Pharaoh Brown observations from tonight

Submitted by WojoRisin on September 23rd, 2011 at 11:01 PM


     I took in the Twinsburg vs. Brush game tonight and thought I’d share my observations on Pharaoh Brown. It’s obvious he’s a great athlete with a lot of potential. At 6’6”, 220lbs he wears #2 and physically looks like several  6’6” college QBs that have worn #2 in recent years.  He’s a very smooth athlete with a lot of speed. When I left the game after the 3rd quarter, he had around 6 tackles (1 sack) and 3 catches for around 100 yds and a TD. Most of those yards came on an 85 yd TD reception where he broke one tackle on a post pattern and outran everyone on the field. Defensively he showed excellent closing speed and some good burst on the line.

     Unfortunately, like many high school studs, he relied too heavily on his speed and athleticism. He was often single blocked by a very well coached O-line and neutralized by good technique and a physically stronger OT. His pad level was consistently high, and it really hurt him at times. When double teamed he didn’t show the physicality I expected, often standing up and chasing plays rather than occupying blockers. On the goal line he made several nice plays on outside runs to his side, but struggled against physical MANBALL directly at him. There were times when he looked gassed, but he played all but 4 snaps on offense and defense so that’s to be expected.

     What I took away from the game was that the things he needs to work on (technique, size) are correctable (and somewhat expected) issues. He’s got a good frame with lots of room to put on weight, and was receptive to coaching he received on the sideline. The things you can’t coach (speed, athleticism) he’s clearly got. It’s pretty easy to see a future B1G football player when you watch him play, and I’m excited to see him wear the winged helmet. Go Blue!



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For an honest assessment. It's good to know that we shouldn't expect every Hoke recruit to walk in her as lightening breathing gods of the gridiron. At least the good news is those are all very coachable shortcomings--you can't coach speed or teach someone to 6'6" 250

Michael Scarn

September 23rd, 2011 at 11:07 PM ^

If I could go back in time, I would put on a lot of weight and play defensive line, concentrating on nothing but my pad level.  That way, maybe some coaches would give me an offer just because they'd be so shocked, or at least I could have the only recruiting profile ever that didn't list it as my weakness.  


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At 6'6 and with that type of speed and athleticism, I can see Pharoah hopefully becoming a player of the Simeon Rice mold.  He will likely redshirt giving him a year to be broken down and built back up into an eventual OT/QB's nightmare.  Of all our 2012 recruits, his potential intrigues me the most...


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Thanks for the objective assessment. Even though technique needs to be worked on it sounds like only playing one side of the ball may feel like a vacation. It also seems like a redshift is imminent if he's getting stymied by high school double teams. More of these would be great mojorisin. Great job.