OT - Lions essential rarities

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Rare as in vintage, rare as in Lions win?

In less than 48 hours we have octupled the existing the visual evidence that the Lions were a) indeed good at one point, b) not that into analyzing the ypc effectiveness of their off-tackle runs.*

For a guy who counts Bobby Layne among his sporting heros (undies “22", and you can’t really make this out but my sig is the self-portrait of an Iraq war vet whose glass eye sports the Lions logo**) its nice to see more than the same 90 seconds of highlights repackaged and rolled out on the rare occasion he’s discussed. If NFL films/network runs a 3 minute piece on Bobby Layne you see the same touchdowns plays 5 times.

1952 Championship highlights

1953 Championship highlights

After watching those I suddenly want a Miller Highlife.

What a potential treasure trove Garrard “Buster” Ramsey has left the sporting world, particularly Lions fans with nary a sun lamp for reflected glory basking. You’re not going to find may pre-1957 tilts on ESPN classic or NFL channel’s “Game of the Week”. And major props to his family for taking the excruciating time to make these conversions of 16 mm to the net. Haven’t had a chance to review much of these yet but looking forward to it.
This isn’t an appropriate Diary topic, but I fiddled with me “create content” for awhile and couldn’t get to a place where I could post a forum topic. Perhaps that is somehow connected with the new points system? I haven’t kept up with those posts very well.

I don’t have time to read many of the forums or diary topics, but enjoy most of them when I do, and will make the time for certain posters or topics. I don’t know if there’s any sort of rift over OT posts choking out or obscuring M sports related user generated content, but my guess is that there is not. The core Mgoblog fan community came for football but has likely stayed and coagulated for just as many other reasons. Although, if there were room and formatting compatibility a separate “OT Forum” may not be a bad idea.

*I’m not even ½ way through the first segment before the first halfback pass sighting from Doak Walker. For all the ex-QBs Rod is bringing aboard, I’m I crazy for thinking there’s a lot of upside in making that a staple of M’s offense? Staple as in 2-3 per every couple games. I wonder if smart football or anyone else has ever looked at the risk reward factor of that play. Probably not enough sample data.

**How annoyed was he with logo change?



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Have you ever considered a career as a Viagra e-mail salesman?

I understood just enough to figure out you were talking about the Detroit Lions, but it was confusing enough to get past a spam filter.


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As opposed to everyone else, I enjoyed this thread, and the videos were great.

I always hear everyone saying that the players of the old days can't be compared to the new, because the game is so different. Really, it doesn't look that different to me, at least not in the 50's. I see hand offs, down field throws, blitzes, shovel passes and laterals. About the only difference I saw was some really poor tackling technique on some of the plays.


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reading this again a better subject header or maybe an introductory paragraph would have helped.

Wasn't thinking of it since this wasn't really a diary just some links and comments, but I went to "create content" and couldn't post a forum, diary was the only option.