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Thanks for putting these together week  after week, Lanyard.

William Carr was also a short-yardage fullback as well as a starting DT, and yes, he did fumble at the goal line in 1996. It was recovered by Chris Koeppen for Purdue, one of his two recoveries in the game. I bear personal witness to this event, as I was a freshman at the time and went to the game. 

As for 1995, it was 35 degrees or so with a wind chill of who knows what, but Purdue's defense played excellent that day. Actually, here are some of the highlights from our 5-0 win (credit to WolverineHistorian, of course):


Mich Mash

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Thanks to Lanyard for the programs, I for one have always enjoyed them.  And thanks for the research to prove that William Carr did in fact play a critical role in these two games.  Pretty interesting, too, that over the span of two games there was a total of score of UM 8 Purdue 9.