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Submitted by JWatkins on July 7th, 2009 at 2:28 PM

This is from a non-Florida fan replying to those JA Florida fans that thing they are the best team ever and thinking that Meyer won't leave their team for notre lame...
I remember you ignorant "football fans" down there in Florida (where I grew up and lived for 23 years) saying the same crap when SS was going to leave. "He isnt going anywhere, he wont leave us!". Yeah well, we all know what happened there. Meyer will leave, you "football fans" know it as well as I do. Florida fans have got to be the most ignorant waste of space in the college football world ANYWHERE. Half of you cant name anyone on the team unless he is a stand out star like Tebow or Harvin. And god help us all if you have to be given the time to name anyone other than STAND OUTS on anyone elses teams. You wear the colors and do that stupid chomp but most of you dont even know what time kick off is on Saturday, its PATHETIC. Like I said, I like most of my life in Florida and went to school down there, I know what I'm talking about. you win 3 national titles in 100 years and think you are a powerhouse while most of your team is being thrown in jail and half the "fans" dont even know what quarter it is at the games because you are all drunk. "na na na na.....GATOR BAIT"....WHAT? That is the DUMBEST chant I've ever heard. Think about what you are saying MORONS. GATOR BAIT? BAIT?............BAIT? BAIT is used to CATCH something. So in other words, you call your opponents BAIT and your players are the dumb animals that run up to bite the BAIT and get caught............yeah, that chant just strikes fear into the hearts of every IDIOT out there.....WTF. "come on gators, get up and go!".....um......forgive me if I'm a little rude with this one but I think the whole country has done you idiots a solid not laughing at your uniforms all these years, they look like they were designed by queer eye or something, cursive "gator" on the side of a bright orange helment with that almost neon blue? Yeah, you guys are scary to say the LEAST. If that was not bad enough you all sing together, "come on gators, get up and go!!!!!", I imagine Andy Dick singing that every time I hear it. Your team is a joke, your fans are football STUPID and your games are mostly just a big redneck frat party. I've actually heard this from a Florida GRAD and "big gator fan",...and I quote, "we would have beat you if you wouldnt HAD scored that last touchdown"........YOU THINK? MORONS......

One last thing about that chant and those uniforms. There are other things that tie into both of those, how about SS on the sideline with that SAME young QB all those years that never played a snap but you never saw old Steve without his lil boy toy. And whats with your players kissing each other all the time? I mean, even the guys on ESPN have said something about it during games. If you ask me, something is way off down there, WAY off.



July 10th, 2009 at 3:05 PM ^

This is the longest offseason in decades for us since we always had a bowl game to extend the season. Ending in November, I don't see how other teams do it every year.

But yeah, this diary was pretty bad. It's earned my first negative vote ever (although the points are still at 3 so I don't know if it actually did anything).


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Thanks for the update to that, I'm sure Brian is aware of this problem too so hopefully it's fixed at some point. Hopefully Brian will also install the 20 point minimum (or something like that) for diaries too, then we shouldn't have this problem as much.


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I honestly read this. I want those three minutes of my life back, and I'll explain why:

I read it. On the surface, it's little more than petulant, winded criticisms of the Florida fanbase, and weak ones at that. So I tried reading deeper. I tried to glean information, perhaps comparisons between what the poster said and what can be applied to Michigan football. At first, it wasn't too hard - the comparisons were transparent. Then as the post went on, the things I had to come up with were reaching, more and more, stretching for that last little bit that would connect it to Michigan somehow.

I finally got to the point where I realized the OP was not trying to make readers go between the lines, but was honestly trying to skewer Florida's fanbase & traditions.

Failed attempt. OP: I award you no points (not even negative ones, I've already wasted enough energy on this thread) and may god have mercy on your soul.


July 10th, 2009 at 3:27 PM ^

As soon as I saw the post started with an extensive, breathless run-on sentence, and concluded with "notre lame" and an ellipse, I stopped reading. My brain already hurt.