Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Submitted by UMFootballCrazy on August 29th, 2008 at 1:03 PM

The magic question:  How are we going to do this year?


Many are sitting on pins and needles.  Many of us have butterflies in our stomachs.   We have talked about tradition.  We have talked about change. We see a lot of things we like in Coach Rodriguez.  We know that this is a young group, especially on offence.  There are a whole lot more questions than we would like coming into the season.  Quarterback?  O-line?  Who really knows?  And although I do not consider the Utes a serious contenter to be a BCS crasher, they are not the creampuff you might like to help break in a virgin offence.  Instead of a beautiful thoughtful Hollywoodesque lady of the evening to lead our young men into adulthood, we have a savvy streetwalker who is likely to snitch our wallet and keys, and have her pimp beat us up and toss us out into the back alley. We need to hit the ground running…


All of us like to think we know something about something.  So lets have some of the loudmouths [and other more civilized men as well who had some culture instilled in them as undergrads] put up their predictions, game by game, on how things are going to go this season.


Here are my educated guesses:


Utah – They give us a run for our money and we squeak out a win.

Miami – They give us some much needed game time practice, a win.

Notre Dame – Charlie Weis is not a genius and his team will continue to be bad, a win for the Maize and Blue.

Wisconsin – We will try hard, hopefully have fun, and give them a run for their money, but they will be the better team, a loss.

Illinois – This is the only one I am unsure about.  They could be good, but I think they have questions and we will have had enough game time experience to rise to occasion, a win for us.

Toledo – The nice gentle prostitute we should have been so lucky to start the season with, a win for us.

Penn State – They will be better than us, and the 9 win streak comes to an end, a loss.

Michigan State – They will be hungry, they will sense blood, and they will rise to the occasion, a loss.

Purdue – Snake oil will win the day, a win.

Minnesota – The Little Brown Jug stays where it belongs, a win.

Northwestern – They will not be able to out spread the spread master, a win.

Ohio State – In the shoe against a veteran, talented OSU team…hopefully we can keep it close…then again unless we can pull of a Bo, count this one as a loss.


Total: 8-4 and perhaps even a New Years Day bowl  



August 29th, 2008 at 1:35 PM ^

I have been saying to friends for a while that a bowl would be a great season. So... Utah-feels like we will give up a bunch of pressure to the qb and end up getting sacked 5 times and throwing 2-3 picks in a loss. Miami-win and look better than we are. ND-Weis has enough recruits to start looking ok, but we aren't yet, so we lose. Wisconsin-beat us down badly. Illinois-I think they are overated this year and we squeek by with a win. Toledo-This will feel good, and the team will show flashes of the promise of the future in a big win. PSU-Unleashes years of pent up frustration and kick the crap out of us. MSU-see PSU above. By this time I think (barring injury) our offensive line and qb will be looking much better and we run off three wins in a row to set up the greatest fall weekend of the year. OSU-Really, really, really want a close one. Honestly, if we lose by less than double digits, I won't complain too much. 6-6. Bowl. Not want you want year in and year out, but staying about .500 and keeping bowl streak alive with the promise of the future will keep me smiling well into the winter.


August 29th, 2008 at 2:25 PM ^

Utah: A close loss
Miami (OH): A win
Notre Dame: A win
Wisconsin: A big loss
Illinois: A close win
Toledo: I bet we'll win
Penn State: The streak ends
MSU: Little Brother wins a close one
Purdue: A win
Minnesota: A huge win
NW: A win
Ohio State: A big loss

7-5 (Insight Bowl v. Colorado)

Reasons for predictions:
1. Youth at QB and on OL
2. It takes time to learn a new system (even though we have a nice defense, I think that we can expect some growing pains there too.).
3. The cyclical nature of football (we probably have to ride out a bit of recession here until we can recruit players that fit his system)
4. We have to acknowledge that some of our opponents are better this year in the conference (MSU / Penn State / Illinois)

I hope that I am wrong here, but I really think that anything over .500 would be a good first year for Rich Rod & co.


August 29th, 2008 at 3:49 PM ^

Utah – Rich game plans for ball control and tough defense. Lower scoring game, 17-10 Michigan.

Miami – Beanie Bowl plus 100,000 fans equals whipping.

Notre Dame – U of M dismantles N.D. all the while becoming a tight, cohesive team.

Wisconsin – Michigan isn't playing at Camp Randall Stadium. Huge first test for the coaching staff's schemes. If Michigan can stay healthy and improve they win.

Illinois – At The Big House, which is shedding the quietest 100,000 moniker at this point of the season. Home field finally takes over games. Michigan victory.

Toledo – Unless it's 1970 again and Mel Long isn't roaming sideline to sideline a Michigan dismantling is in the books. Beware of possible betting scandals with UT players.

Penn State – MICHIGAN doesn't lose to Penn State...PERIOD!

Michigan State – State will always remain the little brother, Michigan rolls on to their 8th consecutive W.

Purdue – The coaching staff and players give Joe Tiller a perfect retirement gift of half a hundred.

Minnesota – Min...huh...sota gives the Wolverines their 10th victory.

Northwestern – Smart student athletes vs. smart student athletes with much, much more talent. UM victory.

Ohio State – 1969 kind of. Michigan win.

Maybe I did this with too much heart. Wisky, Penn St. and the Bucks are looming large on my radar as losses. Time will only tell.