October 8th, 2013 at 9:33 AM ^

Not sure how many people noticed, but De'Veon Smith had a number change. He is now 32 instead of 4. Not sure when this change happened, or why, but I noticed the change on Saturday vs. Minnesota. I never saw a post on it, nor did I think it was worth it's own post. 

Pretty cool to have a running back be #32 again. Hopefully we get to see him have a little more run in some games here. To me when he got a chance against CMU, he did look explosive, and seemed to fall forward more than Green IIRC.

Now that Jake Ryan is cleared, I don't want to say I am shocked he didn't move to the top SLB spot, but I was kind of hoping he would have. Is this depth chart coach/program generated, or is this something the OP put together based off what you hear in pressers?

Hoke's presser didn't seem to indicate whether he is playing or not, hopefully Mattison's will be more telling. There is nothing more that I want to see than #47 flying around out there Saturday.

Lanyard Program

October 8th, 2013 at 11:21 AM ^

this depth chart is based mostly on information available here when i have a chance to do it and post it. sometimes i do it ahead of the athletic department releasing theirs but i have a short week this week and go to it a bit earlier than usual.

notice on the ath dept's that jake ryan in shown as a third string, but denoted as injured. there are sometimes some minor moves that escape me and unless something major happens, they largely remain unchanged during the season.