 

I'm also sure that kids at Mott tie in the sports with Mott, and that is their connection.

I really don't understand why people care so much why others have a connection to a certain team. As long as they aren't tweating at recruits, hurting opposing fans, and keep cheering for the good guys, it seems like it should all be good. 

Bando Calrissian

October 26th, 2016 at 12:08 PM ^

And this is exactly it. As alums, our connections to the university are much deeper and far more meaningful than those who basically think of Michigan as an athletics program with a university. And as someone else mentioned, it's the thin-skinned "well, I've always been a Michigan fan, but I didn't go to Michigan because of XYZ" that gets old.

I'm sorry if it's arrogant or elitist, but there are people who are alums, and there are people who aren't. Everyone has a right to follow the program, everyone has a right to love Michigan. And not all alums are great fans, just as not all non-alums are great fans. But there has to be an acknowledgment that a diploma means something far different when it comes to fandom. That's all.

rob f

November 16th, 2016 at 6:45 PM ^

How the hell did I miss this thread/diary?

Not an alum (vast majority of my credits were from WMU before earning my diploma from Siena Heights University), but a fan since childhood, and a season ticket holder since 1977.

Nothing at all about this (not being an alum) shames me in any way.


turd ferguson

October 26th, 2016 at 4:01 PM ^

I don't even agree with him.  I'm going to take his words and substitute in another distinction between some fans and other fans--whether we grew up as Michigan fans.  I don't believe what this says either (i.e., I think this is arrogant and stupid, too), but to me it doesn't sound any less reasonable than what he wrote.  My edits are in bold. 


As fans who grew up cheering for Michigan since childhood, our connections to the university are much deeper and far more meaningful than those who basically decided to become fans in adulthood (when they went to college). And as someone else mentioned, it's the thin-skinned "well, I went there and you didn't" that gets old.
I'm sorry if it's arrogant or elitist, but there are people who have loved Michigan since birth, and there are people who haven't. Everyone has a right to follow the program, everyone has a right to love Michigan. And not all lifelong fans are great fans, just as not all newcomers are great fans. But there has to be an acknowledgment that a lifetime of cheering for Michigan means something far different when it comes to fandom. That's all.

Monocle Smile

October 26th, 2016 at 4:31 PM ^

I should have clarified.

I was in the band as well, and I'd say that band members have a pretty deep connection to Michigan athletics and we get a closeness that most other students don't get.

However, I have no problem saying that the closeness of someone like WD to Michigan athletics far exceeds a ton of students who actually attend the university. I'm an engineer, and there were crowds of people in my classes who barely knew we had a football team. Bando is arguing from a self-serving viewpoint. He's wrong to do so and it wouldn't matter if he were right; WD is correct that if you cheer for Michigan, you're a real Michigan fan.


October 26th, 2016 at 1:41 PM ^

"well, I've always been a Michigan fan, but I didn't go to Michigan because of XYZ"

Wow!  It's like you know me!

I've been a huge Michigan fan since 1973, long before I went to college.

When the time came to pick a school I weighed a lot of different factors.

But at the end of the day, I couldn't ignore the importance of XYZ.

ABC and DEF were up there ... but XYZ tipped the scales.

* * *

Look, I get the broader point you're making, and I am in general agreement that being an alum creates a greater degree of attachment to the school than mere sports fandom.

Being an alum makes you ... an alum.  It does not make you a better football fan.


October 26th, 2016 at 2:04 PM ^

Being an alum is special and something you don't take for granted.  You got to live and breath Michigan everyday for 8-12 months out of the year for 4-5 years (or more if you got a phd or masters). But not everyone is able to get to experience that. I love the marching band and pep band, but you being a member means you are way more passionate and have a much deeper connection to that distinct part of Michigan that I never did or can experience.  Players who've played for Michigan have a special connection that I will never have as well as a "muggle". Yet I'd be upset (and wsa when they said it) when the football players said I as a fan shouldn't have a say in how the athletic department was run. 

That decisiveness and arrogance is what brought down Dave Brandon, and is how your message is getting percieved. I honestly don't think that anyone disagrees with you that your experience and love for Michigan is different as an alum.  When it comes to Michigan football, you just don't have more of a right to the fandom than non-alums. 

Chitown Kev

October 26th, 2016 at 3:11 PM ^

Fuck you!.

I've been a Michigan fan since I was 10 years old.

I remember a chilly rainy Saturday in 1980 when my stepdad was ready to leave The Big House because Michigan was up on Illinois 31-14 BUT I insisted that we had to stay so I could watch the Michigan Band perform.

I did not have the grades in HS to get into Michigan (and didn't even apply)...I was accepted to MSU and turned it down.

I surrender my Michigan fandom to no one, alum or not...


October 27th, 2016 at 4:54 PM ^

With the academic record I maintained in high school I am keenly aware that if I were applying to college today there is little chance I’d get accepted to Michigan.  I am proud of my 2 degrees from U of M but am humbled by the fact I was very fortunate to have had the opportunities that were afforded me.  I also appreciate the fact many people either didn’t have the same advantages that I did or simply chose a different path. 

Just because we took different routes to the restaurant doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy our meal together.  In fact, it makes for better dinner conversation.  


October 26th, 2016 at 12:27 PM ^

Non-alum fans are absolutely, 100% real fans, and to say othewise is dumb.  

That said, there's something special about fandom for your alma mater, especially when it's Michigan - to say otherwise would be to deny that there's something special about spending 4+ amazing years at the University of Michigan, and that's something no alumnus will ever (or should ever) say.

Yard Dog

October 26th, 2016 at 4:01 PM ^

I'm the only one with a degree (actually two) from that august institution in Ann Arbor.  My family members that are non-alums are in many ways more passionate than I am about the Wolverines, and I'm pretty damn passionate about my team.  They all grew up rooting for the Maize and Blue, and due to geography, grades, etc., did not attend school at UM.  I still consider them 100% real fans.  They love Michigan.  


October 26th, 2016 at 9:29 AM ^

not go to UM. I joined the US Army post high school, deployed, came back home (Oakland County) and did not want to be a number in a large school, my mental health depended on it. I needed to be at a school that was smaller, and provided an opportunity for me, so I chose NMU. 

Having said that, I have and always will be a huge UM fan, and if that bothers you in some way, I truly apologize, but really just wonder why you seem to care so much. I would think that you would be happy or not really be bothered by anyone who is a real fan, alum or not. 

My first game was 1986 against Illinois in the Big House, and it changed my life, for the better. I was hooked for life. 

I appreciate your passion for all things Marching Band related Bando, and for your passion for the school in general, and hope that you can at some point see that people like me also have some passion for Michigan. 

Wolverine Devotee

October 26th, 2016 at 9:50 AM ^

You should've went to a D2 school with your attitude. Because that's what you have without non-alum fans.

You have none of what you see on Saturdays on national TV networks.

Someone who became a fan only because a piece of paper told them they could compard to someone who grew up a fan? Wonder which one has more attachment.


October 26th, 2016 at 2:01 PM ^

I grew up in Ohio loving the Wolverines because I didnt want to be like everybody that surrounded me (Buckeye fans).  Since I can remember watching Michigan and playing football was my favorite thing to do as a young boy.  My parents (Big OSU fans) took me to Ann Arbor every year to the Michigan football camp because they knew how much it meant to me.  I was very lucky to meet Bo while I was there, and he told me to never give up on my dreams after I told him I was too small to play college football.  That meant a lot to me.

I didn't go to Michigan. Out-of-state tuition was too much and I grew up in a low-income family.  I joined the Marines instead.  I'm still in the Marines today.  I'm proud of that.  I'm also still a die-hard Michigan fan and I always will be.  I wish I could have attended UM, but that wasn't in the cards for me.  

I understand you're proud of being an alum. Who wouldn't be?  I'm proud to be a Michigan fan too, and I will cheer for Michigan just as much as you.  I hope that if someday I were to meet you at a tailgate in Ann Arbor, or in an airport anywhere in the world that you would look at me as a Michigan fan.  Not a non-alum Michigan fan.  We all root for the same team.  This is all that matters.  The background is something to be proud of, but not used to belittle fellow fans.  

Beat State.

Go Blue and God bless. 

Wolverine Devotee

October 26th, 2016 at 12:33 PM ^

And all of them don't attend the games, all of them aren't all sports fans. 

I guarantee you over half the stadium (every non-student section member) are just fans.

Your petty arrogance is so nauseating. There's a difference between the "arrogance of Michigan fans" meme and just being look-down-your-nose arrogant in general. You're either the latter or you're just a master troll with this schtick. 

What's laughable are the people who think college sports would be at the level in popularity they're at without non-alum fans. 

There's no BTN without the demand, which means a pretty big loss of revenues. ESPN wouldn't be as intense with their coverage so dock some more. Tickets? Dock some more.

A degree isn't just a piece of paper, but an acceptance/rejection letter is. As if I or anyone else who grew up, born and raised fans of their team should just throw up their arms like some spineless urchin and forget the first 17 years of their life because of a piece of paper is what's laughable. It makes no sense whatsoever.