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Submitted by Chrisgocomment on September 14th, 2008 at 3:26 AM

Some thoughts from another fantastic day of College Football:


  • Threet really came into his own today.  His deep throws were spot on and he showed some leadership.  You have to love his progress.  I'm a little concerned about his apparent injury.  Hopefully he is good to go.  Luckily Michigan has 2 weeks before Wisky.
  • The refs.  For some reason I'm the only one posting on MGo about the calls.  They seemed pretty one-sided to me.  How horrifying was that call on Matthews apparent TD???  They totally stole that one.  Then ND goes down the field, draws a weak, weak sister of a pass interference call and scores.  14 point swing right there.  Game.  The bad calls went on and on.
  • ND is not good.  Again and again Michigan gave them the game, but I always felt like the Blue were in it.  For the most part Michigan's D was great, but for being put in bad spots. 
  • Trent seemed to have a bad day.  Perhaps he got a little overrated last year playing across from Warren?  Perhaps teams were more interested in testing Warren last year because he was a freshman, and now that Warren is showing some real ball-hawking skills teams choose to go after Trent instead.  Or maybe Trent just gets the tougher assignments as he should.  I'm interested to see the defensive UFR on Trent.
  • McGuff!  Great performance.  He holds onto that ball like one Mr. Michael Hart (Blessed Be His Name), he gets the extra yard like one Mr. MH (BBHN), and he seem oblivious to the score and/or the current situation the team is in like one Mr. MH (BBHN).  I like this kid more and more each week.  He is all he is billed to be and more.


  • What can you say?  I think today finally sold me on how weak the Big 10 is.  Believe that.  I mean, come on, this shithole of a team has been blowing up the Big 10 (11) for years now.  In the meantime they blew out ND (yeah, that's tough), got hammered by Florida, hammered by LSU and now completely demolished by USC.  Good night.  I think the Bucknuts days as the top dog are ending.  All you need to creep back into the top of this conference is to see that the dog on top is wounded.  I, for one, couldn't have been happier to see them shit the bed.
  • Boeckman.  He truly sucks.  That is confirmed, confirmed, confirmed.  As long as Michigan doesn't get into a hole early in Columbus and keeps the pressure on that piece of crap they have a shot in November. 
  • Tressel.  Seems to me the only thing he is good at is beating Lloyd Carr.  Well, guess what asswipe, Lloyd's gone. 


  • MSU's game was largely uninteresting.  Ringer ran for like 4,000 yards against a willy-nilly half-assed Florida team playing in Hurricane Katrina (MAKE PLAYS).  The only comment I have is WTF WAS MSU DOING PLAYING IN THE SHOTGUN IN THE FIRST QUARTER????  It's apparent to me that all they had to do was run run run on FAU and they would win.  Just take Hoyer out of the equation, he sucks balls anyway.  Once they continually gave the ball to Ringer, good night.  Or, good day sir.


  • They beat the holy hell out of a team from somewhere in New York State.  I hope they are for real because I would love to see PSU take it to the Bucknuts.  We need this.  Please JoePA, tear up some Bucknut ass for us.  We give you permission to ahead and beat Michigan this year for once, we won't mind.




September 14th, 2008 at 7:58 AM ^

We could be UCLA.

Threet looked much improved. McGuffie looked great. We made too many mistakes - chalk most of them down to inexperience and bad weather. All in all, it could be a lot worse, but we're not good this year.

Blue Durham

September 14th, 2008 at 9:36 AM ^

All in all, it could be a lot worse, but we're not good this year

We're not good yet this year. 

Because of the new system and youth on the team (partciularly on offense), this team will show continual improvement through the season. 

It's generally regarded that the biggest improvement is between the first and second games.  By the 4th game or so, what you see is what you have. 

I think Michigan is going to see the 1st/2nd game improvement well into the season.  Even though the score didn't reflect it, the ND game showed great improvement on offense.  [I am not concerned on defense - our strength, the defensive line, didn't have good traction to make a strong impact in the game.]

Michigan has a week off to prepare for Wisconsin (they also have the weekend off).  We are going to see another significant step up in competence on offense.  I now have the opinion that this team can score points.  I certainly did not feel that way after the first two games.

Michigan is also at home, which I think has a bigger impact on the younger players. 

By the end of the season, and barring significant injuries, this will be a very solid team. 


September 14th, 2008 at 9:56 AM ^

The only calls I thought were bad was the PI right before the long TD pass and the Grady fumble. The PI was just horrible, and, even worse, late. Big, big pet peeve is the late PI call. On the Grady fumble I thought that the play should have been ruled dead for forward progress. He had 3 guys draped over him when the ball was stripped. As for the TD that was ruled incomplete, I thought it had to go w/ what was ruled on the field. There wasn't inconclusive evidence either way. It was a huge call, but a correct one IMO. But, when you look at the day on the whole, they got ALL the breaks. I expect them to get breaks in SB, I just don't expect them to exceed 2-3. I will give them credit for cashing in the breaks they got - last year we still would have won w/ 6 TOs as they wouldn't have been able to turn them into any points.

Long story short: I hate playing in SB. This offense can compete in every game as long as they don't shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly,

chitownblue (not verified)

September 14th, 2008 at 11:27 AM ^

The forward progress argument is tough. On one hand, the refs were giving him an opportunity to bull through like he did earlier. The downside, of course, is what happened. I have a hard time blaming Grady for that fumble - when you're stood up by three guys, there are plenty of opportunities for others to fly in and rake the ball. That was one of our few fumbles that was actually "forced".


September 14th, 2008 at 2:15 PM ^

I enjoyed the hell out of watching tO$U lay and egg Saturday night. The Big 10(11) is extra soft this year. That actually is a big part of why I think we still get 6 wins. Less turnovers and we can beat half the Big Sucky 10(11) with how we played yesterday.